Wednesday, August 9

Jaimie's Party Pix Strikes Back

Xalicia zeh-zeh kissing Jaimie mei-mei

Xaeus, Pam, Angie with two of the Power Puff Girls

Jaimie with Uncle Raymond

Jaimie with Uncle Bernard

Jaimie's Party Pix

Uncle Yeow Seng with two of the Power Puff Girls

Caleb gor-gor and Joseph gor-gor playing the Narnia PS2 game

Aunty Greta and Jaimie

Xaeus gor-gor & Sera zeh-zeh

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Today is Singapore's 41st Birthday. Happy birthday~!

Today is when I'm 4 months and 3 days old. Happy day to me too~!

Today is also when many Uncles and Aunties and Gor-gors and Zeh-zehs came to my party. Thank you all~!

Today, I am the youngest in the group. Hmmm....not for long, though. Hee~!