Friday, October 31

Scissors Paper Stone

Jaimie has learnt to do the PEACE sign recently and Clement is teaching her to play Scissors Paper Stone.

However, she needs time to think who should win.

(Round 1) Jaimie: "I win."
(Round 2) Jaimie: "I win."

(Round 3) Jaimie: "I win."

(Round 4) Jaimie: "I win."

(Round 5) Jaimie: "I win."

Wednesday, October 29


The 噢买尬 moment came when I received Angie's sms at around noon today.

"CD out of stock. I have placed an order.", the sms read.

Sold out just on the second day of launch? 不会吧?!

And so I made a change of lunch plans to go try my luck at the Sembawang Music Centre at Bishan Junction 8. My heart beat a little faster when I realised couldn't find it in the front-most section of the store, where the more recently released albums were prominently displayed. It sank completely when the salesgirl confirmed that it had indeed been sold out.


It might have been my imagination, but I thought she'd thrown me that See-lah-who-ask-you-not-to-come-buy-it-yesterday look.

Desolately I strolled around the shopping mall and ended in the Laserflaire video outlet.

No, it can't be! The song they were playing in the video store. Isn't this....?

And then it caught my eye. There it was! The elusive album number 7. There were 4 copies left. I quickly grabbed two of them and proceeded to make payment.

Triumphantly, I sms'd Angie:

"I've gotten the CD. Mission accomplished."

Bento #43

Today for Clement's breakfast: (1) 2 slices of toasted bread with mozerella cheese omelette with lettuce. (2) 2 pieces of taopok with diced crab meat filling and bak kwa filling. (3) assorted vegetables.
I made a bento for my mom too.
And this is my lunch.
When Clement saw me taking out the Hello Kitty bento box, he quivered and protested softly, "I do not want the Hello Kitty box...".

Hello!! It's HELLO KITTY, not some horrendous monster?! Ok ok, I get your message. No Hello Kitty to embarrass you at your work place. Hmmm... I have Kerropi and Winnie the Pooh. Can? No? How about Little Twin Stars and My Melody? Look, don't say I didn't give you a choice.

Monday, October 27

BG Painters

"Charlies Angels 3", starring Cherr, RTR and Jae.

Jae has gotten herself an upgrade. She now has a dedicated HK 3-piece apron set (with modular sleeves attachments!), and no longer have to use improvised plastic bag cut-outs.

The mommies get high marks for participation and involvement in the art work.

Outdoor painting is hard work, you know. Towel, please.

And the theme for this morning is....well, the usual - abstract.

The short gathering on Deepavali morning didn't end before the kids have a bubbly time on the grassy field fronting the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage at the Botanic Gardens. It didn't end before Jae put up a public display of how she likes being a big cry baby, either.

Sunday, October 26

The Physical Training Instructor (PTI)

Papa!! I cannot believe you ate so much last night and you haven't been exercising much lately! You need to do something about your tummy!
I knoow! Let's go to the fitness corner! I will lead you in some exercise!
First, you need to so some warm up. Let's stretch.

Aiyah. Wrong side lah.
And you need to stretch your thigh muscles. Bend your front knees 90 degrees! Don't be lazy!

Alright. Let's start. Ok, you put your feet on these padels and you padel on this machine for 1 hour.

Next, you swing on this one for another 1 hour.
No bargaining, please!

When you are done, you jump over these beams 100000 times.

Make sure you jump high!

You must not forget your abs. This is very essential. You have to do 50000000 crunches.

Pulls up are good for training your arm muscles. We must not neglect any part of our bodies. Please pull 21387119934 times.

This is not acceptable! Higher! Higher!!

After doing all these, you may take a 5 mins break. Remember, you need to do 23918729213 rounds a day so that you can see results.

Saturday, October 25

A Day With Friends

This Saturday is all about meeting friends!

In the early evening, we went to Clement's primary school mate cum old neighbour cum my JC senior, JW's new house for a house warming. He bought a condo near NUS. His was a penthouse and has 2 balconies! The guys had a great time catching up with one another while Jaimie entertained herself walking around the balcony. She particularly enjoyed walking bare footed on the grass patch which was just outside the master bedroom.

After that, we proceeded to Brazil Churrascaria at Sixth Ave to meet our carnivourous friends. We love the meat.
That's Jaimie and her friends. From left to right: Jaimie, Seraphine, Xalicia and Xaeus. The children behaved like, er, wild animals in the restuarant. They ran round the table and screamed. The oblivious parents (ie, us) let them entertain themselves while we tear the meat and catch up with one another. We ate so much that Clement said he thought he might be getting "meat poisoning". After the dinner tonight, I think I need to be a vegetarian for one week, at least, to clear up my system.

Friday, October 24



Jae's bedtime.


"No. You've already watched that a while ago. And its late now. Go to sleep. We can view it again tomorrow."

"No~~~ I want to watch now! Heeeerrrrr.....Heerrrrrr...."

I let her practice her acting chops for a couple of minutes. Hmmmm....not bad.....good use of the hands-to-eyes gesture. The mock cries also sounded more authentic than her previous attempts.

Still pretending to be surfing the net on my Acer Aspire One (more than one can play the game!), I said aloud

"Hmmm....who's that naughty child who is crying for no reason? When I find her, I'd send her to the naughty corner."

The mock cries ceased abruptly.

Giving the moment a dramatic pause before finally looking up at Jae, I asked "Jaimie, do you know where the naughty child is? Could you tell Papa where she is?"

Jae's hands snapped down from her (very dry) eyes, now very wide and staring unblinkingly at me. I could almost hear her bewilded little mind churning, trying to work out a response to my unexpected query.

"It's Gor-Gor.", she offered.


"What Gor-Gor? Where is he?", I asked gently.

"At Fidgets. Fidgets Playground!"

It was my turn to be surprised. Didn't quite expect this nonsensical, but quite amusing answer.


Fake cries were replaced by genuine laughter, which was quite infectious, really.

*sigh*....I shall leave the Don't-Tell-Lies lecture for another time...

Bento #42

Today's bento is not difficult and delicious!

Tao Pok(豆泡)filled with minced pork (remember to grind some ginger into the meat!) with different coloured toppings. I have: mayo, corn, peas, mushroom, diced crabmeat and diced carrots. I had no time to make another bak kwa flavour for Clement but I made one for myself. Hmmm!! NICE!!

For the main dish, it is pasta with baked beans and left over mushrooms and minced pork. Heehee~~

Before you made any comments about this bento, I would like to tell you all that I didn't come up with this marvelous idea. The idea came from XinXin, a lovely colleague and a good friend of mine. She is also into bento making and she is such a good cook! Just look at her original creation and you know mine actually looks pale when put next to hers. She gave me this tao pok bento to cheer me up when she read in my blog and knew that I was feeling blue and stressed. I was so touched and my mood lifted instantaneously when I received her 爱心便当. This tao pok bento is a symbol of friendship, something I really, really treasured.

Thursday, October 23

Bento #41

This is a quick bento. Rice covered with (from left to right) (1)pooh shapded and fish shaped carrots (2)scrambled egg with seaweed (3)pork floss. See how effortless it is?

Wednesday, October 22

Fun With Photos

It seems to be the in thing now to have fun doing up your photos like this:

I used photofunia for these effects, as recommended by my ex-student who is an expert in 自拍.:)

Monday, October 20

Pirelli's Miracle Elixir


Ladies and gentlemen
May I have your attention, please!
Do you wake every morning in shame and despair,
to discover your pillow is covered with hair,
what ought not to be there?

Well, ladies and gentlemen,
from now on you can waken at ease!
You need never again have a worry or care,
I will show you a miracle, marvelous, rare.
Gentleman, you are about to see something
that rose from the dead!
On the top of my head

T'was Pirelli's
Miracle Elixir,
That's what did the trick, sir,
True, sir, true.
Was it quick sir?
Did it in a tick, sir,
Just like an elixir
Ought to do!

How about a bottle mister?
Only costs a penny guaranteed.

Does Pirelli's
Stimulate the growth, sir?
You can have my oath, sir,
'Tis unique.

Rub a minute
Stimulating, isn't it
Soon you'll have to thin it
Once a week!

[Lyrics from Pirelli's Miracle Elixir (Sweeney Todd, The Barber of Fleet Street) ]

We are Getting Fit!

It's 1am now but both Clement and I are still awake. That is because we are still cooling down from our Wii Fit games.

HappyPig was telling me how much fun she had with Wii Fit. I bugged Clement to get a set for me too and my wish was granted this evening.

After Jaimie finally fell asleep at 10:35pm, we set up the apparatus and started getting fit! It was indeed very fun doing yoga poses, jogging and swaying your hips to keep the imaginary hula hoops up. We just tried a few games and we were perspiring like crazy.

For your info, do not challenge Clement in the hula hoop game. He is damn good in gyrating his hips!

Saturday, October 18

Next Time Won't You Sing With Me

Not quite, but I do think I'm getting there.

Next time, you would sing with me, won't you??

Friday, October 17

No Disneyland in 2008

Mom, Dad, I am ready for Disneyland!

Please! Bring me there, PLEAZZE?

Huh? No? We're not going this year because mom thinks we should wait for one more year?

Okie lah. Let me take off my scarf and mittens. So warm!

Ahhh~~ now I feel better!

I'm Beary Stoned

The authors and readers of MF's and absolutfaith's blogs would know what this is.

Counting bears and scribbling frantically on the back of an old envelope at 1:30am in the morning....这也实在是太OVER了!!!

After having struggled with the puzzle, it'd taken me a really long time before my mind became sufficiently rested and allowed me to eventually fall asleep afterwards.

So stoned now. So beary stoned...

Monday, October 13

I Am Ready For Halloween

Halloween is round the corner. We went to Toys R Us yesterday to check out the costumes for Jae to dress up for Halloween.

Somebody else is keen to dress up too.

We realised that Jaimie doesn't need to dress up as a monster. She IS one. She was running around the store with her flying broom. When we tried to ask her to stop or walked over to ask her to stop running, she thought we were playing the catching game with her and ran faster and further. Horrible girl! In the end, I had to resort to trick or THREAT to get her to run back to us.