Sunday, August 30

A Spectacular Night With MayDay --DNA Concert

29 August 2009.

This is the day we have marked down on our calender since the beginning of the year.

If there is only one day we look forward to in 2009, it is 29 August 2009. For our favourite band, MayDay, would be holding their concert in the Singapore Indoor Stadium on this very day.

This day was extra extra special to me as I finally made my way to present them with my books after their concert. (picture with Mayday will have to wait as I was not allowed to take photo with my personal camera) I spent the afternoon packing the books and sewing the ribbons with trembling hands.

I was nearer and nearer to fulfulling my dream!!

This year, we didn't call Idy and Irwin to arrange for a meetup but guess what? We met one another at the stadium entrance!

I was very excited and nervous!!

I must take a picture with my MayDay comrade, YH.

Waiting anxiously for the concert to start and soaking in the atmosphere.

Let the concert begin!!! And let the pictures tell you how FABULOUS was the concert!!!

It was a night of great songs, spectacular lighting effects, good old friendship, funny jokes and DAMN GOOD PERFORMACE!

The concert ended at 0015hr. The spirit was high and we could not have enough of them!!

See you again in 2010, MayDay!!

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小的 said...


Elizabeth & Kenise said...

This is just so cool.

Btw wat was their reaction when u hand them ur book?

Meekfreek said...

Wow...excellent! Can't wait to see the pics of you handing your book to them and read about your experience!

Beautiful Love said...

Cant wait to see the picture. Sure a moment worth freezing.

LZmommy said...

So happy for you! :)