Thursday, January 29

Happy Times

Happy moments like these are the most precious things in life. They give me hope, warmth and love when I am feeling down or dejected.

love my family and friends!

Tuesday, January 27

Bento #53

We were so busy for the past few days because we were hosting our friends Ced and Elo from France. They are spending 3 weeks in SGP and we took turns to host them and bring them around Singapore. They stay in our place during the CNY period. We spent one good and long day doing the Chinatown tour (I played the tour guide), visiting Hindu and Chinese temples, doing chinese tea appreciation etc.

On the eve of the CNY, it was rounds and rounds of food. First, reunion lunch at my parents' place.

Next, reunion dinner at my in law's place.

The first day of CNY was rounds and rounds of house visiting plus eating loads of food, of course. By lunch, we had already consumed enough food to last us for 3 days. When it was dinner time, I suggested having a bento for dinner to give our "poor" stomachs a break. I thought I would do something like bento #51.
And so this is bento #53 for the 2 French. They were (easily) amused with the layout and were very pleased that it was relatively oil free.

Elo liked the sushi rice cubes so much that she wanted to buy the ongiri mould and the furikake and make this as an appetizer. I gladly gave her my mould and extra packet of furikake.
We're having a BBQ later but it is raining now as I am blogging. I hope the rain will stop real soon!!

Thursday, January 22

Bento #52

There was a little struggle this morning.

There were only 2 slices of bread left.

Who should get to eat the bento? It was a mega (think McD's "mega" burgers) hash brown sandwich with cucumbers on buttered bread, some tomatoes and a mandarin orange.

Being a traditional, oriental, humble, loving, self-sacrificing and affectionate wife, I decided that Clement will have the bento.

p/s: the bread is about to expire anyway. :D

Wednesday, January 21

Dances with Bunny

While RR may have taken her first ballet steps, it appears that Jae is more into contemporary styles.

[Note: Special request from Angie to viewers of the video below to please ignore the character waltzing past in the background in PJs.]

For more Dancing Jae videos, click here.

Bento #51

I am quite pleased with my bentos today! The presentation looks good and it tastes just as good! However, it was a little time consuming to shape the onigiris and sprinkle the furikake and white sesame. In my 3/4 awake state, I clumsily messed up the kitchen with sesame seeds all over the place. The sushi rice goes well with the Japanese cripsy chicken I baked. The egg with seaweed added some nice colours to the bento.

Hmmm! Nice to look, good to eat!! Hahahaha!!

This is for Clement. I got this Japanese styled 2-tier bento box from Daiso! Cheap and elegant!

This is mine.

This is YH's.

Monday, January 19

Bento #50

This is a HIS and HERS bento. His--Cinamaroll. Hers-- My Melody.

My MIL gave me some left overs from, my nephew, Kai's party yesterday. The sausage and the bacon roll was awfully sinful, awfully unhealthy but they were awfully nice too. To "balance out" the unhealtiness, I put in some fruits and veggis plus the pooh shaped bread.

I was given some pork ribs too. I saved them for lunch to go with a bowl of tasteless oatmeal. Erm, not too bad too.