Thursday, September 30

Solve the Mystery

(1) Find (a) a rabbit (b) a goat (c) a cat in the above picture.

(2) Find a gift and some cookies.

(3) Give a reasonable explaination of drawing 2 suns in the picture.

Bento #143

I have plain white rice, pan-fried cod fish, chilli chicken slices with ginger strips, tofu with fishcake topping and my usual favourite broccoli and honey cherry tomatoes.

Tofu with fishcake topping--肥雄
chicken-- mom
rice -- mom
cod fish -- self
veg and fruits -- self

A "well-balanced" meal of home-cooked goodness and delicious sinful food; maximum variety with minimum effort. Heh. I am such a genius~~

No cod fish for me because there's only 2 portions left in my fridge. I gave one to Clement and one to my colleage.

We have a new colleague in our dept who just joined us very recently. She is really young (compared to me~~) and left her home country to work in Singapore alone. She's not allowed to cook in her rented unit. A little bento is my way to show her my friendship as a colleague and as a Singaporean!

Saturday, September 25

Young Parents 2010 Oct Issue!

I did the photoshoot on 2nd Sept and now the interview appeared on the October issue of Young Parents! :D

Friday, September 24

唇枪舌战 之 Ultraman篇


我的女儿还有我的老公在餐馆里“开火”,两人调动不同的咸蛋超人、恶魔,通过描述来“对打”。如果你跟我一样听不懂什么“Legend”什么“Seven”,你只需要知道他们都是咸蛋家族的一份子就可以了。到了后来,咸蛋超人竟然不够用,还要出动闪电骑士、Power Puff Girls和小。叮。当。



Bento #142

The "shocking face" was exactly how I looked when I ate my bento... because the black pepper chicken steak I bought from BBQ Express 2 days ago was tough as rubber after I microwaved it this morning.

Wrong choice.

Next time, I will bake my own chicken steak. It's not that tough at all. Literally.

Fruit of the day is peach.

Thursday, September 23

Bento #141






Monday, September 20

Bento #140

Monday blue.
This wasn't the bento I intended to make. It's supposed to be grilled terriyaki mackeral but I burnt them in the oven. After dumping the whole tray of fish into the bin, I was in such a lousy mood that I just pulled out a packet of frozen food from my freezer and heat them up and dump everything in the bento box.
And the bitter taste in my mouth from taking anti-biotics is not helping me at all.
I think I shall not stop making bentos for the time being. Hawker centre food is more appealing for now.






Jaimie Is Going To Read (Part 2)

虽然已经给媛媛做心理建设,但是“知女莫若母”,我就知道媛媛第一天去上I Can Read,一定没有办法逃过“下雨天”。这小妞妞对于不熟悉的环境,需要比较长的时间来适应。





还没进课室,媛媛就先哭得梨花带泪。我和老公坚持跟昨天一样,不踏进中心的范围内半步,只在中心外的走廊安慰她和跟她道别。媛媛把脸贴在玻璃门上,可怜兮兮地哭着。后来,一个和蔼可亲的女老师(昨天的男老师也不是凶神恶煞啊!)走过来,把媛媛牵进课室里。我犹豫了一阵子,走进去跟柜台小姐说:“如果我的女儿依然啼哭不肯上课,但是她没有干扰到其他同学,请把她留在课室里。我不要让她以为她一哭,我就会来带她走。”柜台小姐对我笑了一下,说:“I have never seen a mommy so firm like you.”我一时不知道这是褒还是贬,只好礼貌地笑一笑,就离开中心了。





Thursday, September 16

Bento #139

Today's bento is egg mayo with apple cubes sandwich, ham, Japanese chicken nuggets and marshmallow for the girls, and the marshmallow is replaced with fruits for Clement's.

I bought the "pan pita" bento tool from Taiwan which seals the filling in the bread so nicely. And the size is so perfect that it fits onto your normal Sunshine or Gardenia bread, cutting away only the edges.

This is for my colleague, Jennifer, and Harriet has an identical one. Jennifer is a beginning teacher and she would be having her lesson observed by the VP today, so I made her a bento to cheer her on. Harriet is a close friend and we are promised to hold hands to help each other survive this last semester of the year.

Teaching is a very exhausting vocation, both physically and emotionally. It is important that we have comrades to cheer one another on, cheer one another up, and lend a helping hand when someone is drowning. And I am very blessed to have such good colleagues and friends.

Friendship is a wonderful gift.

Tuesday, September 14

Bento #137 and Bento #138

I was uploading the pics from my camera when I found out that I didn't blog about this unagi bento. I remembered myself thinking that it was a "no-pride-bento" so I was hesistant to blog about it.

Then, yesterday, I made a even more no-pride-bento... and this unagi bento looked somewhat not bad in comparison. Hahahaha~~

Bento #137

It's the time of the year when all my teacher friends feel burnt out and exhausted, including myself. Every year around this time, I will ask Clement if it is alright for him if I quit my job. Thankfully, being the most supportive hubby he is, he always has no objections to me becoming a stay-at-home-mom. I feel so much better after hearing that and that gave me motivation to continue to ... WORK!!!! Wait a minute... maybe he has noticed the pattern in me....hmmmmmmmmmm.....

Anyway, I made this bento to cheer my friends up. Quite hesitant to call them "colleagues" because they are definitely more than just my counterparts at work. Keep smiling, my friends! The vacation is just round the corner and we'll be able to get a well deserved rest to recharge ourselves! Hang in there!!!

Bento #138 -- Smiley face potato, rice, terrikayi chicken cubes (from CP), greens, carrots, tomatoes, fuchew fishball and otah. Gives you all the energy you need for the day!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 12

Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2010

After all our training and preparation, this is THE big day for Clement to run his 1st half marathon while I stayed in my comfort zone in the 10km. Since the flag off time for the 21km was at 5.15am, Clement left the house really early while I slept till 5.45am and made my way to the Esplanade.

I am supposed to run with my buddies HappyPig and my MayDay comrade, YH. But YH couldn't meet us in the morning for some reason so it was just HappyPig and me happily taking photos. Everywhere. I think I might have forgotten that this was supposed to be a running event, not a photography session.

We take pictures inside the toilet.

We take pictures while walking to the starting point.

We take pictures along the bridge.

We take pictures at the starting point.

We take MORE pictures at the starting point.

I took pictures when I was running up the killer bridge near the MBS. (What's the name of that bridge/ flyover?)

I took picture when I completed my race.

I took picture of my completion medal.

I took picture with HappyPig again after she came back.
See, full of photo moments!!

The SBR was very challenging because of the Shears Bridge and the one near the MBS. I almost gave up but I completed my race in the jogging motion. I was a bit demoralised because even when I was in the jogging motion, I couldn't even overtake the lady in front of me who was brisk walking! ALAMAK!! However, to my surprise, my timing improved by 1 or 2 mins as compared to my previous Shape Run. Hmm, I deserve a pat on my back!!

Clement, on the other hand, messaged me when I ran past the 7km mark to tell me he had completed his half marathon after 3 painful (literally) hours. He said he ran for 13km and walked and jogged for the next few km. Then, at the last 500m or so, his MP3 played MayDay's song 《起来 》 and that motivated our dear uncle to summon up the very, very last bit of his remaining strength to run past the finishing line although his ankles were about to give way. He deserves a pat on the back too~ :)

Full marathon next year, uncle??