Friday, December 22

The Rattler

R aise your hand
A nd reach it out
T ake the rattler
T hen shake it all about
L ittle by little
E very tiny jiggle
R arely fail to make us giggle!

Wednesday, December 20

Pretty in Pink

Because of her botak head, our Ah Girl sometimes (Read: on most occassions) gets mistaken by the neighbourhood uncles and aunties as Ah Boy.

"Boy huh?"

"Wah...good looking boy hor?"

"Hey, cute bb boy!"

The more discreet ones would conversatively elect the safe "Boy or Girl?" opening, to which we would sheepishly answer "Girl...she not much hair, so look like boy lah...heh heh heh".

Can't blame us when we overcompensate in terms of Jaimie's dressing. She has lots of pink apparels.

Then again, we think she really does look exceptionally cutie pie-ish in pink.

Sunday, December 17

Jaimie's First "Words"?

First posts ever on the video sharing website....

At 5 months, when Jaimie learnt to lie on her tummy. We didn't know what she meant by "Booo", but we figured it wasn't "Yippeee~!".

At 8 months, out of the blue, she decided to give Angie and I a treat by articulating strings of what sounded like Mama and Baba.

Tuesday, December 12


I have got the YEBIS.

Year-End Backside Itchy Syndrome.

That's according to my Minister of Finance @ Home. She asked me if it is because the year-end bonus has come in and as a result, my backside itches uncontrollably such that I have to reach for that wallet in my rear pocket and spend its precious contents to alleviate the itch.

Well, truth be told, there may be some trace basis to warrant her postulation above. I have recently acquired the following gadgets:

Now this baby here is a 7" LCD digital photo frame. Like the name suggests, it displays photo images just like a conventional photo frame, but instead of having a static hardcopy print, it retrieves softcopy images from inserted memory cards and screens them as a photo slideshow, with optional background music. What's great about this piece is that unlike other digital photo frames, this one is able to function as an external video display, when plugged into a video player e.g. DVD player. Damage = S$200.

Ah...The Philips MCD 190 DVD micro hifi set is retailing at S$225 (Special Offer @ Best Denki) but I bought it second-hand at S$100. Still a very new set, this is now beautifully coupled with the digital display so that besides playing Jaimie's photos, I can also play my DVDs in my room.

The highest damage was dealt by this guy here - JVC Everio GZMC200. A tapeless camcorder that records DVD quality video and stores them in mpeg2 format (not the VCD quality mpeg4 format that my previous Samsung Miniket works in). This will come in handy during the upcoming Taiwan trip later this month. Again, I got this piece at a bargain price of S$550 (seller's purchase receipt says he paid $1900+ end 2004), including a 2.5x tele convertor lens which I intend to sell away to recoup some of the $$.

Oh changes very quickly so you just can't buy every new gadget that emerges that makes whatever you are having go the path of the dodo.

Digital display - $200
DVD micro hifi - $100
HDD camcorder - $550
A Minister of Finance that keeps your spending in check - priceless

Thursday, December 7


Band leader finally managed to arrange for a session of band practice tomorrow. Hope it would stay on and not fizzle off at the last minute.

Can't remember when our last practice session was. Not sure also how much dust has collected on my bass since then. Don't even know if I even still remember my scales! Oh no....

Here's a picture from our very first band practice. To serve as motivation, to get back into the grooooooove....