Wednesday, April 12

Super Uncle/Aunty Band Thread

The Super Uncle/Aunty Band email thread.

28 Mar 06 (0903hrs) – SHU wrote:


I've found it. Check out this website

$14 per hour during weekends, including equipment (2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 6-piece drumkit + cymbals, amps + optional keyboard). Location is pretty ideal and central, at Boat Quay area. Need advanced booking.

Are you all ready to jam, or is it, once again, one of those chui gong LP song cases...? Oy, dun make me buy the score book for nothing, okie!

YS - percussions
SH - bass
Bn - guitar/ keyboard? (bn choose one, dun be so ambitious!)
Who else?? Pls indicate interest for instant sign-up! No prior experience required.

29 Mar 06 (2001hrs) – SHU wrote:

Looking good.....

YS - percussions
SH - bass
Bn - guitar
Pam - keyboard

Enlistment still on. Sign up now!

3 Apr 06 (1000hrs) – SHU wrote:

band enthusiasts, check out :

YS : i believe this is the shop you were talking about last nite. The above website has got classified ads section. Shd be able to find some deals that suit us.

bn : make use of your one-week leave to quickly brush up your basic guitar chords and strumming techniques. be ready... (btw, sidetracking abit...let me kn when u managed to find dai ai ling's CD. thnx)

Pam : this is just to place on record your reply last nite, and I quote "if you all serious, then I serious lor!", unquote. I THINK we are quite serious here. be ready too. You may want to start picking up from where u left off 10 years ago, on your grade 7 piano skills.

Terry : new member, going on the tamborine with straw skirt. welcome! Pls get ready straw skirt.

3 Apr 06 (1744hrs) – PAM wrote:

halo, mr shu,

u sound very threatening in ur email below leh....must put in black and white somemore...: (

u hv the music scores for the songs u guys gonna play? email me so i can practise, coz i only play classical, not pop....i'm gg for keyboard lessons hor....dun play play, am dead serious!

3 Apr 06 (1800hrs) – SHU wrote:

WAH SEH! *applause*

YS would be happy to hear about your declaration of your level of

One thing I learnt from working experience....must put things in black and
white. If not, sometimes tak jalan, and all will be for naught. It's what we would call "Mouth Talk LP Shiok". No action one....

Latest update -

Mr Chuah and Mr Shu (Dumb and Dumber) actively sourcing for bass guitars
already. Both have received quotations for 2nd hand pieces.

Mr Bn has been strongly encouraged to source for his guitar set as well.

As for music scores, nw that everybody is serious, I will go and finally tear open the wrappings of the book I bought when shopping with YS two weeks ago. Will see what I can distribute to you all.

YS - can email us the website URL you found, with the mayday chords/scores?

All - I think can start thinking of band name liow.

5 Apr 06 (1111hrs) – SHU wrote:

Pam :

this score is for you to practice. This is slow song by Mayday, main instrument is piano. Since you are the most accomplished musician in the band now, maybe we shd start with this piece, to boost confidence.

YS : you can try out the accoustic guitar part. You know how to read TAB?
If not, you can visit this very helpful site :

There are many other useful stuff in the main site e.g. what to look out for when buying beginner's guitar/bass, basic guitar lessons and so on. Check it out.

In the meantime, bn and i got to respectively learn our basics first, b4 it makes sense for me to send out those other band scores.

11 Apr 06 (1153hrs) – SHU wrote:

It is happening.

For those of you all who are doubting our level of seriousness (admittedly, I used to be one, prior to last nite), doubt no more.

We've had our inaugural jamming session at YS's place last evening. And jamming and rocking were what we did.

No more words now....words are unnecessary. Music has now filled our veins, our dreams.

Next challenge : Zhiming yu Chunjiao. Here's the score. 'nuff said. Go practice.

11 Apr 06 (1920hrs) – CEDRIC wrote:

Please guys take some pictures or vidéos, I will love that!!!!!!!!!!



Here you go Ced, pix from the Band’s very first practice!