Monday, October 23

Historic Melacca (Part3)

For this trip, makan is very much at the top of the priority list. And at the top of the makan list we had the very very famous Capitol (3rd generation!) satay chelup. We were late on the first evening and there was an unbelievably long queue so we decided to get there before 5.30pm the following day. We did, and found the outlet to be closed. With the impression that we have been misinformed about the opening hours, we proceeded to a nearby kopitiam for murtabak and mee goreng.

Halfway through our meal, we discovered in shock that the previously closed doors have been opened, and almost instantly, a crowd had magically appeared from nowhere! By the time we hopped over, it was fully occupied and it won't be in another hour's time if we were to wait for someone to be done. Just look at the queue! And all these despite the drizzle!

We just couldn't leave Melacca without trying out the satay chelup. So we settled for the more obscure alternative - another stall, nearer to our hotel, selling the same improvised steamboat meal, named "Dip Lucky Dip". Oh well...perhaps the next time we'd get to find out just how much better Capitol's stuff is than DLD...

Of course, besides eating, we did the mandatory shopping too. At Tesco, no less!

After two nights stay, it's time to bid farewell. A parting shot at the hotel lobby before the 2 hour drive to JB for more shopping before finally going home!

Historic Melacca (Part2)

The icecream man's business was pretty good, with the hot weather in his aid. His merchandise was especially popular with the group of japanese girls and taitais.

These very colourful trishaws were a plenty on the streets. Business is highly competitive.

The rows of shops were packed with their souvenir wares...handicraft items mostly. Fridge magnets, straw hats, and these lovely windchimes.

The fireman posing with an old fire truck.

Not to be outdone, the soldier got his Kodak moment with an ancient armoured vehicle.

Historic Melacca (Part1)

It was meant to be a trip to Bangkok from 20th till 23rd, but those chaps at FinAir got bored with work amd decided that a strike was the next thing on their To Do list (What's wrong with these Finnish people!?). So long, Chak Tu Chak...looks like we'd only get to visit you another time.

After some desperate mouse-clicking over the internet, we came up with the contingency plan - a trip to historic Melacca! Yes....again.

Midway, we popped by Ah-Gu's place at Muah. Limei has grown much taller since we last seen her some 4, 5 years ago. Still as skinny, though. With her in the pic is Xiaobai the puppy.

After a little bit more driving, we've reached our destination. This is the view from our room (No. 1402) in The Renaissance Hotel.

Our first meal at Melacca - the famous chicken rice balls!

After lunch, we toured the historical city and visited attractions such as the famous "red building" - The Christ Church Melaka.

We took many photos.