Tuesday, April 3

2XU Compression Run 2012, 1 April.

The 2XU compression run took place on April Fools' Day and I played the biggest April Fools' joke on myself by throwing away the number bibs unknowingly on the race pack collection day.

What a fool I was!

I realised this one week before the race and I spent the entire weekend blaming myself for being so stupid. I wrote in to the organiers to ask for a replacement bib but there was no reply from them after 3 days. Thankfully, my best friend helped me to get the organiser's hotline. I called them and got my bibs replaced. PHEW!

I wanted to run this race badly because many of my friends were running together and it's also a warm up for an upcoming race, which is 21km. My buddy Wolfgirl challenged me to complete 15km in 1hr 45mins. I wasn't sure if I might hit the target but I said I would try my best. And my best was 1hour 44mins and 35sec! The power of motivation and belief!

It was a good run. I enjoyed it very much.

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