Friday, December 22

The Rattler

R aise your hand
A nd reach it out
T ake the rattler
T hen shake it all about
L ittle by little
E very tiny jiggle
R arely fail to make us giggle!

Wednesday, December 20

Pretty in Pink

Because of her botak head, our Ah Girl sometimes (Read: on most occassions) gets mistaken by the neighbourhood uncles and aunties as Ah Boy.

"Boy huh?"

"Wah...good looking boy hor?"

"Hey, cute bb boy!"

The more discreet ones would conversatively elect the safe "Boy or Girl?" opening, to which we would sheepishly answer "Girl...she not much hair, so look like boy lah...heh heh heh".

Can't blame us when we overcompensate in terms of Jaimie's dressing. She has lots of pink apparels.

Then again, we think she really does look exceptionally cutie pie-ish in pink.

Sunday, December 17

Jaimie's First "Words"?

First posts ever on the video sharing website....

At 5 months, when Jaimie learnt to lie on her tummy. We didn't know what she meant by "Booo", but we figured it wasn't "Yippeee~!".

At 8 months, out of the blue, she decided to give Angie and I a treat by articulating strings of what sounded like Mama and Baba.

Tuesday, December 12


I have got the YEBIS.

Year-End Backside Itchy Syndrome.

That's according to my Minister of Finance @ Home. She asked me if it is because the year-end bonus has come in and as a result, my backside itches uncontrollably such that I have to reach for that wallet in my rear pocket and spend its precious contents to alleviate the itch.

Well, truth be told, there may be some trace basis to warrant her postulation above. I have recently acquired the following gadgets:

Now this baby here is a 7" LCD digital photo frame. Like the name suggests, it displays photo images just like a conventional photo frame, but instead of having a static hardcopy print, it retrieves softcopy images from inserted memory cards and screens them as a photo slideshow, with optional background music. What's great about this piece is that unlike other digital photo frames, this one is able to function as an external video display, when plugged into a video player e.g. DVD player. Damage = S$200.

Ah...The Philips MCD 190 DVD micro hifi set is retailing at S$225 (Special Offer @ Best Denki) but I bought it second-hand at S$100. Still a very new set, this is now beautifully coupled with the digital display so that besides playing Jaimie's photos, I can also play my DVDs in my room.

The highest damage was dealt by this guy here - JVC Everio GZMC200. A tapeless camcorder that records DVD quality video and stores them in mpeg2 format (not the VCD quality mpeg4 format that my previous Samsung Miniket works in). This will come in handy during the upcoming Taiwan trip later this month. Again, I got this piece at a bargain price of S$550 (seller's purchase receipt says he paid $1900+ end 2004), including a 2.5x tele convertor lens which I intend to sell away to recoup some of the $$.

Oh changes very quickly so you just can't buy every new gadget that emerges that makes whatever you are having go the path of the dodo.

Digital display - $200
DVD micro hifi - $100
HDD camcorder - $550
A Minister of Finance that keeps your spending in check - priceless

Thursday, December 7


Band leader finally managed to arrange for a session of band practice tomorrow. Hope it would stay on and not fizzle off at the last minute.

Can't remember when our last practice session was. Not sure also how much dust has collected on my bass since then. Don't even know if I even still remember my scales! Oh no....

Here's a picture from our very first band practice. To serve as motivation, to get back into the grooooooove....

Friday, November 10


Pictures, courtesy of bn, from the KWOK (Karaoke Without Kids) session on 28 Oct 06, at KBox, Cineleisure. It was lots of fun...keenly awaiting the next one which is supposedly gonna be soon after Raymond returns from his elephant-eating S. Africa trip.

Yeah baby~!!
Terry, you better keep your hands to yourself, you understand?!
I told you I'd knock you out if you don't keep your hands where they belong!
老婆, I promise I'd never lay my hands on another MAN!
Hey, I must get my hubby to understudy yours!
Terry, you see lah. Now I am stuck with you. You have much to learn, Padawan.
Oops, I have just broken my promise! 老婆,我对不起你!

Tuesday, November 7

Jaimie's First Photo Shoot

Last Sunday we brought Jaimie for her very first studio photo shoot. Bright Studio at Clementi was picked, since we have had pretty good experiences with them in the past.

To prepare Jaimie for the photo taking, we bathed her, got her to take her afternoon nap and immediately upon her waking, dressed her in a nice, comfortable jump suit and proceeded to the studio.

At the studio shop, we said we wanted the collect-after-2-days option rather than the instant polariod one. "This comes with the CD-ROM, right?", we asked. "Yes, it does." Good. With the subject, we were ushered into the photo-taking studio room at the back of the shop, that had a set of curtains in place of a door.

There was this white table which the studio assistant very promptly set up infront of the camera that was already preset onto a tripod. "你去外面等。", I was instructed by this middle-aged lady, whom I'd by then assume to be the photographer. "把baby给我" was the next directed at Angie. She complied.

Jaimie was handed to the studio assistant, a younger lady in her early twenties, who placed the subject onto the white table, in a seating position while supporting her at her waist so that she is propped up properly for the shoot. She squatted herself unobstruvesively by Jaimie's side so that only the light-colored backdrop would be seen from Jaimie's waist up, at the moment the shutter is released.

What happened next was something none of us had anticipated. Just as the photographer attempted to attract Jaimie's attention with this piece of jingly toy with bells, so that she would be looking directly into the lens, the baby let out a very, very loud wail. She had never done that in the past...always been ok in the presence of strangers, at the most becoming a little fidgety or making little noises of protest. But never a major wail like this time.

Obviously this terminated the phototaking attempt prematurely. We told the staff there that we'd bring her back once she has been pacified.

Thankfully, that didn't take long at all. 5 minutes later and a brief walk outside the studio shopfront, we were back in for Round 2. This time, Mommy was deployed to prop up the subject from behind, while I took up the task of getting her to look straight towards the camera. "不用那个bell.", I told the photographer, fearful that the same tactic might trigger a recurrence of the previous failed attempt. Instead, I played the clown by jumping left, right, up, down, from the back of the camera stand. It worked. A click of shutter release and the declaration "OK.好了!" from the photographer lady. I felt a wave of relief. And pride.

After an exchange of $12 and a receipt slip, we were told that the photos would be ready for collection from Tuesday onwards.

And here it is. When I removed one of the four passport-sized picture from the little white envelope, all I could think of was "So cute!". If you are looking at this and not thinking the same, I suggest you go get a new pair of glasses.

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Monday, October 23

Historic Melacca (Part3)

For this trip, makan is very much at the top of the priority list. And at the top of the makan list we had the very very famous Capitol (3rd generation!) satay chelup. We were late on the first evening and there was an unbelievably long queue so we decided to get there before 5.30pm the following day. We did, and found the outlet to be closed. With the impression that we have been misinformed about the opening hours, we proceeded to a nearby kopitiam for murtabak and mee goreng.

Halfway through our meal, we discovered in shock that the previously closed doors have been opened, and almost instantly, a crowd had magically appeared from nowhere! By the time we hopped over, it was fully occupied and it won't be in another hour's time if we were to wait for someone to be done. Just look at the queue! And all these despite the drizzle!

We just couldn't leave Melacca without trying out the satay chelup. So we settled for the more obscure alternative - another stall, nearer to our hotel, selling the same improvised steamboat meal, named "Dip Lucky Dip". Oh well...perhaps the next time we'd get to find out just how much better Capitol's stuff is than DLD...

Of course, besides eating, we did the mandatory shopping too. At Tesco, no less!

After two nights stay, it's time to bid farewell. A parting shot at the hotel lobby before the 2 hour drive to JB for more shopping before finally going home!

Historic Melacca (Part2)

The icecream man's business was pretty good, with the hot weather in his aid. His merchandise was especially popular with the group of japanese girls and taitais.

These very colourful trishaws were a plenty on the streets. Business is highly competitive.

The rows of shops were packed with their souvenir wares...handicraft items mostly. Fridge magnets, straw hats, and these lovely windchimes.

The fireman posing with an old fire truck.

Not to be outdone, the soldier got his Kodak moment with an ancient armoured vehicle.

Historic Melacca (Part1)

It was meant to be a trip to Bangkok from 20th till 23rd, but those chaps at FinAir got bored with work amd decided that a strike was the next thing on their To Do list (What's wrong with these Finnish people!?). So long, Chak Tu Chak...looks like we'd only get to visit you another time.

After some desperate mouse-clicking over the internet, we came up with the contingency plan - a trip to historic Melacca! Yes....again.

Midway, we popped by Ah-Gu's place at Muah. Limei has grown much taller since we last seen her some 4, 5 years ago. Still as skinny, though. With her in the pic is Xiaobai the puppy.

After a little bit more driving, we've reached our destination. This is the view from our room (No. 1402) in The Renaissance Hotel.

Our first meal at Melacca - the famous chicken rice balls!

After lunch, we toured the historical city and visited attractions such as the famous "red building" - The Christ Church Melaka.

We took many photos.

Saturday, September 23

Jaimie's new tricks

At five months, here are some of the new tricks I can now perform!

I can hold the milk bottle by myself!

I can turn over onto my side!

I can flip over onto my tummy!

I can balance a hanky on my head!

I can even do yoga!

With these newly acquired skills, I am a really happy baby!

Wednesday, August 9

Jaimie's Party Pix Strikes Back

Xalicia zeh-zeh kissing Jaimie mei-mei

Xaeus, Pam, Angie with two of the Power Puff Girls

Jaimie with Uncle Raymond

Jaimie with Uncle Bernard

Jaimie's Party Pix

Uncle Yeow Seng with two of the Power Puff Girls

Caleb gor-gor and Joseph gor-gor playing the Narnia PS2 game

Aunty Greta and Jaimie

Xaeus gor-gor & Sera zeh-zeh

Happy National Day, Singapore!

Today is Singapore's 41st Birthday. Happy birthday~!

Today is when I'm 4 months and 3 days old. Happy day to me too~!

Today is also when many Uncles and Aunties and Gor-gors and Zeh-zehs came to my party. Thank you all~!

Today, I am the youngest in the group. Hmmm....not for long, though. Hee~!

Wednesday, July 5

The Many Faces of Jaimie Ng: The Last Stand



The Many Faces of Jaimie Ng Returns