Thursday, March 17

Running Mummies

I shall not go into the hilarious details of how the club "Running Mummies" is formed and named. Anyway, we are very serious about the club and we are going to hold our own "Sunset In the City Half Marathon Run" some time in May. We'll have our own event T-shirt, own medals, own certificate and own logo.

Yeah, don't play play.

Viv bought her running shoes and we got her this matching running tshirt to motivate her.

Wolf added ANOTHER pair of running shoes to her collection (an identical pair!!) and a matching Tshirt too.

Joyce got herself a sexy sports top.

I bought running shorts and socks.

And we're planning our route!! 21km and we're going to run past 21 landmarks in Singapore.

This is our club logo. Running Mummies. We're contemplating to wrap ourselves in toilet papers and run. Hahahaha!!!
Can't wait for the run!! We're going to have loads of fun I am sure!

3 voices:

wolfgirl said...

ahem ahem... i lost weight leh... haha can see from the pic.. of course, the photographer is good too.

Angie said...

10kg is definitely an achievement! well done!! you are such an inspiration!

Lydia said...

WG lost 10kg?? WOW, I was just about to comment how fit she looked here!