Wednesday, February 27

Verbal Gymnastics

Jae talks a lot.

Oh yes, she has always luuuuurved to talk. She's the Chris Tucker of babies, I tell you.

She can talk without an audience. Without a topic. Heck, she can even talk without a language (not one that is comprehensible by others anyway).

Here, she's at it again. This time, at VivoCity, apparently musing over the black "gor-gor" performing bar gymnastics at the roof garden.

Monday, February 25

A Stroll In The Park

Jae took an earlier-than-usual afternoon nap yesterday and she woke up from it, well, earlier than usual. The weather was fabulous so I decided to bring the girls out for a stroll in the park - at the Botanic Gardens.

Mommy dressed her in this sweet little cheery-looking red checkered Osh-Kosh outfit. At the BG, Jae's mood was as every bit as cheery as her suit. She even did a little Harry Potter. Wingardium Leviosa! *Swish and flick*

She also found this....I don't know what it was either....this apple-look-alike...thing, which to her was simply "Ball-ball!". She loved it, especially when I rolled it up the sloped grass patch and it'd just roll back down to her feet.

There was this Jam On rock performance going on at the Shaw Foundation Symphone Stage. This was an interesting event organised by the SPH in that the performances featured both English and Chinese songs. The performers included Jive Talking, Nyak and the Ang Mor Pais and the Taiwanese band Soda Green (苏打绿).

What was great was that admission to this performance was free. Visitors to the park just plonked their butts down on the grass (or on picnic mats, or on the SPH bags that the organisers gave out during the performances), and enjoyed the very spirited jamming by the bands. It was quite a sight. I must say that the accoustics were great! Not some crappy set up with muffled sounds you might find even in some paid concert.

The little one seemed to enjoy the singing too, clapping and dancing to the tunes belted out on stage. Her own "mini-performance" even attracted the attentions of those around her. The couple beside her took a picture of Jae and showed it to her, who pointed at the camera and exclaimed "媛媛!", then continued clapping and dancing.

It was a pity we didn't manage to stay till the appearance of the final band Soda Green. Right after Nyak aka 黄星魁 finished crooning his 881 hit song "身外物", our girl declared that she was hungry and demanded to be fed. Oh may be sometime before this girl would decide that a little hunger is small price to pay to catch a glimpse of her idol(s). For now, food is king!

Friday, February 22










Tuesday, February 19

THE Song for Mothers!

Saw this in Idy's blog. I cant help it but I want to put it in my blog too!!

Thursday, February 14

Famous Arches Around The World

This is quite funny~!


Do you know the Singapore bad taste joker Steven Lim? Do you know the Edison Chen sex scandel? Can you link them up together?

I was surfing the net when I chanced upon a report on Steven Lim's disgusting video clip he posted on youtube, titled "Stop Bullying Edison Chen". I clicked on it and true enough, my hair stood up and I almost puked!

The comments on the video were quite hilarious. Apparently some found him very funny, and most of them thought he forgot to take his medication.

See for yourself if you are interested. I shall not contaminate my blog by embedding the jaw-dropping video here.

Please, Mr Steven Lim, do whatever you want but please, kindly refrain from telling others you are from Singapore. It makes me feel so ashamed to be on the same island as you are.

Sunday, February 10

Splashing Good Time!

Have been bringing Jae for dips in this little heated Jacuzzi pool over the past few days. It's great to see her enjoying herself and building up her confidence with water at the same time~!

China Doll

Jae in the three suits mommy dressed her up in, on 除夕,初一 and 初二 respectively.

Tantalizing Turqoise, Ravishing Red and Pretty Pink.

Which one do you fancy? ;D

Thursday, February 7

No Choice?

I have to say that some of the recent forum comments I've come across over the topic of maid abuse make me feel rather pissed (Pardon the bluntness here).

I am empathatic with the fact that some families simply do not enjoy the same extent of luxury when it comes to childcare matters e.g. familial and financial support. I truly am. Not everyone is lucky enough to have parents or in-laws to assist with looking after their kids while they go to work. Not everyone can afford or find good suitable childcare services. For those of us who do not have to grapple with such problems, we really ought to thank our lucky stars (or equivalent), recognize and acknowledge that we are, indeed, blessed.

The thing that I have an issue with is that people have this tendency to gripe. Don't get me wrong. It is perfectly fine to gripe. I do that myself. All the time. What gets to me is when some of these people gripe that "they have no choice". I'm really cheesed off that these people appear to be blaming everything else, other than themselves for their predicaments. Ok, "blaming" may be too strong a word to use for some of these chaps, but basically they are all pointing their fingers at all sorts of things (society, bad luck, family structure etc.; as long as it is not themselves) in an attempt to prove one point - that they have got no choice but to do what they have done.

The reasons put forth to justify why they have got "no choice" typically includes stuff like:

"Both me and my hubby are working so no one at home with maid"
"We have two/three/x kids that needs to be taken care of"
"We've got lots of loans to finance"

Pleeeze lah.

Can earn a bit less or not? Sure, quality of life won't be so good, but isn't it still a choice?

Cannot ah? Cos got housing, reno, car, whatever loans to finance? Isn't this a choice you've made upfront, to take up all these loans?

Oh, you HAVE TO take these loans cos need to cater to x kids so small house/car/whatever wouldn't be suitable? Come on lah. Whose choice was it in the first place to have x kids?! Did someone kenna raped x times?

What I want to say is: Don't bite more than you can chew. If you have a broken jaw and can't chew at all, then don't bite at all until your jaw is fixed.

I guess many of these people just want so much to get that picture-perfect future. So much so that in their attempt to get there, they end up sacrificing the present. Hugely unwise, IMHO.

Anyways, before all these hoo-hahs, I had already penned my thoughts on this topic in a previous post. I still feel as strongly about this now as I do then.

Ok, enough griping already. It's CNY for goodness's sake!

KFC Daddy and Kiddy

Hmmm... the finger licking good dinner on the first day of Chinese New Year!

The Little Red Dot

Today's the first day of CNY. Donned in 'Ang Pao red' two-piece, armed with 2 x mandarin oranges, and having drilled her "恭喜发财" (with accompaniment hand gestures) to perfection, Jae was all set for her quest to collect those red packets.

Looks like meat, no? Taste like meat too. But these are really vegetarian stuff. Every CNY we'd eat a vegetarian meal (吃斋/"灾") at my IL's. These used to be around midnight, immediately upon crossing over into the new year, but since last year (cos of Jae lah) these have been pushed back to breakfast times the following morning. Each of us need to eat > 1 bowl of rice somemore.

Brunch was at my parents' place. As per the vegatarian meal practice, things over here have been so routine over the years that we'd be able to expect what the dishes are gonna be, cos they're 90% the same year after year. Can bet your marbles that there'd be fried meat balls, deep fried prawns (no longer crispy by the time we eat it), chicken abalone soup, steamed fish, braised chicken + pork and yam cake.

Jae must have enjoyed being spoon-fed by mommy, and rewarded her with a kiss after the hearty meal.

The next visit was to Jae's 姨婆祖's place. Again, routine - every CNY we'd get to savour her really yummilicious 年糕 fried with yam slices, and the uber-tasty 金瓜糕!

At our fourth stop, Jae got meet for the first time, her little cousin di-di 黄靖凯. Thought Jae would be excited to meet di-di cos she'd been chanting his name for sometime already since his arrival some 2 weeks ago. Alas, the girl was just too distracted by the toys at Ah-Hann's place to be bothered with anything else beyond being cajoled to give a light peck on baby's forehead.

No wonder little Kai-Kai didn't look that pleased. It's all Jie-jie's fault~!

For dinner, we had KFC.

Wednesday, February 6

Shanghai Blues

Today is the eve of the Lunar New Year. Tomorrow we will be officially ushering in the Year of the Rat.;s all very exciting, isn't it? Well, what was really more exciting was the fact that today most of us need work only half a day. Yay!

After her afternoon nap, we were to visit Jae's 公公 & 婆婆 and after that proceed to 爷爷 & 奶奶's place. For these dual visits, mommy dressed Jae up in her new cheongsam. This particular turqoise piece was bought by Jae's 'Ah-Zor' - her great-grandmother, my grandma.

We thought she looked pretty good in this outfit, so I grabbed the camera and snapped off a few shots. Wah...Jae so lady-like ah... Got pose to show off her 'curves' somemore.

When posing with 'Jaimie's friends' (her collection of stuffed toys in her room), she grabbed Eeyore and put up a show of affection towards the purple donkey. demure ah...

Perhaps the little girl has decided to finally live up to her name 媛媛. You think?

Alas. With Jae being Jae, it didn't take long before she reverted to her usual 搞怪 self.

媛媛 ah~~

















Tuesday, February 5


No.....that is not the date of a day in the future. That's the timing we clocked on the road this morning, our first ever trip to work from our new home. Being the inaugrual journey, we didn't have any sense on how the traffic conditions might be on the roads, so like typical kiasu Singaporeans, we decided to set our alarm clock to get us up from bed at 6am sharp (Actually not THAT kiasu lah. The even more kiasu ones would have done a trial-run of the journey one week in advance).

After spending 30 minutes washing up and changing, we were on our way. Jae was still asleep and resting on mommy's shoulders when we stepped out of the house.

1st leg: This part of the journey saw us travelling on an unusually uncongested Bukit Batok road. I was doing like 70km/h which was the speed limit along this stretch of road. Traffic speed slowed a wee bit when we neared the school zones. The little tot remained asleep as mommy waved goodbye. Almost 20 minutes for this leg of the trip.

2nd leg: This was the shortest leg, clocking just under 10 minutes. Traffic, despite showing some signs of picking up, was still pretty smooth. I stopped at quite a number of traffic lights, though. Yes, the sleepy head was still very much in dreamland. She did open her eyes very momentarily when Por-Por picked her up from the car, as if bidding me goodbye.

3rd leg: Ah, this last portion of the trip would usually have meant that I'd pay the ERP charges at two gantries - one along BKE and one along PIE. I passed through the former at 0700hrs and the latter at 0710hrs so no charges. No need to contribute to this system that is raking up quite a bit of displeasure among motorists nationwide with the recent announcement of hike + new gantries. Smooth traffic on the highways meant that I was able to reach my office in record time, at 0720hrs.

50 minutes from door to (last) door. I called Angie from my office and she was surprised at how quickly I've arrived at my final destination. I suggested that we could squeeze off a little more, say 10 minutes worth of sleep tomorrow morning, but she pointed out that traffic conditions worsen rapidly and that a difference of 10 minutes at departure would likely be met with a traffic slowdown resulting in delay several fold this duration. I think she's right.

Oh well. Perhaps I can do more of such early morning blogging in the future.