Monday, March 28






Sunday, March 20

A Lazy Morning At The Beach

It has been a while since we went to the beach. This morning, we made our way to the East Coast Park and Jaimie was definitely thrilled!

The weather was excellent. Clement played with Jaimie while I sat on the bench to read.

Clement "caught" a crab. Instead of asking "Is it alive?", Jaimie asked "Is it working?" =.=''' No, my dear, it is a very lazy crab.

Jaimie showed a keen interest in earthquakes, tsunami and volcanos after the Japan earthquake on March 11. She built this volcano with the help of Clement and waited for the "tsunami" to flood the hole.

Saturday, March 19


The mommies in the Running Mummies Club are absolutely serious about the club! Viv ran 1km and walked 1.5km yesterday, and she walked 10km round MacRitchie Resevoir today! Joyce did her running too and needless to say, Wolfgirl is running 6 days a week (and it does not limit to once a day) religiously.

So, I cannot be too laid back, right?! I planned to run from the MRT station nearest to our house to Outram MRT. It is going to be more than 10km.

All ready! Cap, dry-fit t-shirt, dry-fit shorts, Nike running socks AND, my new running belt!

The running belt kind of get in my way and it weighed me down. I was grunting and puffing while running. In the end, I asked Clement to wear the belt.
It was super tiring and the weather was getting hot. We decided to stop at Tiong Bahru MRT station and called it a day after 1hr 56mins of jogging.

Wet, smelly, tired.

Then, we walked further down to Tiong Bahru market for brunch.

This used to be my favourite lor mee but I think the standard has dropped! So disappointing.
Anyway, it was a good run and nice time spent with Clement. I hope we'll be able to build up our stamina and run to a even further MRT station soon!

Friday, March 18

Very Touching. Cannot stop crying after watching the video.

Thursday, March 17

Running Mummies

I shall not go into the hilarious details of how the club "Running Mummies" is formed and named. Anyway, we are very serious about the club and we are going to hold our own "Sunset In the City Half Marathon Run" some time in May. We'll have our own event T-shirt, own medals, own certificate and own logo.

Yeah, don't play play.

Viv bought her running shoes and we got her this matching running tshirt to motivate her.

Wolf added ANOTHER pair of running shoes to her collection (an identical pair!!) and a matching Tshirt too.

Joyce got herself a sexy sports top.

I bought running shorts and socks.

And we're planning our route!! 21km and we're going to run past 21 landmarks in Singapore.

This is our club logo. Running Mummies. We're contemplating to wrap ourselves in toilet papers and run. Hahahaha!!!
Can't wait for the run!! We're going to have loads of fun I am sure!

Saturday, March 12

Jaimie ah....

Throwing tantrum look.

Roll eyes. Just like mummy.

Tuesday, March 8


The PHHHHHAAAANNNNTOOOOOMMMMMMMM of the oooooooppppeerraa is hereeeee.... inside my miinnnnnnnd.....

No, actually it's big bird in disguise.

Sunday, March 6

Jaimie Draws Rabbits


Friday, March 4

Bento #169