Tuesday, April 17











星期一时,突然就明显地好多了。至少上下楼梯不再是个苦差,膝盖那团‘带刺的棉花’也缩小了。昨天看西医检查,医生说虽然膝盖有点肿,但他的看法和推拿医师一样,应该是拉到韧带和伤了尾骨。况且推拿后有好转,就应该不是骨折之类较严重的伤。医生说这两天要多休息,少走动,于是开了两天病假给我在家里“躺”。 正好,星期二得到推拿师父那里去复诊。今天医师建议推拿加针灸,但不需要包扎了。


Monday, April 9

Jaimie's Very Happy 6th Birthday

Jaimie's birthday fell on the Good Friday weekend and it was really good! We had a 4 day celebration and I think this is going to be one of her most memorable birthdays.

First, it was celebration in her childcare centre. She chose this cake design as she was really into Tom and Jerry lately. And she images herself to be Jerry. =.=

Next, it was celebration with family at Spring Court Garden (永春园).

After the lunch, we proceeded to Intercontinental Hotel for a 2 nights' Staycation. Jaimie was absolutely delighted! I told the hotel staff that it was Jaimie's birthday and they were so nice to send a complimentary cake to our room to surprise the little one.

On Sunday, we met up with our usual awesome friends to celebrate the kids' birthdays together.

After dinner at New Ubin Seafood, we adjourned to Bishan Park for some playground fun and cake.

Jaimie dear, hope you had a wonderful 6 year old birthday celebration! You are blessed with wonderful teachers and classmates, a warm family and lots of awesome friends. Always remember to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have. If you have abundance, remember to pay it forward and spread the warmth to others too.

We love you very much! Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Tuesday, April 3

2XU Compression Run 2012, 1 April.

The 2XU compression run took place on April Fools' Day and I played the biggest April Fools' joke on myself by throwing away the number bibs unknowingly on the race pack collection day.

What a fool I was!

I realised this one week before the race and I spent the entire weekend blaming myself for being so stupid. I wrote in to the organiers to ask for a replacement bib but there was no reply from them after 3 days. Thankfully, my best friend helped me to get the organiser's hotline. I called them and got my bibs replaced. PHEW!

I wanted to run this race badly because many of my friends were running together and it's also a warm up for an upcoming race, which is 21km. My buddy Wolfgirl challenged me to complete 15km in 1hr 45mins. I wasn't sure if I might hit the target but I said I would try my best. And my best was 1hour 44mins and 35sec! The power of motivation and belief!

It was a good run. I enjoyed it very much.