Sunday, September 30

The International Gal of Mystery

The little chameleon can easily slip into one of her many guises, adopting different nationalities even, to fool the untrained eyes of those who conspire against her (e.g. attempts to feed her foodstuffs that do not agree with her tastebuds).

Jae the Chinese gu-niang.

Jae the Dutch Lady.

Jae the Iranian girl.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Wars

Greetings. I am Baybi-wan Jialoti, the youngest ever Jae-di to graduate from the Jae-di Academy. Observe how skillfully I wield my light-sabre. My master tells me I am too young to use the heavy-sabre now. How do you like my new Jae-di robe? I inherited this from my Master.

"Use the Force, Baybi-wan.", my Master never fails to remind me. I train hard each day, under the harshest of conditions and the strictest of discipline. This is the only way to develop a keen mind, an agile body, and a green hand.

This is me with my venerable Master, Jae-di Master Yoma.

Me : Yo, Ma. What's up?
Master: Beware the Dark Side, my young apprentice. Things you can't see can trip you. Always remember to turn on the lights.

Little Miss Messy II

They say we should let our children explore with crayons too!

Look at my master piece!!!!!!!!

Little Miss Messy

Mommy finally decided to let little Jaimie try her hands (literally) on the Crayola children paint set that she purchased eons ago, but which had been kept in storage until the lazy afternoon that was yesterday's.

"They say to let the child wear mommy's old t-shirt." - and so Jae put on mommy's t-shirt, one from eons ago, but for some reason had survived the garung-guni visits.

I guess "they" also said to lay a piece of majong paper on the floor for the child to doodle and/or paint on. Mommy tasked daddy to "draw something for her to colour in." Hence the Elmo face.

With some prompting, little fingers began to explore the different colours on the palette, a little hesistant at first, but quickly warming up to a messy eagerness.

Here's little Miss Picasso at work. "Draw something for her to colour in." ? Yah, right. When Jae paints, its without confines and boundaries.

Thank goodness the paint is fully water soluble. "Crayola® Washable Fingerpaints provide a worry-free fingerpainting experience!"

"You think I can only do paint, and not other mediums? Well, think again!"

Jae's handiwork.

Tuesday, September 25

Medicine - The Non-Drowsy Kind

Still coughing quite a bit today, despite medical orderly's assurance that the cough mixture prescribed to me by the MO is the powderful kind. Took half day leave in the afternoon so I can take my meds and get knocked out within the safe confines of home.

You know what they say about laughter and medicine...

This ad here made me laugh (2 times - one for each time I played it). Hope it works.

Monday, September 24

Sick Man of the East

That'd be me. Thank you very much.

Since last Thursday, I've been having these bouts of 'attacks' where out of the blue and without warning, I'd start sneezing, my nose would run and be blocked at the same time, I'd cough and wheeze compulsively until my voice is reduced to a tiny and hoarse croak. The worst of these 'attacks' happened on Friday night, when we went to Keming Primary School to attend their Mid-Autumn Festivel event, and on Saturday when we made a trip to the Bottle Tree Park. The strange thing was that the symptoms were really quite transitionary - a pill of Clarityn, bit of rest, and I'd be fine again the next morning.

This morning, however, was different. I felt unwell. The hoarseness in my throat didn't go away despite my deliberate attempt to get to bed earlier the previous night (after I'd expended like half a box of tissues blowing my puffy red nose).

"Better not let this drag on anymore, I thought. So I came to see you to grab some meds to hopefully put an end to this.", I replied the MO at the Medical Centre.

"Good call.", the MO said. "Not to worry. You'd be fine."

And then he sent me off to the prescription counter, to get these.

Potent stuff, these are.
  1. Difflam: Suck on these for your sore throat; 4 times a day.
  2. Piriton: For the flu; 1 tablet after meal; 3 times a day; may caused drowsiness.
  3. Procodin: This is for your cough; 10mils 3 times a day; DEFINITELY will cause drowsiness.
"I know lah. This is the usual cough mixture that causes drowsiness right?"

"Er, sir. No leh. This one is very strong one. MO seldom give one.", said the medical orderly at the counter.

Ok....I thought. Like that today don't have to work liow lor. And I was right. After popping the tablet and downing 2 spoonfuls of the mixture, it didn't take long to feel my head swirling. I was nuah the whole day (not that normally I'd be exceptionally goot lut lah).

I was supposed to meet up with Idy and Stardust today for lunch at Lucky Plaza, originally. Ended up the lunch appointment gotta be called off cos little Iden came down with a fever and mommy Idy had to rush back home to attend to him.

Stardust got her lucky stars to thank for not having to risk life and limb being ferried in a car driven by a half-awake man.

Anyway, I ended up walking over to Novena Square foodcourt to grab lunch by myself. And I saw this.

They were organising this Singapore-International bowling competition, or something, and had this two-lane bowling alley installed right smack in the centre of the mall's atrium. And from the second floor, you get to view the machinery that sort and position the pins working. Quite cool.

A visit to the MPH bookstore on 2nd storey later, I bought this, because it had a 20% discount sticker slapped onto its cover. Even then, it still managed to reduce my wallet's contents by $42.71. Wonder when I'd actually pick it up to read, and if it'd suffer the same fates as my recent book purchases which invariably ended up half-read.

Oh, during lunch at the food court, I made two new friends from Taiwan.

I was carrying my tray with my lunch (Grilled Fish Set) on it, and looking for a seat in the very crowded place.

"Excuse me, are either of these seats taken?"

"Oh, no. Please." The bespectacled man gestured to the seat besides him.

The other man sitting opposite the first looked up from his plate and stared at mine. He was a little on the plump side and wasn't wearing any specs. "这是什么饭?", he asked me.

"啊。这是 "Grilled Fish Set". 我是在那个摊位买的。" I offered.
"你是本地人吗?你的国语讲得很标准。" The slimmer bespectacled man spoke again.

And so we chatted while having our lunch. About food and about tourist attractions in Singapore, mostly. I found out that both of them are from Taipei, were here for leisure, and would be departing Singapore this coming Wednesday. They've already been to the major shopping arcades including Orchard Road and VivoCity, and have also visited the Mid-Autumn Festival decorations at Clark Quay. I asked if they'd gone to Sentosa yet. They said no, although they've been told about it. Told them that I just brought my family over there yesterday. They both seemed surprised that I'm married, so I guess they probably are single themselves. Both of them looked to be in their late twenties/ early thirties. The bespectacled guy (范) is working as a medical representative in some German Medicine Company. The other chap (李) is an entrepreneur who sells "过滤器". I wonder if they were the air or the water types. But I didn't ask.

Before we parted, we exchanged namecards and contact information.


Nice chaps, these two.

Sunday, September 23

Fleeting Fun

As soon as Jaimie woke up this morning, we prepped ourselves and set forth to Sentosa, for some early morning fun. By the time we reached Palawan Beach, it was only 8.30am.

We manouvered to one of the beach bences and settled ourselves in. Mommy promptly slipped little Jae into her swim wear, and matching shades!

Little Miss Vainpot, all dressed up for that Kodak moment.

Mommy packed breakfast so we could have a little picnic by the beach.

Being the early birds meant we practically had the beach to ourselves~!

The new sand playset was a present from Jae's 姨婆. We have only gotten hold of it yesterday and immediate deployed it to action today.

There was a water feature area nearby, and as usual Jae enjoyed the splashing fun time. As usual, I ended up getting very wet.

Back to the beach. This was Jae's second dip into the sea. This time she got to experience just how salty sea water was, when a big wave splashed up onto her face!

Shortly after this shot was taken, rain clouds started to appear. We quickly packed our stuff, showered down Jaimie and headed home. By that time, it was pouring cats and dogs.

A very short, early morning funtime at the beach. Just by ourselves. It was fun while it lasted.

Showtime At Granny's (Again)

Inevitably, this afternoon's visit to Granny's turned out to be yet another of Jae's matinee performances. With the little Ng's innate desire to hao-lian fueled by the elder Ngs' appreciative laughters and supported by mommy Ng's encouragement and prompting, it became a session where Jae just went on showing off the new tricks and stuff that she has picked up recently (some of which we have no idea on their origins...).

Saturday, September 22


That's what happens when the weather is too good on a weekend - we can't help but pack in many activities to fully optimise the 'rare opportunity'...way too many.

After her morning nap, Jae went over to 奶奶's place for lunch and to play.

Jaimie the little botakhead has several caps and hats accessories which she'd sometimes put on to look more feminine or when she wants to look 美美. Today she put on the Disney Princess hat that Aunty 恬敏 bought for her from HK Disneyland.

While Jae was having porridge at granny's, Angie and myself walked out to the nearby row of eateries to grab our lunch. On our way back, Angie couldn't resist buying this box of animal pastry. These 3 cuties are made of 月饼皮 and have 红豆 fillings in them. Cost only $2.50 per box.

When Jae was going to have her afternoon nap, we promised her that when she woke up we'd bring her to the swimming pool. The weather remained good, so we got to keep our promise and proceeded to Yishun SAFRA. Mommy left Jae's swim wear at home, but that didn't stop Jae from getting her dip in her diapers and shorts! With her botakhead, she'd just looked like a topless little boy, so none would be the wiser. Haha!

The moon was visible even at 6 o'clock. I snapped this shot while waiting for the girls to shower. This is the face of the moon 3 days before 中秋节.

After having dinner, we went from Yishun Ave 4 to the Bottle Tree Park along Ave 1. Once there we met up with the Chiah family. This was the shot that got our little jealous Princess into a brief crying fit.

Shortly after, BabyJaz showed up too. Here're the 3 maidens, lined up in ascending age from left to right.

Jazel 姐姐 and Jaimie, showing off her Mickey Star lantern that blasts the "Home Sweet Home" tune.

This was our second visit to the Bottle Tree Park, and the first at night. It's really a beautiful place, but pity...both Angie and me started to display symptoms of falling sick, probably due to fatigue.

That's what happens when the weather is too good on a weekend - we can't help but pack in many activities to fully optimise the 'rare opportunity'...way too many. *Sigh*

Friday, September 21

Grow Like A Champion, Grow

For our Genting trip coming up this Dec hols, we needed to get a passport made for little Jae. The last photo shoot was 10 months ago, so we thought it necessary to get a more recent picture for the passport application. So, we returned to the same Bright Studios in Clementi last Saturday.

This second visit was soooo much smoother and prompter than the previous one.

No need for any bell-ringing. No crying bouts. No wrestling with baby.

Just a simple order of "Smile, Jaimie! Say 'Cheese!'", plus a bit of finger snapping (by me, behind the camera), and it was done.

I went to collect the prints and CD-ROM from the studio just now, after knocking off from work. When I got home, I showed Angie the hardcopy prints. She was pleased with them. I then uploaded the softcopy image onto the laptop and viewed it side-by-side the earlier shot taken 10 months ago.

It was a WOW moment for both of us. While we had known that our little girl must have grown much during this intervening period, we were still pretty amused to find the signs of growing up to be quite apparent.

Well, see for yourself here - 10 months worth of Jae growth.

P/S: Ok lah...for 10 months, the hair growth really isn't much. If you are to extrapolate using the current rate of growth, little Jae would still be having too little hair in another 10 months' time. *sigh*

Wednesday, September 19

The Little Triumphs in Life

"If you're focused on what you've left behind, you will not be able to see what lies ahead." - Remy, Ratatouille

How many times have you wallowed in the past at the expense of your future?

How many times have you wailed at your losses and forgotten to celebrate your gains?

How many times have you blamed your inadequacies on any and everyone from yourself to the holy divine?

How many times have you allowed apathy to dilute your passion into numbness?

Well, be repressed no more! Tune up the emotive knobs in your system. Tune them way up!

Rejoice in the smallest of victories. Celebrate the tiniest of successes. Cheer the trivialest of triumphs.

Why be just happy when you really oughta be ecstatic!

Tuesday, September 18

"Visit from the Genies" Tag

When you're down and you're out
It wouldn't help even if you pout!
Simply make a wish to you-know-who
Hopefully it will soon come true!

Excuse my silly little limerick above. The tag that came to me from Mamatang does require me to "write a short paragraph" about being visited by the Genies, so this was what I could come up with.

** Start copying now **


1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.

2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.

3. List down your wish.

4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.

5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog:

Genie KingGenie Princess

The Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:

Mariuca would like to wish for happiness and success.

Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.

Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.

Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan’s brother and Yah and Wan and success

MPG would like to wish for love and peace

Jean would like to wish for stress free work environment and happiness

Cbenc12 would like to wish for health, happiness and luck for my family and friends and me too!

Paris Beaverbanks would like to wish for more publicity! Hooyah! (taps swollen head)

Giddy Tiger would like to wish for longer weekends and never-ending holidays!

Shooi would like to wish for peace on earth, love, good health and happiness.

Chinnee would like to wish for happiness and good health forever!

Hui Sia would like to wish for love, health, wealth and happiness.

Chew Lee would like to wish hubby for a successful business venture in Singapore.

Mama Tang would like to wish for health, wealth, success and happiness for everyone.

Clement would like to wish for the ability to eat without getting fat.

Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!


***End Copying Here***

Now, Clement wishes to pass this tag to:
  1. Joyce @ The Chiah Family (Haha! This time I AM faster than you!)
  2. Idy @ Twin Terror
  3. Mommy Stardust @ All That Glitters About Vincent
  4. Noelle @ Our 3 Js
  5. Angelcow @ Obasan & Ajuma

Best wishes.







Monday, September 17

成长的里程碑 之 讲话