Wednesday, April 30

Creative Daddy

I was very impressed when I saw what Clement did to hold the toothbrush in our bathroom.

You see, I was stuck with 3 situations:
1) The vanity top in the bathroom is very pathetically small and I can't put much things. I haven't got a proper toothbrush holder since the day we moved in.
2) I bought the animal paper holders, thinking that they were toothbrush holders. =_=
3) The suction hooks which claimed to hold up to 1kg couldnt even hold a small towel. I was about to throw them all away.

And Clement created the very unique and nice toothbrush holders which solved all my problems!!

Men are useful, sometimes.

Haikus on a Duty Night

It's 3am now
Would this be early or late?
Time is relative

* * * * * * * * * *
Too awake to sleep
Too lethargic to do work
I just let time pass

* * * * * * * * * *
Sitting on a chair
Nothing is happening - Good
Let's keep it this way

* * * * * * * * * *
Tomorrow is here
But I don't get to start it
Until 8am

Sunday, April 27

Mayday's Down To Earth Concert 2008

Last year, we met up with the IT Family for dinner before the attending Mayday's JUMP! 离开地球表面 concert at the Max Pavillion. This year, when Mayday announced that they'd be finally bringing us back down to Earth with their 2008 回到地球表面 concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, we hurriedly booked our tickets on the very first day of launch. Just as we did last year, the four of us arranged to have pre-concert dinner (but made it a point not to over eat to the extent that we might throw up or get stitches when doing all the inevitable jumping during the concert).

The girls were quite kiasu indeed. They made plans to meet up at 5:30pm for dinner (the concert is scheduled to commence at 8pm!) but both families eventually arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium before 5:15pm. We found out however that our originally planned dinner spot, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, wouldn't be opened until 6pm, so we decided to have Jap food across the road at Kallang Leisure Park instead.

At 7:08pm, we were back at the stadium, to soak up the atmosphere and t countdown to the concert commencement. After having this pic taken (with the assistance of a friendly SISTIC staff), we split ways with the IT Family heading for the East Entrance and us entering from the Premier Entrance. The dress code for this year's concert was to be of a B&W theme. So,, your 'black' T-shirt a bit the faded, hor?

These were the "1-hour-early" crowd, many of them snapping up Mayday T-shorts and collectibles at the souvenior counter. By this time at 7pm, ALL the carpark lots at the SIS carpark had been taken (there were staff that ensured only concert ticket holders could enter the carpark). Those that came later had to be directed to the adjacent car parks.

Once inside the stadium, besides that very huge curtain that concealed the stage area prior to the start of the concert (which we realised later also served as a projection screen for the opening video sequence), the most eye-catching setup would have to be this enormous suspended bridge. When lowered, Mayday would be able to get onto it via the 2 runways and be right in the middle of the stadium, bringing them maximum proximity with their fans!

Idy and Irwin waving at us from their seats near the LHS runway. We snapped this pic from our stage-facing seats at the stadium centre. Hmm....stadium quite empty at 7:41pm.

At this time, they were screening MTVs of songs from Rock Music artistes e.g. 叮当, 品冠, 五月天. This one being screened on the screen here was their new "小太阳" MV. Perhaps it'd take some time for the song to grow on me, but I didn't feel it "connecting" with me the first time I heard this piece leh.

Ah...can see that most of the seats are occupied now, at 8:03pm. Here we were keenly anticipating the concert to begin.

It didn't, until another 20 minutes time, when the lights dimmed at 8:23pm, and a wave of excited screams and shouts flooded the SIS! You see all the blue lights? Besides the B&W dress code for this concert, there was also a "Blue Lightstick Iniative" that was going on. Pretty cool~

Mayday, finally! They started the concert on the high-energy number "抓狂". All 5 of them were dressed fully in smart white suits (no, definitely not like Singapore's other Men In White), with illuminated light beads on their jackets. 怪兽 (Monster) and 石头 (Stone) "轧" it out on their guitars!

It didn't take long for the temperature in the stadium to rise, nor for Monster to remove his jacket, revealing the tattoo "新加坡" on his right bicep. This attracted more screams when a close up of the tattoo was splashed on the gigantic projection screen.

Change of suits - from white to black. Flares did a great job fueling the mood, too!

阿信 (Ashin), now in casuals, went onto the runway, and up close with very elated fans. Try counting the number of raised, flashing cameras...

A very happy Monster, on our side of the runway! The advantage of seating in our cluster was that lots of mobility was possible. Hardly anybody were stuck to their assigned seats. We were all moving left, right, front and back, to wherever the action was.

Stone also came over. I liked this set of costumes best. Very classy. And colorful! Monster was dressed in purple, Stone in green, Ashin in red, Ming in black and Masa in brown. Wah....macam Power Rangers!

Another change of costume, and Ashin came over. He was belting out "终结孤单" literally a few metres away from us. Wow!

The stage setup and lightings were very elaborate. Just fantastic!

Mayday performing the last number of the concert "人生海海".

The 10-second bow. As soon as the lights dimmed, shouts of "encore!" filled the stadium.

Amidst the chants of "五月天,五月天, a short video was screened. Mayday then reappeared on the suspened bridge and belted out "天使" and "知足". In the closure of the final number, Ashin promised the crowd "明年见".

Before they left the stage, Mayday and the support musicians started flinging their towels into the crowd. I wondered if each end of a towel ended in different hands, whether a tug of war would ensue.

Alright. It was an excellent performance. Felt extra special since Singapore was the first stop in this Down To Earth concert tour. Thanks, Mayday for the wonderful concert last night, from which I'd collected the souveniors of a hoarse voice and aching calves. You guys really are 第一名!

See you all next year!

P/S: Also posted a couple of video clips here. Check them out!

PP/S: Why oh why, didn't they sing "志明与春娇" ??!

Saturday, April 26

Trigger Happy

I is trigger-happy. Took lots of photos when we had dinner at Cafe Cartel.

Friday, April 25

What Goes Up Must Come Down


有双 隐形的翅膀
带我 冲上云霄
遨游 海阔天空
离开 美丽地平线


就像那 风筝
就像那 孤鹰
奔向 太阳星辰
走访 寂寞星球




Wednesday, April 23

小白船 The Musical

After dinner this evening, Grandma was coaching Jaimie on the finer points of the lullaby "小白船", complete with accompaniment gestures.

The moment she thought she'd learnt the movements, the little show-off decided that she should be the only one performing, so that she'd not have to share the limelight with granny anymore.

Aiyo....think she should be called 黄浩恋 instead...

Ok ok...those of you who are confused by this little girl's blabberings, here's the actual song in its complete, undistorted form. :)

Sunday, April 20

Hello Again, Mr Goat

Jae was happy when we told her we'd bring her to pay another visit to Mr Goat and his family at Hay Dairies this morning. The previous time she was there was 10 months ago, when most of the farm tour was spent in mommy's arms. With Jae being 2 years old now, we thought a revisit to the goat farm would bring her another level of experience.

We purchased a packet of goat feed near the entrance of the farm.

Jae couldn't wait to feed the grass to the goats.

Well-behaved kids. I mean the ones with four legs.

Jae enjoyed feeding the kids. So much so she kept picking up those grass strands that fell onto the floor and putting them into those eager nibbling mouths. On several occassions, the kids even mistook Jae's hair for grass. hohoho.

After making sure the kids got fed, Jae went on to give the does the remaining food from her packet.

A photo opportunity before we leave Hay Dairies.

Remembering a post from LZMommy's blog, we decided to pop by the adjacent dragonfruit farm to take a look.

"Big fish! Small fish!" Jae exclaimed when she noticed the koi pond. After paying for some fruits, we concluded the morning's outing and headed for lunch at Jurong Point.


Yes. It was me who rescued them.

Saturday, April 19



死党阿敏前一阵子向我推荐《鼠小弟》系列, 我最近也借了几本回家跟媛媛讲故事。结果,媛媛非常喜欢,我把书本摆在她拿得到的地方,她时不时都会跑过去,如果不是自己边看边讲故事给自己听,就是要我讲给她听。

刚好有同事6月要到上海去游学,嗯,正好托他帮我找一找了! 嘻嘻!

Friday, April 18




This evening when I went to my mom's place I was so shocked to see the number of mosquito bites on Jaimie's forehead and legs. There were at least a dozen of them on her forehead and ear! We had to put bandages on the mosquito bites on her leg to prevent her from scratching the wound.

My mom told me that Jaimie got the bites when she brought her home from the wet market. It was about to rain soon and they had to walk pass a small grass patch to reach the LRT station. Most probably the attack took place while they were walking pass the grassy area.

Mosquitoes breed so quickly and easily in this rainy season. This is the first time Jaimie had such a bad attack by the mozzies. This is so unexpected because my mom had always brought Jaimie to the same wet market and took the same route home and no mosquito had bitten her.

Ahhhh... heartache!!

Thursday, April 17


老公出席一个研讨会,想不到主办单位的负责人是Dawn!上次在Xaliacia的生日会上Dawn和Bernard都没有办法出席,我们也很久没有碰面了。于是就约了今天傍晚一起到Shaw Towers的曾府菜吃重庆火锅。


我们6点就抵达了。听说6点之前是优惠价,6点30分之后就没有火锅happy hour了。我们点了鸳鸯锅,来个小麻辣少油的汤底,另外一边是鸡汤。锅子一端上来,就香味扑鼻!



在餐桌上,我们一边稀里哗啦地吃,一边嘻嘻哈哈地谈笑风生。我们从6点吃到8点,原本还邀请了Dawn和 Bernard过来我们家一起打wii。但是大家其实工作了一天也累了,加上一肚子的火锅料理,眼皮更加沉重。所以便约改天再一起打游戏机。