Friday, February 16


The Lunar New Year is just round the corner. Today is the penultimate day of the Year of the Dog. In just a couple of days, the world would be ushering in Mr Piggie. Not just any piggie, mind you. This time round, we'd be welcoming the Golden Piggie!
During the Feng Shui talk I recently attended, the Shifu declared that the coming year would be one that is gonna be bountiful in the element of WATER. Apparently the zodiac signs of Pig and Rat are ones that are associated with the WATER element. Consequently, those of us under these zodiacs would be faced with the threat of overwhelmingly high levels of this particular element. Oh noooo.....going to kenna flooded!

Ok...Shifu did tell us how to counter the excessively 'wet' year ahead. Generally, these have to do with upping the level of the FIRE element.

Tip #1 - To wear RED (!!!)
Tip #2 - To place items that give out light/heat in your workplace.
Tip #3 - To associate with people with zodiac signs of Goat, Horse or Snake.

Oh, I've revamped the look of this blog so that it can, like us, spot a new look at the start of the new year.

Here's wishing everyone a very happy, peaceful and prosperous Lunar New Year 2007!


Wednesday, February 14


I dedicate this Mayday song to my two lovely girls at home.

Angie and Jaimie - Thank you for being my angels. And for letting me be yours.

Happy Valentine's Day.


作詞:阿信 作曲:怪兽

你就是我的天使 保护着我的天使 从此我再没有忧伤
你就是我的天使 给我快乐的天使 甚至我学会了飞翔
飞过人间的无常 才懂爱才是宝藏
不管世界变得怎么样 只要有你就会是天堂
像孩子依赖着肩膀 像眼泪依赖着脸庞
你就像天使一样 给我依赖 给我力量
像诗人依赖着月亮 像海豚依赖海洋
你是天使 你是天使

Sunday, February 11


*click on image strip to see it in full view*

The Master of Disguise

Be silent! I, am Jaimie Ng. The master of disguise. Nobody knows my true appearance because I am like a chameleon and can change the way I appear to your untrained eyes as and when I like.

I sometimes manifest myself as the one you call "Super BB". Faster than a wind-up ducky. Able to hurdle a milk bottle in single stride. My supersonic scream can be heard throughout the entire foodcourt!

Here, I employ my see-thru vision to detect the pampers premium diapers (L-size) this little baby is wearing underneath her red pants!

Here, I am BB Flash, the fastest babe on earth! I can move so fast my movements appear as a blur to eyes of mere mortals.

I can likewise easily appear as my alter-ego, the mild-mannered Jaymeed Singh.

Finally, I appear as Jae Midus ze Master Hypnotist. A simple wave, a mere gesture, and you'd be totally under my control.

So beware, my friend. You'd do well not to cross me! Dun pray pray, understand?!

Saturday, February 10

Close Encounters Of The Tot Kind

Yes! We are finally going to meet the newest, youngest addition to the Family. That'd be none other than Raymond-Janice junior aka baby Zelia Tan.

Raymond has chosen the 24th of Feb, which coincides with 人日, the 7th day of the Chinese New Year, to invite the rest of us to be officially introduced to the littlest one. Looking forward to the gathering.

Only one thing to complain about....