Monday, March 19

The Girl With The Missing Tooth

(Upon Jaimie's request, I shall not say "Boh-geh" in this post).

Jaimie's lower front tooth had been shaking for some time. During our time, nobody goes to the dentist to get the milk teeth extracted. You either wait for it to fall off at the most unexpected time, or you fiddle with the tooth until it dropped out. Hence, it didn't really bother us very much although we were quite excited about Jaimie reaching a milestone in her dental development.

However, she had been complaining about the shaky tooth hurt when she bit. On several occasions, she accidentally bit with her shaking tooth and bursted our crying immediately because of the pain. We suggested to her that we could consider extracting it. I even checked with my dentist what was the pain like and how much bleeding there was going to be so that I could give Jaimie the most accurate preparation and information. She was very, very reluctant even though we assured her that it was not going to be more painful than a pinch on the hand. We did not insist because we know that she always needed time and space to convince herself.

When she saw us this evening, she was in tears because of the pain. Again, we suggested going to the dentist. This time, she obliged. We went to a nearby dental clinic instead of going to her usual dentist (which was VERY FAR away~~). She was still very happy and chatty and couldn't sit still for some final shots of her shaky tooth.

Still very happy to be seated on the dentist's chair. Ha, ha, ha. But not for long.

The dentist extracted her tooth after applying some strawberry flavoured anesthetic cream. Boohoohoo~

The little brave girl stopped crying after a very short while. We changed her gauze once while waiting for payment in the clinic. By the time we walked home, the bleeding had already stopped.

When we were in the lift, Jaimie could not wait to check out her missing tooth. I didn't teach her to be so drama... she's a natural drama queen...

She was perfectly fine in half an hour's time. Guess what? She was expecting the tooth fairy to come. Hmmm...

Anyway, Clement and I were very proud of her bravery. She had come a long way to be this brave and we are really happy to see her growing up, physically and emotionally. Well done, my girl!

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