Monday, September 28

Mid-Autumn Celebration

Next Saturday is Mid-Autumn festival. We were glad that all my kakis were able to make it this Sunday for a celebration. The theme of the party is "Chinese Tradition". Hence the children came in Chinese costume and the food was Chinese dim sum, pomelo salad, yam cake, mooncake, almond jelly etc. The drinks were, of course, Chinese tea. Hahaha~

The children had rice and fishball soup. I forgot I had ordered toufu for them too. Aiyah.

The kids would be bringing their lanterns for a stroll around the pool after dinner, before dessert.

Food glorious food!

Miss Chinatown? Don't they look... BOOMS??

Joyce DIY a lantern with pomelo skin. So creative and so nice!!

The kids (and adults) playing with the sparkles. Diana brought the light sticks for the kids too.

Mid-autumn festival is a time to be with good friends!

Jaimie had lots of fun with her friends. So did her mommy and daddy.

It was also Diana's birthday today. We decided that it was a bad idea to put candles on a mooncake so Meekfreek bought a chocolate and banana cake from Awfully Chocolate. Happy birthday, Diana!!

Many helpers to help blow out the candles.

The kids gathered to watch TV while the adults were outside stuffing themselves with dessert and a variety of mooncakes-- pure lotus, double yolk, snow skin, ice cream...

It was a great night filled with loads of fun and laughter! We love the time we spent with this group of awesome friends!!

Tuesday, September 22


Sunday, September 20









Kite Flying @ Marina Barrage

We were quite sure it was quite windy when we decided to go to Marina Barrage yesterday to fly our kite.

See, the kite actually managed to fly up.

Before Clement could hand over the task of flying the kite to Jaimie, the wind went dead. Flying the kite was no longer a breeze but a tough and impossible task.

Clement tried to fly the kite without the wind.

He swung it around.

He tugged the string.

He went around in circles.
All his effort was, needless to say, in vain.

Heaven must be very touched by his effort to try to fly the kite. Suddenly, the dark darkened and the wind began to blew very strongly. Up went the kite again!!

There was little raindrops too. Thankfully Jaimie was wearing something with a hood.

Jaimie finally got to fly her kite!

Spot our kite.

The serious kite flyer. I wonder if she'll ever do kite surfing.

The kite went up and up. This time, Jaimie didn't run along with the kite. There wasn't much space to run around in Marina Barrage anyway. And EVERY teenager at Marina Barrage HAD TO take a "jump up into the sky" picture.

The rain got heavier at one point in time. This is the way to take shelter.
We spent about an hour or so in Marina Barrage. It's an ok place. We think that WCP is a better place to fly a kite. After that we went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to have our dinner. Guess what? I met my ex-colleagues whom I had not met for 9 years!!! Unfortunately we had no time to take a picture together. What a waste!!

Saturday, September 19

A Great Love Story...

A friend in FB posted this and I was very touched by the video. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

Friday, September 18

Go and Fly Kite

Oops!! I mean, LET'S go and fly the kite! At West Coast Park!

Last Sunday was a cool and breezy afternoon. Clement decided that it was too good a day to stay in the malls so he decided that we should all go to West Coast Park to fly a kite. Jaimie got all excited about the kite flying. We dug out a brand new kite which we bought ages (I think at least 4 years ago), a tent (please ask Clement why the tent and not a picnic mat), packed some drinks and peanuts and off we went to WCP.

Daddy and Jaimie wasted no time. After Clement set up the tent (no, no need to pitch the tent. It's just setting it up), they ran off to a distance to try to get the kite up. I became the official photographer of the event, again.

The kite was really easy to fly and Jaimie was so excited to see it up in the sky.

You got to give me credit for this picture. I laid on the grass, aimed the camera into the sky in order to take this picture!

Happy, sia!

Jaimie was very burdened by the fact that if she let go of the string, the kite would be gone! As the wind blew and the string got tighter, Jaimie ran along and shouted for help. For a moment I thought she was going to fly up the sky with the kite.

Jaimie found a frisbie on the grass and started swinging it around. I must say she has got the style!

Happy Jaimie. Where's her kite?!?!?!

Mama is always the one who packs things up after her.

Up on the Shelves

Up on the shelves of Popular bookshop (FINALLY~~~~)

Up on the shelves of the national library.
They are also up on the shelves of Kinokuniya. I haven't checked out Page One yet.

Saturday, September 12

Jaimie's Happy Saturday

Jaimie is a very happy girl today. In the morning, we went to watch the movie "G Force" with one of her favourite friends, Ayden. She didn't really enjoy this movie as much as she enjoyed "Up" but nonetheless, she was happy to eat the popcorns and lunch with Ayden.

After her nap, we went to Vivo City and met YS and family for dinner. Today is Shelley's birthday. YS treated us to a dinner at No Signboard. The chilli crab was wooooossshhhhhh~~~ After that we adjourned to Swensens and had some ice cream and sang Shelley a birthday song. Jaimie was elated to see her Seraphine jie-jie and also the good dinner and ice cream.
We took some photos before YS and family came.

Had snack at KFC. They should make the spicy drumlets a regular item on their menu.

Jaimie snapped a picture of us.
This is the kind of weekend we enjoy very much -- spending time with family and friends!