Monday, February 28

Bento #168

Jaimie's has a scarily huge appetite now. Look, she has a crossiant, a slice of swiss roll, 2 quail eggs and fruits for breakfast. She doesn't finish them all at one go, though. She polishes them off during her breakfast and morning tea break time.


She eats more than me.

Thursday, February 24

Bento #167

Jaimie's bento. Char siew bao, fruits and hello panda biscuits.
My favourite question to ask Jaimie nowadays: "Do you like your bento today?"
The answer is a real morale booster! *BEAMING PROUDLY*

Tuesday, February 22

Bento #166

Jaimie's bento for today. Mr Baoz. But Jaimie said she didn't like "the eyes and the moustache".

Haiz. Should have saved my effort.

Monday, February 21

Bento #164 & #165

Nowdays mornings are very challenging and always very rush. That's because I am making 2 different bentos for both my love.

After the first bento Jaimie brought to school, there is no turning back. She said she preferred my bento to the breakfast provided by the school. When I asked her what did she like in her bento, she replied "EVERYTHING!!!! My friends said my mommy is super!!" WAHHHHHH~~~ how not to make bento for her like that? *bursting with pride*

Jaimie's bento -- strawberry jam and peanut butter bread.

Clement's bento -- egg mayo sandwich.

Making 2 different bentos require more time and planning... and I am not complaining. :)

Thursday, February 17


我们这个年纪的人或许会记得Dumex奶粉的一首广告歌,大概是这样唱: 你是我的小宝贝,你是我的心安慰,我要力求为你尽善尽美~~








Friday, February 11


After practicing for more than 2 years, FINALLY, this is the FIRST bento I made for Jaimie for her to bring to school!


Nothing much, actually. I bought her the sausage bun to pack to school but she requested for quail eggs too. And since I have some strawberries in the fridge, I put them together and this is it. But I am now motivated to make her happy bentos in the morning!

I am sure Jaimie will be happy to eat her breakfast. I can't wait for her to come home this evening to tell me about it~~ heeheehee~~~

Thursday, February 10


Before I find out why my hotdog bun becomes all torn up when I put in the sausage, I will be spreading just peanut butter and kaya inside the bun.

Pineapple tarts and some CNY goodies in the bento too. Pineapple tarts home made by our neighhour Pauline. Nice tarts. And very nice neighbours!

Tuesday, February 8


Jae: Papa, come! I have something to show you!

Me (on the iPad): Mmm.

Jae: Papa! Come! I have something to show you!

Me (still on the iPad): What is it?

Jae (tugs on my fingers, prying them from the iPad): Come! I'd show you!

Me (lays iPad down on dining table): Hmmph. Ok, ok....What do you want to show Papa?

Jae (hands me her bolster and stuff toy): Hold these.

Me (obliges): Alright....

Jae (grabs iPad from table and runs into bedroom): Hee hee hee hee!

Me (Whaaa?!)

Monday, February 7

Bento #161

I shamelessly call this a bento. But this IS my favourite lunch!!!! Lim Chee Guan bak kwa ROCKS!

Friday, February 4

Jaimie Tries To Spell

Jaimie tried to spell "insect" and "caterpillar". Well, perhaps that's how the short forms are invented!