Sunday, February 28

More Fun and Crazy Moments With Our Friends

Saturday, February 27

CNY Gathering! And the French are here again!

Just try to figure out the amount of fun we had from these pictures!!!!!!
It has been quite some time since the entire UK Gang meet up. We did it before the Chinese New Year ends with Cedric and Elodie who arrived this morning!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Cedric and Elodie are only staying for 5 days this time as they are on their way to New Zealand for their honeymoon. Well, no matter how long or how short they are with us, we are going to have fun to the max!

Friday, February 26

Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

"Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" (喜羊羊与灰太狼) is Jaimie's current favourite DVD.

I bought it for her because it has won many awards in China and I thought the title is cute. Indeed, Jaimie loved the short stories in the 3hour long DVD very much! The song is very catchy and cute and I am very tempted to make it as the ring tone for my mobile phone.

The Ng Family is now named after the characters in the DVD:


I found it in TS Vision. It has part 1-5 and I only bought part 1. There is also a movie version which is selling at $3 only!

I highly recommend 《喜羊羊与灰太狼》 to your children!

Wednesday, February 24

My Motivator and Mascot @ Work

A gift from Clement. Totally love it!

Monday, February 22

IN-the papers

The interview that was conducted 2 weeks ago is on the Straits Time today. It is in the centre page of the students' section "In". It stirred up some level of INterest among the students and my colleagues.