Monday, July 30

A Promise I Made to Myself

Clement had to perform a 12 hour standby duty on Sunday. Hence i took the opportunity to leave Jae with my mom and spent the entire day clearing my marking. Before I went to pick Jae up in the evening, I went to MOS burger to have my dinner and there I witnessed a "Grade F Parenting".

The family of 4 were waiting for their food to be served and the little brother somehow got into a little fight with his elder sister over a folded aeroplane. I didn't see which of the 2 children was in the wrong but the parents' reaction to the little fight was definitely wrong, in my eyes.

The father, who was sitting opposite the boy, bent over the table and pointed his index finger at his son's nose and shouted at him for shouting at his sister. The mother was sitting beside the boy and she used her index finger to jab at the boy's head serveral times and further reprimanded him. And then she crushed the 2 paper aeroplanes her children were playing and threw them on the table angrily. When the food was served, she angrily asked her son which burger he wanted and while muttering some scoldings under her breath. I could not hear what the boy answered but it invited MORE scoldings from his fuming mother. The woman brutally tore open the wrapper and shoved the burger into the boy's hands. I realised the boy was already in tears. And throughout my meal in MOS burger, I could constantly hear the parents scolding the poor boy. The boy noticed that I was looking at them and he looked embarassed. I tried to look away but I could not help but to look at them again when I heard somemore angry voices.

I promised myself that I will never, never raise my voice at Jaimie during these times of the day: (1) morning when she just woke up (2) during a meal time (3) when putting her to bed. Personally I feel that these are the 3 most important time of the day. I dont want her to feel lousy when she woke up, I dont want her to eat her food in tears and I do not want Jaimie to go to bed with unhappiness. And these 3 time slots will be the time I will use to "patch up" with her if I had disciplined her earlier. Mealtimes and bedtimes are supposed to be happy time. I just dont want to ruin it nor ruin it further. And I am sure there are other ways to discipline a child besides raising voices and other physical punishment during these times.

Jaimie hasn't reached the stage whereby she may drive me up the wall at times. But nonetheless, I will try my very very best to keep to this promise I made to myself.

Sunday, July 29

Tag: Fantastic F4ur

Angie: ok,我的“功课”做完了。
Clement: 什么功课?
Angie: 那个 Four 的 Tag lor.
Clement: 哦。谁 Tag 你的?
Angie: Joyce.
Clement: 哎呀...哪我写完了还可以 Tag 谁?
Angie: 谁叫你这么慢?快点去写啦!这个 Tag 很容易的。

That was last night. So now here I am. When better to do an "easy" tag than during an uneventful (Not that I am complaining or ungrateful....In my line of work, uneventful is ALWAYS better than eventful) duty shift on Sunday?

Alright. Tag rules...This tag came to me from mommystardust. I'm supposed to give quadruple answers a series of stipulated questions. Here goes...

Four jobs I have had in my life
  1. Tuition teacher (extra pocket $$ while schooling)
  2. Testing laboratory engineering assistant (half year industrial attachment, uni 3rd year)
  3. Science laboratory assistant (can't rem when I did this part time thingie...must be during some term hols)
  4. Min Home Affairs Officer (present job, since graduation from uni)
Four places I have lived
  1. Dover Cresent, Singapore (70s to 80s)
  2. Bukit Timah, Singapore (80s to 90s)
  3. Bukit Panjang, Singapore (2000 onwards)
  4. Swindon, Wiltshire, UK (Jul 2002 to Aug 2003)
Four countries I have been to on vacation
  1. Japan (There's Disneyland!)
  2. USA (There's Disneyland!)
  3. Paris (There's Disneyland!)
  4. Hong Kong (There's Disneyland! - though I have yet to visit this one.)
Four of my favourite foods
  1. Tiong Bahru Market's lor mee
  2. Popeyes fried chicken
  3. Mother's instant noodles with minced pork, scrambled eggs and luncheon meat
  4. Wife's fried rice with baked chicken wings
Four places I would rather be right now
(Got to restrain myself from laughing out loud at this one. I mean, which place WOULDN'T I rather be right now?? Apart from my boss's office, that is.)
  1. Home with my two girls
  2. Karaoke/drinking with Ah Seng, Bernard and Raymond etc.
  3. Kinigu! with Cedric and gang
  4. Meeting Morpheus in The Dreaming
Four persons I am going to tag now
(At the tail-end of this tag lah...啵郎料...So I'd just shoot this to...)
  1. Reed Richards aka Mr Fantastic
  2. Susan Storm aka Invisible Girl
  3. Johnny Storm aka Human Torch
  4. Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing

Saturday, July 28

NDP Preview @ Marina Bay

Was at the NDP Preview @ Marina Bay performing some work-related duties earlier this afternoon. When my chores were completed, I thought: no sense wasting my trip there, so I proceeded to collect the NDP Fun Pack (many goodies inside!) and also took a look around the spectator stand/ floating platform areas, while I wait for the girls to join me from home.

I was there up to the point when Daniel Ong and Belinda Lee and the other hosts appeared on stage shouting "Hellllooooo Singapore!!!" when I received Angie's sms indicating that she was on her way over via bus. I dilly-dallied a little bit and then left the parade zone. One on-duty SAF beng-kia reminded me that "once you leave here, you wouldn't be able to come back in, you know?". Yes, I know. No choice lah...only one ticket...

Married up with the girls at City Hall, after which we proceeded for dinner at Kenny Rogers @ Suntec City. Jaimie especially enjoyed the cheesy pasta side! Post dinner, we made our way to Marina Square terrace area to view the parade finale fireworks. This was Jaimie's first encounter with pyrotechnics and after some initial discomfort over the lights and sounds, I must say she took them in well and ended up having quite a good time.

When Majula Singapura was playing over at the floating platform, the three of us quickly hopped back onto our car and left the place, before the exodus began.

Thursday, July 26

Jaimie's Alphabet Adventure

Oh boy, this is amazing and oh so fun!!!

Ray, thanks for the link, bro!

Hey you mommies & daddies out there, go get one done for your DD/DS now!

Link for full-sized video here.

Tuesday, July 24



Angie collected the 《五月天 JUMP! 离开地球表面》 极限大碟 from Sembawang Music Centre on my behalf today. I pre-ordered this CD+DVD set on 24 Jun 07, and after a month's wait, it is finally here.

Even though I didn't win the lucky draw's grand prize of a fully-sponsored trip to to attend Mayday's concert at 台北小巨蛋, I'm still very happy getting my hands on this boxset. Mayday's new song with 陈绮贞, titled 《私奔到月球》 has been airing over the radio stations since last week. It's a solid track, this one... nice catchy tune, wonderful lyrics, great performances by the 5 boys + 1 girl...Yup, it's another fabulous composition by the talented 阿信。

Oh, I have yet to check out the giant poster that came with the pre-order of the "deluxe" boxset (the "regular" set comprise only the CD). Idy told me that it's "not very nice" so I didn't get quite excited about this. Anyway, no more panel space in my office to pin up another Mayday poster liow, not to mention that this is a giant-sized one.

Ok, time to pop in my CD to enjoy!~


詞:阿信 曲:阿信 演唱:五月天+陈绮贞

其实你 是个心狠又手辣 的小偷
我的心 我的呼吸和名字 都偷走
你才是 绑架我的凶手 机车後座的我 吹著风 逃离了平庸

这星球 天天有五十亿人 在错过
多幸运 有你一起看星星 在争宠
这一刻 不再问为什麼 不再去猜测人和人 心和心 有什麼不同

一二三 牵著手 四五六 抬起头
七八九 我们私奔到月球
让双脚 去腾空 让我们 去感受
那无忧的真空 那月色纯真的感动

当你说 太聪明往往还是 会寂寞
我笑著 倾听孤单终结後 的寂寞
看月亮 像夜空的瞳孔 静静凝视你我 和我们閙嚷的星球

靠近你 怎麼突然两个人 都词穷
让心跳 像是野火燎原般 的汹涌
这一刻 让命运也沉默 让脚尖划过天和天 地和地 缘分的宇宙

Sunday, July 22


昨天带媛媛去参加Baby Jumper Gym的试用班。原本以为那是一个体操班,原来是多元化的教学。有快速读卡、唱歌、表演动作、读故事、体操课、等等。一个小时的课,相当充实。媛媛也玩得非常愉快,所以呢,我们原本说好“不要报名”,但是老公显然动摇了,他问我“怎么样?”,我这个没有定力的女人也随风摇摆,说:“好。”*摇头叹气*


小王子的父母是开放派的。王子站到老师的面前去,挡住其他小孩的视线,他们也无所谓。整堂课,老师不晓得说了几次“Ace,go back to your daddy and mommy and sit down, ok?”。小王子无心上课,在课室里走来走去,他的父母也没关系,也不好言相劝。小王子擅自去翻老师盒子里的速读卡,弄乱了里面的卡片,他的父母也没有去阻止。老师发现自己的东西被小王子弄乱了,就请国王与王后把他们的小王子抱开。国王与王后立刻说:“不要玩,Auntie会打你的。”






Couldn't resist it. Just had to put this up here, in response to the previous post.

Oh, btw, this wonderful Sesame Street piece featuring Elmo Herry Monster and Prariie Dawn is one of the songs collected in the "Best of Elmo" video that I got for Jaimie a few days ago. Great stuff! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 21













Thursday, July 19


I heard this song over the radio while driving home from work yesterday, and I told myself I've just got to do up a montage of Jae's photos with this as the background music! Really love this song!

So, here it is....Jae's first ever photo montage.


作词:张悬 作曲:张悬 编曲:张悬

我的宝贝 宝贝
我的小鬼 小鬼


我的宝贝 宝贝
我的小鬼 小鬼




There are several versions of this apparently very popular song. Below is the MV for the most commonly played one.



Monday, July 16




             左上:妯娌忆萍、舒瀚、舒珩  左下:男主角亦辉、亦晴

我们到了茗香园去吃福建菜。媛媛起先还很合作,见到那么多人时并没有哭闹,只是有点不自在。我喂她吃晚餐时,她还没事。堂叔叔买了一只Tweety Bird的娃娃给她,她还很高兴地抱着小翠鸟玩。她吃饱了之后,原本以为随便都会有人陪她玩,饥肠辘辘的老娘终于可以吃晚餐了。谁知道,她就是不肯。奶奶抱,哭。爷爷抱,哭。爸爸抱,哭。叔叔抱,哭。堂叔叔抱,哭。而且不是小哭,是极其悲惨,眼泪大滴大滴地滑下红扑扑的脸颊,哭得连气都喘了。什么山珍海味我都尝不出味道。因为我基本上是囫囵吞枣。把鱼翅整碗倒进嘴巴,把整粒热乎乎的虾枣塞进嘴巴,把面条扒进嘴巴……我大概只记得这些菜肴,因为食不知味,所以对吃下什么食物没有太多的印象。哦,是的,还有烧鸡。因为等到我逮到机会坐下来吃的时候,那只鸡已经快完蛋了。我顾不得什么形象,伸手就把迫不及待地剩余的一两片虾饼先抢过来。虾饼好吃吗?对不起,我真的也没有什么印象!


今天是我一周工作最忙的一天、课时最多的一天。加上我有点着凉,早上我已经打了一天的喷嚏、流了一地的鼻涕,原本想让舒珩陪孩子睡觉,让老娘可以休息一下,来个久违的美容觉。谁知道,我在和媛媛讲述我的安排时,她好象听得懂,拼命抗议。一提到“爸爸陪你gao-gao jee”,媛媛就发出表示她不愉快的声音。一提到“你要妈妈陪你gao-gao jee吗?”她就很不通气地说:“呀!”可恶的媛媛,连爸爸碰她的奶瓶她也生气地把爸爸的手拍掉。更不用说让爸爸陪她睡,让妈妈走出房间半步了。




Bollywood Baby


This video contains footage of an object with high rate of revolutions, and may cause giddiness and/or nausea to people who are...well, prone to giddiness and/or nausea from viewing videos containing footages of objects with high rate of revolutions.

The video also contains footage of object performing repetitive cycles for a protracted period, and may cause symptoms such as yawning in milder subjects, cursing and thrashing the PC/laptop for more aggressive ones.

View at your own risk. The author of this blog shall not be held responsible for any cause of giddiness, nausea, yawning, cursing or thrashing of any equipment arising from the viewing of said video.

Saturday, July 14




老公驱车到三巴旺公园去。那里是意想不到的宁静。有沙滩,有海浪,有公园,还有一间小餐馆叫Beaulieu House Restaurant 。老公说要带我去Beaulieu House Restaurant 时,我就想,这么法国式的名字,地方一定很浪漫吧?果然,餐厅是由一间殖民地时期留下的英式房子改装的,房子前的小院子是客人用餐的地方,一眼望下去,就是海滩。每张桌子上点了油灯,我一看,就非常喜欢这个地方了。





蘑菇汤上来之后,我感到非常惊喜,因为是那种货真价实的蘑菇汤,不是Campbell soup的蘑菇汤!但是,当侍应生把胡椒罐和盐罐拿来之后,我又觉得一阵好笑。因为,那个胡椒罐和盐罐,根本就是廉价的塑料罐!跟我们到亚坤吃半生属蛋的那种半透明塑料胡椒罐是一样的啊!



   这是我点的breaded dory fish.因为太好吃了,我吃了一半才记得要拍照!



Friday, July 13


Had quite a tiring day at work yesterday.

My eyes were half-closed when Angie was giving Jaimie her 9.30pm feed, while changing her in preparation for bedtime. When Angie asked me “你可以吗?”, in relation to my earlier promise to take on the task of putting the little one to bed, I said yes. Took my best efforts to open my eyes during that instant, so that my affirmative reply would look and sound a bit more convincing, both to her as well as to myself.

The biggest challenge about patting babies to sleep is this - Thou shalt not succumb to the sleepy bug thyself, before thou's subject does. Else, it would be Game Over. Next better player, please.

Wah, going to be a REALLY tough one, I thought, considering the state I was in at that moment.

The instant Angie turned off the lights and left the room, I plonked onto the bed, lying next to Jaimie. Yah...Jae got to sleep on our bed last night cos she wet her mattress while mommy was changing her diapers. As I commenced my lullaby crooning, which sounded more like monotonous chanting, I couldn't help but wonder if I'd be the one responding to the hum-drums, instead of Jae. There was a real danger of that happening. After all, with all her tossings and turnings and sitting up and lying back down, she was demonstrating at least 10 times higher energy level than her very much subdued, quasi-static Papa. Can't allow that to happen, I told myself, cos Jae might roll herself over the make-shift pillow barricades and off the bed. Oh, no.

It wasn't until about 10 minutes later that I managed to put together sufficient cognitive resources to realise that the reason why Jae was tossing so much might be because she was feeling warm. Aiyo. I got up and grabbed a fan (those hand-held rattan type ones, recently purchased at Tiong Bahru Market), and started fanning. Jae's little botak head has always been the 'heat sink', where it gets warmest. So that was where I directed my mechanically induced convection. It worked. Her movements subsided and eventually she quietened down to her steady state, rhythmic bedtime breathing.

I'm not sure if it was the elation over mission accomplished, or that the time I spend patting Jae to sleep actually allowed me to be rested. When I put down the fan in my hands and picked up my glasses, I actually felt quite, re-energised. I went over to the study where Angie was in, and quickly found out that the Singnet broadband connection was down. Tried resetting the system which didn't do any good. I ended up watching "The Last King of Scotland" DVD, till 0045hrs.

When I went back to the bedroom, I found mother and daughter both sound asleep. It did not take long at all for me to join them in slumberland. I remembered the last thought that strayed into my mind just before I left the conscious realm - that everything I'd ever need in this world, I now have with me, right on this very bed. And then I fell into blissful asleep.

Monday, July 9


对不起,我并不是在谈自己,而是刚才经过厨房里的冰箱,留意到了去年在台北买的纪念品 - 两对 fridge magnets。假如真能办得到磁铁上所列下的所有条件,我想就因该能夫妻百年好合,家和万事兴了吧...

Saturday, July 7

Yoga and Me

At about 6 years ago, when my best friend Happypig told me that she took up yoga lessons, I remembered myself pointing at her nose and laughing so hard. "why bother to learn how to put your leg around your neck??" i asked her.

Now, i am a big fan of yoga.

In 2002, my buddy Ah Leng asked me if i would be interested to join her for a yoga beginner course in Chua Chu Kang CC. Oh well, since i had nothing else better to do, i might as well learn how to put my leg around my neck. During the 8 week course, we learnt some theories and some really basic poses.

I did more yoga when i was in UK. I was so bored of jogging and following the VCDs to some aerobics everyday. I asked Clement to go online to get me a yoga DVD so that i can DIY at home. Clement, as usual, did his thorough research and found this yoga DVD by Geri, the ex spice girl who claimed to lose so much weight by doing yoga. Anything that claims to lose weight is of interest to me. I did yoga regularly. i felt my flexibility improved but no lost in weight. I think that's because we BBQ almost every weekend during summer in UK!

I stopped yoga for a while after i came back from UK. then Happypig and i had some free time in school and we decided to do some yoga on our own. I really enjoyed stretching my body and challenging myself to do the poses.

When i saw the advertisment in the underground pass in scots road about the 2nd mega yoga studio opening in Takashimaya soon, i didnt take long to make my way there to find out more. I signed a 1 year contract with them after talking to the consultant, Damien. and i made Clement sign up too so that we can do yoga together.

It's really different doing yoga at home and in the studio. When I do yoga in a class, i real very motivated and happy. Plus there is an instructor to correct us and guide us. It makes a lot of difference. I didnt kn i was doing all the wrong things until i attended the classes in Pure Yoga. I began to read up more on yoga and its philosophy, and i am so fanisinated by this ancient art. I didnt know what is "lightness" and "happiness" people talked about when they spoke of yoga. but i experienced it myself!! it's so amazing! I upgraded my plan to a 2 year contract, knowing that yoga is something i would love to do always. By the way, till now, i am still unable to wrap my leg around my neck.

The instructors in Pure Yoga are simply GREAT. there are only "good" and "better" ones. I hv never walked out of a class feeling angry with any instructor. My all time favourite yoga teacher is Shyam but he left Pure Yoga last October. And there is Ross, who is a very, very good teacher. He is also my favourite teacher. And Hanoi, the most handsome instructor in Pure Yoga is leaving Singapore to teach yoga in Bangkok soon. So sad.

With Jaimie now and with my demanding work schedule, i have less time for yoga now. I will continue to do yoga even if i am just doing it once a fortnight. And I am waiting for jaimie to grow up so that i can bring her to do kids yoga! ooo... to think that jaimie can i doing yoga together already makes me so happy!

(My buddy Ah Leng, Hanoi and me posing after a yoga class)

(One of my favourite Yoga Teacher, Ross)

Thursday, July 5



我的第一只帅奇手表,是我在大学的时候买的。那时我在Lower Delta Road的 Canon公司打假期工,帮一个小部门主任做助理。这个上司的名字我还记得,她叫Gillian.我这个从乡下来的大学生当然是她炫耀的对象。有一天,她在午餐之后兴致勃勃地提了一个袋子回来,从几个帅奇手表中挑了一个递给我,说:“小妹!这只表很配你的衣服!来,借你戴到下班!”




Tuesday, July 3

Tagged! Yours Truly, Factually

Although this is my second Tag, it is officially the first one that I am responding to personally. The earlier one I kinda outsourced to Angie.

This tag is directed from MamaTang, over at TangSanctuary, whose blog is one that always makes me wonder "what nice makan would be featured this time?" whenever I drop by. :-)

This tag requires the tagged one to list 8 random facts about himself. First, the rules:

*start copying*

  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.

  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.

  • Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

*end copying*

Trivia #1: I was asthmatic during childhood. The attacks were usually triggered by contact with animal (e.g. cat) fur, or consuming cold stuff. Thankfully I outgrew the condition when I reached teenhood. I ceremoniously ate my first bowl of ice-kachang (at Zion Road hawker centre) when I was in Sec One.

Trivia #2: I am a fan of comics. All sorts of comics from those superhero types (e.g. X-men) to the "for mature readers" graphic novels (e.g. Sandman) to Hong Kong kungfu titles (e.g. 风云) to Jap anime comics (e.g. Slam Dunk aka 灌篮高手).

Trivia #3: As a kid I used to be extremely mild-mannered. That changed rather drastically after I entered the working world/ gotten married (I don't know which of this should I attribute blame to). My fuse got quite short and I'd quite often jump at opportunities to enter into arguments. Some of these incidents turned pretty ugly. Erm...not pretty. Ugly. I'm like Bruce Banner, with the Hulk caged inside of me, awaiting the next catalyst that'd trigger the transformation. I think I've gotten less edgy with the arrival of Jaimie.

Trivia #4: I am blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at such things) in that I've never had to endure a romantic breakup (aka 失恋). I married my first girlfriend (my uni-days sweetheart) after 5 years of courtship.

Trivia #5: Because dx/dt = 0 and dy/dt > 0 (where x = diameter of wedding band; y = diameter of ring finger; t = time), my ring finger has recently outgrown its companion for the past 9 years. It wouldn't remain ringless for long though. We'd be getting our new set of 10th Anniversary wedding bands next year.

Trivia #6: I have to say that the most memorable year of my life thus far would have to be Aug 2002- Jul 2003, when I pursued my Masters Degree at Cranfield University, UK. Angie was there to accompany me for 6 months. We had really fantastic time experiencing the seasons. We made such great friends during that time. And we played Kinigu! (and I puked my guts out)

Trivia #7: I got hooked on Mayday (五月天) when they taught the world what it means to be «温柔». The section headings of this blog are all named after Mayday's songs.

Trivia #8: For my entire life I have been surrounded by "those who can". Both my parents are retired teachers. My late grandparents (maternal) have been teachers in their times. My 阿姨 and 姨丈 are still teaching. As an undergrad in the university, I fell in love. When we talked about our aspirations, she told me she wanted to teach. I knew then that this was the girl I was going to marry.


Ok, now this is the first time I'm gonna tag others. And you're IT!

Monday, July 2