Monday, March 19

The Girl With The Missing Tooth

(Upon Jaimie's request, I shall not say "Boh-geh" in this post).

Jaimie's lower front tooth had been shaking for some time. During our time, nobody goes to the dentist to get the milk teeth extracted. You either wait for it to fall off at the most unexpected time, or you fiddle with the tooth until it dropped out. Hence, it didn't really bother us very much although we were quite excited about Jaimie reaching a milestone in her dental development.

However, she had been complaining about the shaky tooth hurt when she bit. On several occasions, she accidentally bit with her shaking tooth and bursted our crying immediately because of the pain. We suggested to her that we could consider extracting it. I even checked with my dentist what was the pain like and how much bleeding there was going to be so that I could give Jaimie the most accurate preparation and information. She was very, very reluctant even though we assured her that it was not going to be more painful than a pinch on the hand. We did not insist because we know that she always needed time and space to convince herself.

When she saw us this evening, she was in tears because of the pain. Again, we suggested going to the dentist. This time, she obliged. We went to a nearby dental clinic instead of going to her usual dentist (which was VERY FAR away~~). She was still very happy and chatty and couldn't sit still for some final shots of her shaky tooth.

Still very happy to be seated on the dentist's chair. Ha, ha, ha. But not for long.

The dentist extracted her tooth after applying some strawberry flavoured anesthetic cream. Boohoohoo~

The little brave girl stopped crying after a very short while. We changed her gauze once while waiting for payment in the clinic. By the time we walked home, the bleeding had already stopped.

When we were in the lift, Jaimie could not wait to check out her missing tooth. I didn't teach her to be so drama... she's a natural drama queen...

She was perfectly fine in half an hour's time. Guess what? She was expecting the tooth fairy to come. Hmmm...

Anyway, Clement and I were very proud of her bravery. She had come a long way to be this brave and we are really happy to see her growing up, physically and emotionally. Well done, my girl!

Sunday, March 18

Jaimie's First Run

Jaimie has always been wanting to run with us after "hearing" so much about our runs. We are just as keen to run with her and work out as a family too. She is going to turn 6 next month and we felt that it is time for her to start running a little.

I objected to the idea of buying her a pair of running shoes because I am not sure if she is going to like running. So we just got her a pair of sneakers from Bata just to try out first.

It started to rain quite heavily in the afternoon and we were all so disappointed. When the sky was cleared at about 4.30pm, we jumped for joy and left for the stadium at around 5.15pm.

After some stretching exercise, which Jaimie dreaded, she eagerly stood by the starting line and was ALL ready to GO. I ran with her, reminding her to be slow and steady, and checking on her every now and then.

400m, clear. 800m, still going strong. 1.2km, steady. finally at 1.5km, she said that her heart was beating quite fast and she wanted to rest. We encouraged her to jog really slowly to the finishing line to complete the round.

Clement and Jaimie took a rest while I went on with my 2.4km. After I had completed my run, and Jaimie had recovered, she kept asking if she could run again after dinner as she really enjoyed running! We told her no no, we would do it again next week. You should really see her disappointed face!

I am SOOOOOO PROUD of my little runner!! Well done, Jaimie!! We look forward to the next run with you!

Wednesday, March 14

An Awesome Lunch Date With Awesome Friends

We transformed from "April Babies' Mommies" to "Teacher Mommies" and then "Running Mommies".

We always make it a point to meet during the school holidays and celebrate the children's birthdays together.

We are always supporting one another.

We are always very motivated by one another's sharings and learn from one another's mistakes.

We share jokes and laughter. We share good food too, of course. We share the same frequency in many aspects.

We are people with very different personalities but we are a group of AWESOME friends!

Most Awesome!!

Tuesday, March 13

Joining the 2nd Birthday Celebration of Citysquare Mall

CitySquare Mall is one of my favourite malls. I really like the spacious corridors, natural light and the restaurant outlets there. We received newsletter from CitySq Mall to inform us of a series of activities to celebrate its 2nd birthday. There was a finger puppet making session which interest Jaimie and myself and so we made our way there last weekend.

Finger puppet made with recycled materials. Jaimie and I created "Abigail" together. Jaimie is naming each and every of her toys nowadays...=.=

We learned that there was a tea party for children with Garfield and Odie taking place after the puppet making session. The condition: minimum spending of $30 in the mall. Oh, how difficult was that?! *hahaha~~* The children got to meet and greet the 2 cartoon characters, share the birthday cake, got an instant photograph with Garfield and Odie, and brought home a party goodie bag.

Jaimie seemed to like the chocolate cake very much. She was totally engrossed in her cake and couldn't be bothered with the quiz to win more party goodie bag nor was she eager for her turn to meet Garfield and Odie. "Eat my cake first, everything else later." Hmmm!

We were really glad to spend a happy afternoon in my favourite mall.

Friday, March 9

The Dance Teacher who Made a Difference

This was what I wrote to Ms Sarah in an email to her today:

Hi Ms Sarah!

Here are some of the photos taken today.

I didn't have the chance to tell you how much I appreciated you when you took Jaimie for her TTA. She was so timid and teary but you were always so patient with her, giving her hugs and assurance to make her feel loved and safe. Because of your patience and encouragement, she was given time and space to grow up and developed the passion and confidence to continue dancing. Whenever i see her dancing so happily, i will always remember how you welcomed her to class with your cuddles and comforted her when she was in tears 2 years ago, and i really, really want to say THANK YOU. I am very happy to see you again and i am even happier to be able to tell you the difference you have made to Jaimie.

Angie (Jaimie's mommy)

Tuesday, March 6

My Sweet Sweet Daughter

It isn't easy for me lately. Bad PMS, lots of deadlines crashing together, some friction here and there... but my little daughter never fails to cheer me up.

What more can I ask for??? Thank you, Jaimie! Love you so much!