Thursday, August 25


This is done by the great artist Saulne. This is an old piece of work he did some years back.

He noticed that M&M is my energy booster, caffaine, morphine, anti-depressant, PMS food etc. He warned me that if I eat too much of it, I will end up looking like one.

Woooo.... scary!

But I am not about to give up my solution to all my troubles.

Sunday, August 21

Bento #181

Same old boring combination. Jaimie prefers to eat familar food. The meatballs in the bento made her very happy.

Friday, August 19

Food For Thoughts

The teacher mommies team has not met for a long long time. Wolfgirl and I happened to be available on this Friday evening for dinner. We tried our luck to call Joyce and Viv to join us and being such great friends we are, the 2 girls made changes to their schedule just to have an evening out together!

It is a tradition to have a dress up theme whenever we meet. Since next Saturday is the Presidential Election, we decided to use that as a theme!

Joyce coming as "The First Lady".

Wolfgirl is "Cheng Hoo Lang" (Government people). Always serve and greet with a smile although growling inside. Er, yes, she was very hungry because she missed lunch.

Viv is "The People's President". She came in flip flops.

I put on my glasses. Isn't that very obvious?!
We had very intellectual discussion over a very, very big spread. We polished off everything! We didn't "liow bee" (waste rice) and we don't jiak liow bee. The phrase "food for thoughts" is so true. We need to eat so that we can think. And so we thought hard who to vote for. After a lengthy discussion, we decided that we should vote for Mr Tan GG*.

We continued our very in depth discussion over yoghurt. See, my yoghurt has nata de coco. They said it's Dr TT's white hair. Viv ordered a mixture of flavours. So hers is the one who supported both the ruling and the opposition party. The other 2 are just there for show.

Hanging out with my dear friends is so fun! As usual, we discussed about education, our children's development, fashion, cooking, food, health, family etc. I love these friends of mine!

*Tan GG= Tan Gu Gu

Friday, August 5



Thursday, August 4

Bento #180

I love this! Prata with nutella! Yummy yummy yummy!

Lesson learnt this morning while I was frying the prata -- do not multi-task when you are pan frying your food. Concentrate on the fire. This morning, I burnt 3 pieces of prata. After the 3rd prata turned into charcoal then I learnt my lesson. How clever.

Wednesday, August 3

Bento #179

This "garden" themed bento is for Jaimie. "Mushroom" bread, carrot flowers and a giant, sleepy caterpillar.

My original idea was to put the "umbrella hook" food pick on the bread so that they became umbrellas. However, the food pick could not support the weight of the bread and took up some space in the bento box. So I put in the fish tofu cubes and chuck my "umbrellas" upside down.

Tuesday, August 2

Bento #177, Bento #178 and Exchanging Bentos With Students

I shared with my students about bento making during class last week and it got them so excited. They kept bugging me to make bentos for them but it was just impossible to make so many! Hence, I told them we could do a exchange bento! Those of them who wanted to try their hands on bento-making can bring one to school and we would do an exchange.

This morning, I woke up at 5.15am to make 3 bentos. This oven-baked crispy chicken bun was for Clement. The chicken pieces were too chunky so I cut them into halves and they fit nicely.

This was for Jaimie.

I made this for the bento exchange.

After the lesson time, we put our bentos together and took some photos. The students were both shy and proud to show the very FIRST bento they made!
To decide who would take whose bento, we played the "choot hoh beh" game. :D

These bentos may not be the most beautifully ones but they were definitely filled with love. I hope this simple exchange would add some more fond memories to their secondary school life!

Monday, August 1

Bento #176

Clement said it's "Mister Angry". Jaimie said "His crown is upside down".

That's the difference between a pessimistic and an optimistic person.