Sunday, November 29

Jaimie's Little Progresses

(I) Little Miss Shopper

Jaimie had never bought something all by herself. We were always by her side when she chose what she wanted and handed the money to the cashier. Recently, Jaimie bought the very first item all by herself!

I gave her some money, told her the steps (ie, chose the colour of the candy, go up to the cashier, give him the money, wait for the change and receipt, come back to me) while I sat at a distance to watch. Jaimie was reluctant at first and wanted me to go with her. I told her if I were to go with her, I would not allow her to get her cotton candy. The temptation of the cotton candy was too great so she went ahead to do her shopping by herself.

After the first successful attempt, she was braver and had more confident to make her subsequent purchases. Now we have another shopacholic!

(II) Little Miss Organiser

It was about 6 months ago when we insisted Jaimie to keep her toys and books by herself. Otherwise, it was always us who packed her stuff for her. We were very pleasantly surprised to see that Jaimie was not only getting better at putting her belongings at the respective places, she was even organising them! She took out all the DVDs/ VCDs from the rack and kept them according to the titles. Now we have another housekeeper!

Jaimie Having Fun

Saturday, November 21

IT Savvy

We went to Sakae Sushi for dinner and Jaimie was delighted to see the computer and the froggy mouse. Clement showed her how to order food from the PC and guided her step by step to order a chawanmushi. He only taught her ONCE. Jaimie was thrilled when she saw what she ordered was served later.

After that, we ordered our food from the waitress and were happily digging into our food (my fav mango and avocado handroll, fried salmon skin, fried maki etc) while Jaimie ate her dinner. She was fidgeting with the mouse but we paid no attention to her. Suddenly, Jaimie said, "你有吃过这个。" (you have eaten this before). We looked up and to our horror, we saw "your order has been confirmed and sent to the kitchen" on the monitor! Jaimie ordered food!?!?!?!?!

We quickly checked what she had ordered in case she ordered a sashimi platter for 10pax. Luckily she only ordered a tamago handroll. PHEW! So she found the page on handrolls and helped us order another one!

We made Jaimie eat what she ordered.

Daddy had to help her finish her handroll.

Kids today are really IT savvy... I must keep an eye on her the next time we visit Sakae Sushi!

Thursday, November 19

20th year Reunion With my Sec 4 classmates

When we were 16 years old, it was beyond our imagination to think about "20 years later". When we were 16 years old, we were a class of crazy people who laughed and cried together.
When we were 16 years old, we went for roller skating (yes!! 20 years ago, roller skating was the in thing!) and bowling after school.
When we were 16 years old, we participated in all the school activities with all our zeal.
When we were 16 years old, we supported one another through the O levels.

20 years after we said goodbye, we met up again!

It was so comfortable to be in the company of old friends. We could just be our old selves again! These are the people who made my secondary school life soooooooooo memorable. In fact, of all my years as a student, I loved my life as a secondary school student most. We were an awesome class with very strong class spirit. During our 3 hour dinner, all of us kept sharing our memories of the good old days. It brought back more fond memories.
I love my class! River Valley High School Secondary 4C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15

Jaimie's First Wedding Banquet

Today, the wedding bells rung for Clement's cousin, Kee Yun. If you are a New Paper reader, you will find her name familar as she is one of the journalists for the entertainment section. And she is the one who helped me passed my book draft to Mayday. Heehee.

We are invited to her wedding banquet @ Keppel Club. This was Jaimie's FIRST wedding banquet and she was going to see to see a REAL bride. Jaimie was all excited about the event! I picked a nice pink floral dress for her.

She was practising to pose for a wedding picture. You know, those "turn-your-head-and-smile" is a must have pose for wedding pics.

I tried to tie her hair but she yelled out in pain. I think I will cut her hair short soon to save her agony and mine.

We were ready! A family picture to remember Jaimie's first wedding banquet.

I didn't take any good pictures during the banquet so I shall not post them up. Anyway, Jaimie was the social butterfly who almost stole the limelight of the bride. She crossed over from table to table, singing, dancing and talking to strangers. She looked like she was high on alchohol. =_= This girl kept her great-grandaunt very happy and amused.
She ate quite a lot during the banquet. Sharks' fin soup was her favourite (she had THREE SERVINGS!) and she gave a thumbs up for the roast duck.
Much as I appreciate her ability to socialise, I hope Jaimie will learn to keep still a little more. I had to threaten to whack her to shut her up (when the emcees were talking) or to keep her around us. Sigh.
Nonetheless, Jaimie enjoyed her first wedding banquet very much.

Monday, November 9


Kindly allow a very proud mother to show off her daughter's first writing of her name!!!!
Clement helped her with "M" by holding her hand because Jaimie insisted that she couldn't write it. She wrote the other letters herself!!!
Jaimie dear, Mommy is SSSSOOOOOO proud of you!

Saturday, November 7

A Very Focused Zoo Trip

We wanted to go to the zoo for 3 reasons. (1) Try out my new fujifilm F70. (2) Let Jaimie play at the at water playground (3) take the boat ride.

Our plan was to go to the zoo tomorrow afternoon but we decided we should go today instead so as not to miss out the good weather. It was windy and sunny -- a PERFECT day for an outdoor trip until our car drove out of our car park. It started to rain.

Ho-seh liow lor.

Nothing is going to distract us from our focuses. Armed with 2 big umbrellas and a child's raincoat which we got from our last fire station visit, we went ahead to the zoo. Jaimie was reluctant to wear the raincoat until we told her that she would not be allowed to take the boat ride if she got wet. Then she obliged.

Luckily the rain stopped about half an hour later.
We only stopped by to see the few animals (deer, lions, zebra, peacock) which was along the way to the kids' playground.
Jaimie was, as usual, thrilled to play in the water.

I suspect Jaimie is undergoing a growth spurt lately because her appetite is extremely good. She just had a big bowl of porridge at her grandma's place at 11am and she was yelling that she was very hungry at 3pm. I showered and changed her while Clement bought her a chicken popcorn chicky meal. She ate half the chicken popcorn and drank 3/4 cup of milo.

Then we proceeded to take the boat ride.
The boat ride was boring and short. We didn't think it was worth the money but Jaimie enjoyed it. We were saying we would rather pay the same amount of money to take the tram instead the next time we visit the zoo. That was another thing Jaimie had been asking for every time we visited the zoo.

We tried out with the new camera. The pictures did not turn out as good as we expected them to be. I will call my IT helpdesk (aka Clement) to look into the matter. Perhaps it was the camera setting.

Objective (1), (2) and (3) completed.

And my arms were very tired from carrying Jaimie in the zoo.