Sunday, March 18

Jaimie's First Run

Jaimie has always been wanting to run with us after "hearing" so much about our runs. We are just as keen to run with her and work out as a family too. She is going to turn 6 next month and we felt that it is time for her to start running a little.

I objected to the idea of buying her a pair of running shoes because I am not sure if she is going to like running. So we just got her a pair of sneakers from Bata just to try out first.

It started to rain quite heavily in the afternoon and we were all so disappointed. When the sky was cleared at about 4.30pm, we jumped for joy and left for the stadium at around 5.15pm.

After some stretching exercise, which Jaimie dreaded, she eagerly stood by the starting line and was ALL ready to GO. I ran with her, reminding her to be slow and steady, and checking on her every now and then.

400m, clear. 800m, still going strong. 1.2km, steady. finally at 1.5km, she said that her heart was beating quite fast and she wanted to rest. We encouraged her to jog really slowly to the finishing line to complete the round.

Clement and Jaimie took a rest while I went on with my 2.4km. After I had completed my run, and Jaimie had recovered, she kept asking if she could run again after dinner as she really enjoyed running! We told her no no, we would do it again next week. You should really see her disappointed face!

I am SOOOOOO PROUD of my little runner!! Well done, Jaimie!! We look forward to the next run with you!

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