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Clock Goes Tick Tock

What's worse than being sleepy but unable to sleep cos there're loads of work to be done?

That'd be being sleepy but unable to sleep despite there being nothing to be done.

Well, ok...I know that is highly debatable. But really, when the single tasks assigned to you to be carried out for a period of 14 hours is to sit there, to stay awake and to wait for things to happen (while praying that nothing does), you get to become painfully aware just how slowly time crawls.

A second is precisely a second, right? I mean, unless you're diving into the world of Einstein and dabbling with theories on Relativity, Time is a river with a constant flow rate, measured in seconds, minutes and hours.

It is the mind that makes it feel otherwise. It is the heart that makes happy moments zip by and lonely ones pan out in slowmo. Time can be the Yangtze when you're enjoying yourself, and can be reduced to a trickling stream well, on occasions such as the one I'm in now...

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今天老公和Ah Seng各别跑了6公里和21公里之后,决定晚餐要大快朵颐,补充体力。我这个连50米都没有跑的人当然很高兴,因为可以名正言顺地吃大餐,然后明天又可以和老友投诉体重加重了,但是绝对不是我的错。




The Singapore Bay Run 2007

Ah Seng cajoled me to take part in the Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon event. For him, the 21km run was a compulsory, annual affair. Being the first time participating in this event, of course I didn't sign up for the Army Half. Not even the 12km. Modestly, I decided to just do the 6km "fun run".

I signed up for the run some two weeks ago, at Yishun SAFRA (the online registration was already closed by then). Registration fee for the 6km run was $12, for non-SAFRA members (HTNS membership didn't count). I was handed a dry-fit Bay Run T-shirt, and a number tag. Not bad leh, I thought, though I have been told previous years' T-shirts were better (Alvin: This year's T-shirt material very thin. And the design very ugly!)
My Singapore Bay Run T-shirt with number tag

To get myself well-rested in preparation for the run, I went to bed earlier than usual last night, at 11:30pm. I set the alarm on my watch to sound at 5.35am. I'm not sure if it was the warm weather, or Jaimie tossing and turning beside me, or the mental pressures due to the deliberateness of my intentions, I found myself totally unable to fall asleep. Eventually, I only managed to doze off at around 2am. So much for good intentions. Darn...

Some three-and-a-half hours later, I got up. Didn't feel quite as rested as I'd hope to be, but wasn't about to change my mind about the run. Ate two bananas that Angie had gotten for me, and headed out.

While I had been told that "there'd be 60,000 people attending this event and there's no way you'd be able to find a parking lot at Marina Square by the time you're there", I still decided to try my luck, having woken up earlier than I needed to be for the 6km run, which was to be flagged off at 8am. True enough, the Marina Square carpark was jammed packed with cars. Even the handicapped lots were occupied, as well as any nooks and corners that drivers could position their cars without blocking other vehicles too much. Just as I was about to give up and try other another carpark further away, I noticed this chap in his car cranking up his engine. Many envious, not-as-lucky drivers drove past me as I reversed into the freshly vacated lot.

Since I was there early, I had an hour or so to while away before commencing my run. Spent most of it at the floating platform area, watching those super fast runners of the 21km run (who started their runs at 5:30am) making their jubilent last hundred metres dash through the finishing line. Noticed that amongst the competitors who came in early past the finishing line, there were quite a number of females, and also veteran runners. Utmost respect is what I have for these people. I sat at the spectator stand of the floating platform, listening to the high-energy tracks like "Eye of the Tiger" that the DJ was playing, and watching the very beautiful sight of sunrise over the horizon. The environment was nothing short of electrifying.

It didn't feel long at all when I realised that the time was 15 minutes prior to flag off time. Together with a large crowd, I made my way from the floating platform to Esplanade Bridge, which was the designated starting point for the 6km run. While waiting on the bridge, we were treated to some fringe performances by some samba percussion group and some costumed chaps on stilts. Defence Minister Mr Teo Chee Hean arrived on the dot, at 8am to officiate the flag off. The crowd let out a cheer and then off we went.

For my run, there wasn't really much that I can be proud of to want to recount over here. It didn't do much good to one's pride when one got overtaken by 小妹妹s and 老伯伯s one too many times. Suffice to say that I'm just happy that I crossed the finishing line on my twos instead of fours.

Will I be there again for next year's run?

If the T-shirt is nicer, perhaps.

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“丢掉背包 丢外套 丢掉电脑 再丢唠叨 澳澳”

Wah Piang eh!! 我差一点要晕过去!真的是...太。难。听。了!

不是我鸡蛋里挑骨头。我也晓得这些是小朋友,并非什么专业歌手。不过我也的确没有任何过高的要求咧。之前的几首参赛歌曲我觉得都还ok的。不过就是这首八人合唱我真的 cannot take it. 唱得不行,跳得也 cannot make it. 如果 Cedric 在,他肯定会说 "Oh my god. It is too poor!"

当他们唱到“我再也不要 再也不要 委屈自己一秒”,我发现这正是我心中的念头。


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Wasn't feeling that fantastic in the office this morning, so browsed through my Video folder to see what I can find that might possibly lift my spirits somewhat.

Found this. Played it. Instant relief.

This clip is 7 months old now, and in it, 9-month-old Jaimie was barely able to stand up unsupported. Aiyo...time really flies and babies really grow up very quickly.

5 years down the road, when I'm having one of my blue days, I'm sure this little clip will still do the trick it did today.

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All The Best, Nicky!

Nic just informed me over sms that he has tendered in his resignation.

Nic: Have you heard who is the latest to resign?!
Me: No. Pray tell.
Nic: Head Ops 3rd Div!
Me: Zoon boh? Did you really? Let's lunch later.

So far, besides his immediate boss, Nic said I'm the only one whom he has told of his pending exit. He asked that I act surprise when I hear the news subsequently from the grapevine. I assured him that my acting skills surely are better than those of 黄俊雄 aka Elvin Ng of Mediacorp.

While this isn't exactly 'shocking' news in the sense that I've known that Nic has been 'looking around' for a long time already, I have to say that I'm still pretty shaken up now that it has finally happened for real. This is someone who has joined the organisation together with me 11 years ago. We went through the same 9-month basic training, worked in the same department, trained for IPPT together, griped about the same bosses, fantasised about possible entrepeunistic ventures, discussed movies and comics and PS2 games, queued up at Kinokuniya to get Neil Gaiman's autograph....Heck, this is the chap I'd turn to whenever work gets too tough and I just want to let out one of those "Aiyah, 我不干了!Maybe I'd quit lah!" cries, and can be counted on to sing the same tune with me. I think he knows deep down that despite all the big talk, what I'm looking for is just an avenue to vent my frustrations, nothing more. At my end, I guess I've always naively hoped that Nic is like me.

Well, I guess not.

For Nic, I feel genuine happiness, for his finally being able to step out of the 'salary trap' that keeps most people, like me, from leaving the organisation. For Nic, I have great admiration, for his courage and determination to pursue his dreams. For Nic, I am deeply grateful for his friendship and camaraderie over the past decade, and for his listening ear.

And now, what's left is for me to offer my sincere handshake and congratulations to Nic when I meet him for lunch later. Our 11 of colleagueship is about to end.

For this, I do feel a certain tinge of sadness.

Monday, August 20

The Return of the Lao Chio

After spending the past four days in the workshop, our Nissan Lao Chio is back on the roads! Was originally told that the repairs may take 5 working days i.e. 7 calender days, so was real glad I didn't have to wait that long.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is no less valid for cars than it is for people.

As I drove the car out from the workshop, I absolutely relished :

  1. Not having to dig out my keys to open the door (a real hassle especially during those times when I carry Jae in my arms)
  2. That I was greeted with a soft purr when I cranked the ignition rather than the thunderous roar of that purple Sunny
  3. The smooth acceleration of the CVT engine rather than the jerky automatic transmission
  4. Not having to gaze in amazement at how rapidly the fuel meter dips during drives

I didn't realise until just now how much I appreciate my Lao Chio. And I silently made a vow never to buy a Nissan Sunny. Ever.

Oh, and my Lao Chio smells so much better too!

2nd Visit to the Airport

Brought Jaimie to the Changi Airport yesterday afternoon. This was her second visit to the airport, the first was earlier this month. We revisted the place 'cos ostensibly, Jae appeared to like viewing the aeroplanes. The other reason which really cemented our decision to go despite the relatively long distance had to do with our stomach - both Angie and I wanted to eat the Popeye's fried chicken meal at T1. Yummy~!

This time round, we managed to get onboard the airport skytrain. Jaimie showed no particular interest nor disinterest during the short journey between T1 and T2. While trotting along at T2, we came across one of those luggage weighing scales. You know, those large, stainless steel machines that passengers can use to see if their luggage items can meet the weight requirements or if they have to pay for excess baggage. Angie suddenly stopped and asked our little girl to stand up onto the scale.

Me: Eh, 不要啦。
Angie: 没关系啦!来,媛媛。站上来。

I got a bit paiseh so geh-geh walk on slightly ahead first. At the same time, I couldn't resist looking, nor mask my curiosity over this little delinquent act that my two girls were partaking in. The digital scale fluctuated from 10.0kg to 10.1kg when initially Jae managed to stand stationary on the platform. Then the figures went erratically up and down when our little dancing queen decided to perform tap dancing on the weighing machine. Aiyo...We quickly dragged her down before we kenna orr-gong for damaging public property.

Sunday, August 19

Sudoku, anyone?

I totally love this game and I have completed 2 books of Sudoku. However, there is no way I can solve any Sudoku that says "Black Belt" or "Extremely difficult".


It seems like this is not a practice-makes-perfect case. More skills and technics are needed. I need a shi-fu.


Thursday, August 16


Our ill-fated car has been 'kissed' by other vehicles from (1) the front, (2) the rear and (3) the left. Didn't have any problems of this nature with my previous cars, so it beats me why it is that other automobiles have such a high affinity to this particular poor Nissan Latio?

The latest incident happened just this morning, during the really short trip from our residence to MIL's, which is located just a few blocks away on the same street. We were turning from the main road into the access road for the flat clusters, there was this Toyota minibus ahead of us. Angie remarked that the bus ferried students from some special school, probably on its way to pick up more students. Once into the access road, that minibus veered left into a road pocket which is sort of a drop off point, presumably the pickup area. Naturally, I proceeded ahead. That was when it happened. For reasons unknown, the minibus didn't stop. It went ahead and swerved back onto the access road just as our car was passing by. I blasted my horn but it was too late. There was a heart-wrenching screech as the front of the minibus impacted onto the front passenger side of my car, just a wee bit ahead of where Angie was seated, with little Jaimie on her lap.

My heart sank. First thing that flashed across my mind was "Why so sway huh?? This is the third time in the one-and-a-half-years that this car has been on the road that others have slammed into it. I took a deep breath, opened the door and got out, expecting to find an apologetic driver, exchange some particulars and then be each on our ways.

Boy was I wrong.

He was the one to speak first. A slim, tanned man in his fifties, the first thing out of his old stinky mouth was:

"Eh, 我要停在这边then你这样驾过来..."

That was it. Mr Hyde was standing there in the place of Dr Jackell. I didn't even have time to take another breath before I heard myself blasting out:


I think he didn't expect that kinda outburst from me, so for a moment he appeared a little stunned. Then he promptly recomposed himself and retorted:

"喂!你说什么他妈的?!你这种读书人怎么可以骂粗话?!我是没有受教育的。你戴眼镜的还讲什么他妈的?!" (Wah like dat oso can ah??)

And the dispute went on and on, revolving on one end around how the party obviously in the wrong could still point the finger at the innocent victim, and how a bespectacled "读书人" can utter profanity on the other. It was a frakking ugly scene, attracting its fair share of busybody onlookers.

Anyhows, our vehicles were blocking incoming traffic, so just when the argument proceeded to the point where I was demanding that he show me his driver's liscence or NRIC, which he was refusing to do ("不用IC的啦! 这个是公司车来的!"), a man in his thirties appeared, presumably one of the drivers that was blocked by us.

"I think you all don't need to argue further. Just exchange your drivers' liscence so you all can file reports."

I turned and glanced triumphantly at the minibus driver, while shoving my NRIC into his face. With a third party now speaking up against him, he has no choice but to hand over his ID card. Angie helped me take down the particulars.

It was only then that I became sufficiently collected to realise that my MIL had also arrived at the scene, and was carrying Jaimie in her arms. The little one appeared calm and was just gazing intently at the commotion. I guess she must be thinking why was it that Papa, who had always told her "Not so loud. Softer, ok?", was then shouting to another uncle so bloody loudly.

*Sigh* Yes, I totally lost my cool. My bad.

And it was even later, when we departed from the scene, that I calmed down even further and realised that despite the unfortunate turn of events, the saving grace was that nobody was hurt physically. The students onboard the minibus were fine, and so were my girls. The slow speeds of the vehicles helped prevent the consequence of this accident from being something worse. Much, much worse. I shudder just to think of what could have happened if the impact had been stronger.

For that alone, I shall remain forever grateful to my lucky stars.

Oh, I am now driving a courtesy car from the workshop. It's a purplish (yeesh) Nissan Sunny. What is the car plate number, you ask? Well, its the same number as the 头奖 for this coming weekend's 4D, hahaha!


Tuesday, August 14


一直都很喜欢二重唱的组合, 二重唱的歌曲。

从卡带时期的“知己二重唱”,“芝麻龙眼”,到后来有CD的“凡人二重唱”,“南方二重唱”, 到近期的“Soler”,我都好欣赏,好喜欢。两把和谐的声音,重叠,融合成一体,分不清谁在唱主旋律,谁在唱和声。

前两个月“锦绣二重唱”推出了她们首张新歌+精选集,我一直有在留意,但却似乎没在唱片行看到。不久前终于在 Sembawang Music Centre 找到,却发现已经是重版的CD了。之前那个有透明而印有Walkie Talkie 卡通肖像的 CD sleeve 的限量首版已经卖完了。哎呀,怎么会这样...我还是有点不甘心,继续等了好几个星期,看看会不会 lucky 给我碰上一间刚巧还存有那最后一张首版CD的唱片行。

Lucky 个屁。

今天终于按耐不住,回到 Sembawang Music Centre 买了重版的CD。Ok 啦,只是包装差了些罢了,内容没差啦。只能这样安慰自己啰。

Disc 1 的第一首是首新歌,潘协庆写的。喜欢它轻松的旋律,听了很舒服。在这给大家介绍一下...锦绣二重唱 aka Walkie Talkie 的“爱到夏天”。



我们是不交界的两天 今天和明天
距离更远即使站在面对面 还那么明显

能不能 我们爱到夏天阳光睁开眼

好想爱到夏天 阳光海岸线
怎么让你牵 能带爱情到永远
怕一瞬间 爱在风中染成秋天

我把心推开 却变寂寞秋天







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Of Blogging and Parenting

I'm not sure what's this emotion I am feeling after reading Noelle's post and the comments that appeared on her blog that came in response to that particular entry. Skepticism? Incredulity? It's a mixed sort of feeling that something isn't quite right, with a bit of anger thrown in when I put myself in her shoes.

Ok, maybe I am over-reacting here, but this happens to be something I feel quite strongly about. A large part of this blog is dedicated to logging in events that happen to me and my family, including thoughts, expressions and beliefs on parenting issues. If you are reading this, then you might be interested to note my take on blogging and parenting and in extension, my take on you should you choose to leave comments here regarding these two topics.

Don't Tell Me What I Can or Cannot Write
I certainly welcome and appreciate sincere comments and feedback, but that doesn't mean you get to tell me which are the stuff I can write about and which are the ones I should keep private. I own this blog (ok, jointly with my co-author), so I damn well can write anything and everything I feel like and post 'em up here, without having to moderate my entries to cater to what I think other people like or dislike to read.

Freedom to Comment
For many people, blogging is not necessarily a private thing. The fact that we set up blogs and launch our thoughts into cyberspace implies that we want them to be shared with others. Sure, blogs can be configured to limit the extents to which comments can be posted. I've chosen not to set any. Why should I? Spammers aside, I believe that everyone is entitled to his opinion and if someone feels differently about something I blog about, he ought to have the liberty to express it here. I would be happy to hear any views, supportive or otherwise. BUT, that doesn't mean you get to tell me which are the stuff I can write about and which are the ones I should keep private.

Mister Anon
While I am all for freedom in commenting, I hold a certain prejudice against people who post anonymously. I mean, if you don't even have the moral courage to put a name (an alias, even) to your convictions, why should anyone even give the slightest damn to what it is you're saying?

My Kid, My Responsibility
I believe that parenting is something that is very personal and subjective and that there is no such thing as "the right way of parenting", only preferred way(s). And preferrence is absolutely the prerogative of the parent, just as responsibility of brining up the child is. You make a decision to become a parent, you jolly well make sure you live by that comittment. Barring extreme (i.e. legal) restrictions, how you do that is wholly your business. No two kids are alike and to tell others to conform to any set of prescribed or recommended parenting guidelines is extremely obnoxious and presumptious. Try it on me and you'd see how I ask you to fly uncle charlie's kite yourself. Just as you don't get to tell me what not to write in my blog, you do not get to tell me how not to bring up my child.

Carrots & Sticks
I'm a strong believer that everything, including parenting should have the yins and the yangs. Too strict and you might end up with an unhappy, rebellious child. Too lax and you'd get a spoilt kid. To achieve the balance in parenting, however, is certainly no simple feat. You've got to constantly calibrate your response according to your continual assessment of the child's temperament as well as the specific situation and environment, on a case by case basis. While positive reinforcement is something we consciously practice with Jaimie, there're ocassions where we'd wield the stick rather than award the carrot. Even when dishing out punitive actions, there is also an entire array of possibilities ranging from verbal lectures to physical punishment. Depending on the severity of the situation, Jaimie gets it from us at both ends of the spectrum, plus everything in between.

To Noe, I wish to say that you've all the right in the world to exercise blogging freedom, just as you do for putting in your best in raising your 3 kids. Blogging and parenting are two things that we blogging parents shouldn't have to accept any crap from others.

Thursday, August 9

The Sand, The Sun & The Sea

Today is National Day. Our little Red Dot turns 42 years old on this very day. Happy birthday, Singapore.

When I checked met services forecast yesterday, it reported today's weather to be "showers in the morning". Oh-oh, I thought. The Sentosa gathering that we've had penned in our diaries for so long is finally round the corner, but may suffer the same fate as the earlier Botanic Gardens gathering.

Fate, as it turned out, decided to let us off the hook this time round. Despite the fact that it rained cats and dogs early in the morning around 7am, the heavens turned off the tap at 8 o'clock. By the time we reached Palawan Beach at 9.30am, the weather was just perfect. The sun was out, but the climate remained cool and comfortable.

Quite a number of the "usual suspects" from BayB forum were there - ezrababy, JaPhotos, garfield55, JoyceLong, meekfreek, jong, stardust_sq, jeannchua, chin mama, SS1, and us. Logistically, everyone turned up well prepared - food, tidbits, mats, beach toys, and most importantly diaper change. We had a smashing time, took lotsa photos, and finally said byebye at around noon, by which time many of the tiny tots have started to display "Battery Low" warning indicators.

Jaimie enjoyed herself very much today, which incidentally was her first visit to a beach. We're glad she loves the sea, particularly the waves lapping up onto her as she sat on sandy shores. We'd most certainly be back to this place. Soon.

Mommies and babies from the April 06 Babies community

Jaimie showing her excitement over her maiden trip to a beach (Her previous with sand had been at playgrounds)

Jaimie's first ever dip into the sea

It's all about touch and feel. Even though Jaimie has been to sandy playgrounds and to a wave pool, nothing beats experiencing the real stuffs.

The Beach Gals - Cherrlyn, Jodie and Jaimie

Jae ah...Papa wants to shoot a photo of little Cherrlyn mei-mei, you also must come and 抢镜头!

My two sweethearts

It is certainly not everyday that this little girl would keep her hat on for anything more than a couple of seconds. Since she was so obliging today, better snap a few more shots.

Happy trio. Thanks, Vivian for snapping this for us.

More pics here.

Sunday, August 5


Just like how the highly intelligent and very beautiful Elves have their unique Elven tongue, little Jaimie has also crafted her very own communicative language. Not quite as elegant as Elvish, but hey, she developed, practiced and is now adapt at both the spoken as well as the non-verbal lingua franca....

Here's Jaimie's head-shaking, hand-waving combo move. Not a particularly efficient way of conveying a simple "No".

Only Jaimie understands Jaemish...