Saturday, August 29

My Bento Stories - Updates!

Updates @ 29 Aug 09

  • Angie has received several email orders for her book. Thanks for your support! If you have read it, do leave your comments here. She'd be most happy to hear from you about your thoughts and views on her maiden publication~
  • Catch Angie on the <早安你好> next Tuesday (1 Sep 09) when she'd be appearing on the programme to talk about her book. The segment has been scheduled to be screened at 0810hrs. So do tune in to Mediacorp Channel 8 at that time!
  • Grab a copy of My Paper on 1 Sep 09! There'd be an aritcle published in there on "便当前面的故事". We were told the coverage is going to be quite extensive, so we're naturally very excited about this. Watch out for it!
  • Diana has posted a wonderful review of the book (she calls it her 阅读报告! Ha!) up on her blog. Thanks, Diana! Read her book review here.
  • Joyce has also put up a post on the book. Check it out here. Thank you, Joyce!
  • Having fullfilled the first portion of her dream, Angie proceeded to fiercely pursue the second portion of that audacious dream - to personally hand-deliver this piece of work, the birth of which has been inspired in a big part by Mayday 五月天, to the members of the band themselves. We are exhilarated to announce that Angie is now all set to actually carry out this dream of hers. She'd be meeting up with Mayday tonight, right after attending their concert! More updates on this soon!

Updates @ 24 Aug 09

Angie's book "便当前面的故事" will be officially hitting the shelves in early Sep 09. Watch out for it in the bookstores! Not entirely sure which ones the distributor would despatch to, but we suppose Popular, Kinokuniya and Page One etc. will be carrying the stock. RPR S$15/-.

Those wishing to place orders (or autographed copies~) directly from the author may also do so by clicking here. To enjoy the special online discount, quote "kinigu" in your email subject.

Thank you for your support~!!


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17 voices:

Blessed mum said...

!!! Yours??! wow! Congrats!!

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Check my blog.


Aces Family said...

Yes, i am waiting patiently for the books to be launch. : )

Will definitely support Angie!! she has always been a GREAT writer.

Angie said...

thanks!!! :D

Angie said...

--陆彩霞 《我报》senior reporter

"i have finished reading the book and i am so inspired to prepare bento for my son."


“laoshi, thanks for your book. it's very nice!”

"i cant put down the book. u r hilarious!"
--yeong huay

--shan tay

"嗨老师!我帮你召到多一个粉丝了 - 我妈 XD
希望老师的书能大卖,快点出第二本!! :D"
--Hong Sheng

crazymommy said...

I am still waiting for my copy!! Read the review by your friend, I'm so excited. I know it is going to be an interesting read!! BTW, I've already put up your banner on my blogs. Hehee...

stardust said...

Wow Angie is going to be rich and famous too!

Will be looking forward to see you on TV next week

Angie said...

Stardust: you can never get rich by selling your books in singapore. trust me. :) unless you write assessment books.

Jocelyn said...

I'm also waiting anxiously for my copy.. Can't wait to read the book especially have reading so many good comments on it..

Lydia said...

Hi Angie! My hubby couldn't agree with you more about writing assessment books, lol! Hey, I'll be catching u tomorrow as I've a dental appt at 9.30am, can't wait to see u in the box!!!! ;)

Beautiful Love said...


LZmommy said...

I have place your banner on my blog :)

Jayna said...

Hi Angie, can I order the book from you?Pls email me the details. Thanks!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Congratulations!~ Geng!!!

Leonny @ Our Everyday Things said...

Hi Angie,

Congrats for the book!

Came across your blog after receiving an invite to join this Bento event by HPB at the end Jan! :)

Look fwd to seeing you in person then!


Angie said...

Hi Angie, guess what, my name is Angie too!! :)
I live in Melbourne, Australia and was browsing through eBay and some other websites for Bento's ideas and tools, that's how i bumped into you site.

I'm just wondering where can I get your book, do you ship to Australia? I'm really interested in it and these days all the moms are talking about creative Bentos overhere, if you do ship to Australia, can you let me know how much the postage is and if the price is right, i will introduce your book to my friends.

This is my email address, . Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Angie ^_^

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!