Saturday, April 30

My Best Mother's Day Gift

Tuesday, April 26


Sunday, April 24

Jaimie's Draws Rapunzel and Cat

Jaimie's Second Crush

Jaimie's first crush happened when she was in N1.

Clement told me Jaimie's in love, again.

The dialogue between Clement and Jaimie was something like this:

Clement:你喜欢Superman 还是 Spiderman?


I must be the luckiest mother-in-law on earth.

Friday, April 15

Bento #174, #175

Clement's Old Chang Kee curry puff bento.

Jaimie's noodle bento.

Thursday, April 14

Note (Warning) to Self

Mental note: (1)no chicken briyani unless I run a half marathon. (2)no hor fun, laksa, mee siam, chicken rice unless I run 45 rounds the track. (3)choose mee goreng over mee rebus, choose Hokkien mee over economic rice and bak kut teh! (at least there is one piece of good news).

Bento #173

When you asked your daughter "Do you like today's bento?" and the reply was an very happy "YES!!! MY MOMMY IS THE BEST!!!", this will motivate you to wake up early to prepare bento for her even though you are on mc. :) This is the 2nd bento I made for Jaimie on my second day of mc. She requested for the honey stars. The agar-agar is a bonus because she had been really sweet to me when I was unwell.

Wednesday, April 13

Jaimie's Birthday Celebration in School

We were so happy when we open our email today and found that Jaimie's teacher took pictures of her birthday celebration in school last week. It was a shame that both Clement and I were unable to take the day off from work to be in her school to join in the celebration.

Jaimie chose this cake herself. She loves unicorn for some strange reason. It's good that we found the design for her in ECreative. However, she complained that the cake was too creamy and caused her to have stomach upset! Ha!

Bento #172


Tuesday, April 12

Bento #171

Jaimie's bento for today. Everything is packed according to her highness's request.

10 April 2XU Compression Run 12km

A very scenic and enjoyable run! Looking forward to the next run in May!

Friday, April 8

Bento #170

Jaimie's breakfast. I still make bento everyday but they are too repetitive and simple to be blogged. This is another simple bento which could be done in 10mins. I sliced the swiss roll the night before, put them in the bento box and keep in the refrigerator. In the morning, I just need to prepare the fruits and shell the quail's eggs.

Jae says yum yum yum. :)

Wednesday, April 6

Jaimie's Birthday Wish

Jaimie wrote this note to me last night. I "lon-bang" on this post to document the very first note she wrote to me~ a love note that cheered me up totally after a long, busy and hard day at work. Thank you, my love.
Today is Jaimie's birthday and we brought her to Swensen's to enjoy her favourite spaghetti, french fries and ice cream. Jaimie's birthday wish (no prompting from us at all): "I wish that every year I can celebrate my birthday with papa and mama, and the planet Earth will not have any earthquake."

She can run for Miss Universe.

Monday, April 4

Jaimie's 5th Birthday -- Family Celebration

I do not believe in holding big parties for young children for their birthdays. Birthdays can be celebrated by giving thanks to parents who give birth to us, to those who love us, and to those who bring us up. Hence, I very much prefer family meal gatherings to children's parties because I want to take the opportunity to thank my parents and my in laws for loving Jaimie so much and taking care of her.

Jaimie will be 5 years old soon.

My dearest daughter, happy birthday to you! I thank you for joining mommy and daddy and be part of the family. I thank god every day to have a lovely daughter like you. From the day you become part of the family, there's only 2 things mommy and papa want for you: Good health and happiness. May you be blessed with abundance, always.

Loving you so dearly,