Tuesday, January 30

Clark Chuah

It has truly been a looooong loooong time since any of us has found the X to do this (X being time, energy, motivation, whackyness etc).

Somehow X came to me today. So here it is - my latest work.


When Clark changes into his Superman costume, he sometimes forget to remove his glasses. That oversight dimishes his overall superhero image somewhat, wouldn't you agree?

Monday, January 29

Pirate of the Curry Bean


Be afraid. Be very afraid. I am a pirate from the land of the curry bean!

When you left me stranded on this deserted island you call "mattress", you forgot one important fact, mate.


Now hand me the MILK! Or I'd make you walk the plank!

And no, that is NOT my nappy on my head!!!

Sunday, January 21

Making Faces

Frowning are you, my little one? Or
Are you smiling, my dear?
Crinkly little nose
Eyes tightly closed
Simple amusement for all of us here

Wednesday, January 17

Hot Nos

The result is out!!!

The auto agent delivers 2 days ahead of the stork, the latter dropping off the bundle of joy precisely a month prior to CNY eve!

For a potential windfall, place your bets on these numbers. Hot Hot Hot !!!

Saturday, January 13

妈妈的心得 之一









Thursday, January 11

Mail-to-Blogger Feature

Hmmm....I'm supposed to be able to post a blog entry by mailing to a pre-identified address. Shall try it out to see if this works!

This morning as I was driving to work, two things came to my mind. These concern impending events that are about to come to pass, probably in the span of the next week or so.

The first is the arrival of Raymond and Janice baby daughter. The second being the delivery of Yeow Seng's new car.

I wonder which would come first?

Would YS be driving his new "baby" to visit Ray and Jan's new baby?

Either way, there're bound to be at least a couple of numbers to bring to the next trip to Singapore Pools.


Monday, January 1

First Gathering of the Year

Never since the photo-taking session at the RMCS library grounds in 2003 has there been such a get-together involving so many of us. 12 adults and 6 kids. That's a whopping 18 in total! Excellent!

Child's Play

Come come, little one, let's play together!

Hey wait a minute! She'd play with us!

Booo-hooo I have nobody to play with....

Alright. Let's leave the two little gals to themselves. The two of us can play this game called "Park Tor". My daddy last time also play this with my mommy. He says, first must hold hands...

Can anyone tell me what's going on??