Wednesday, January 21

Bento #51

I am quite pleased with my bentos today! The presentation looks good and it tastes just as good! However, it was a little time consuming to shape the onigiris and sprinkle the furikake and white sesame. In my 3/4 awake state, I clumsily messed up the kitchen with sesame seeds all over the place. The sushi rice goes well with the Japanese cripsy chicken I baked. The egg with seaweed added some nice colours to the bento.

Hmmm! Nice to look, good to eat!! Hahahaha!!

This is for Clement. I got this Japanese styled 2-tier bento box from Daiso! Cheap and elegant!

This is mine.

This is YH's.

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wolfgirl said...

You are marvellous1 Can prepare so many things in the morning... they look gorgeous!

Shana said...

yes yes, your bentos are looking better and better everyday! Really kudos to u, can sacrifice your precious morning hours to do the bentos almost everyday! Clement & your colleagues are really a lucky bunch :)

absolutfaith said...

My friend, you're getting better and better at it! I'm ashamed to say I have no energy to do any of these and you gotta wake up at 5 to do them!

Angie said...

this just happened to be one with better presentation, lah. :)

Astee said...

Hi Angie,

Can we use normal rice cooker to cook the sushi rice? Am planning to do this for Anthea next week bento.


Vivien said...

Wowowowowowow, its really colourful!!!!

Hub ask me to learn from u!

Angie said...

hi astee,

yes, use normal rice cooker and cook like normal rice (use pearl rice). then i added in the ready sushi mix, stir and fan the rice. Viola! you have sushi rice! :)

Jocelyn said...

I really must kudos u too, can wake up so early at 5am to prepare so many things... By the way, did u cook the egg with seaweed yrself or u brought it? Can teach me the steps how u make the egg?

I ever try doing the multi layers egg but fail very badly... :P

Angie said...


the egg is not difficult. just do the same as frying omelette over a small fire, put the sheet of seaweed (no need to cover the entire omelette, maybe 1/2 or 1/4 will do) at the end of the omelette and start rolling the 2/3 cooked omelette. cut away the ends (and pop into your mouth, dont waste mah), cut into small cubes, and you will see the nice contrasting colour of seaweed and egg.