Tuesday, March 23

Bento #112

I cooked a pot of Japanese curry on Sunday and it was my dinner for one day and bento for 2 days!

Yesterday I brought curry rice to work and today it is curry udon.

Some pointers:
(1) There is no need to sautee your meat as suggested on the packaging. Add the meat last and it'll be very tender. Otherwise, you'll be chewing rubber!

(2) Adding some fruits such as mango and apple cubes to your curry before serving makes a lot of difference! Your curry tastes 3x better with mango!

(3) When you want to bring curry bento, pack your rice/ udon separately. Mix them only when you want to eat your bento.

(4) If you are bringing curry udon, make sure your containers are not filled to the bream. Otherwise, how are you going to mix the udon to the curry?

(5) Get a spill free container (shopping time!) if you want to bring liquid stuff. Tupperware is good. Otherwise, I recycle plastic containers. It is not environmental friendly but it saves me from the washing. Japanese curry is not exactly a healthy dish. High fat content (that means delicious~~).

(6) I didn't bother to heat up my udon and curry but they taste good even when they turned cold!

Monday, March 22

What A Weekend!

This is Jaimie's most "memorable" weekend so far, I suppose!


The UK gang met up on Saturday because Cedric and Elodie had a 5hour transit in Spore on their way back to Paris. Good food is what we always look out for so we had dinner at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at ECP. The guys sat at one table while the mommies and the children sat at the other. The children, of course, find it hard to sit on their chairs after they were done with their dinner so they ran to their daddies, ran to the grass patch nearby, ran round the table, ran back... I made sure I kept an eye on her and know where she was. At about 8pm, I saw her running with the other kids to the grass patch so I turned to talk to Elodie while I enjoy my dessert. Suddenly, Clement discovered that Jaimie was missing!

We ran round the places where the kids were playing Jaimie was nowhere to be found! After running for not-very-long-but-it-certainly-felt-very-long, and searching for Jaimie among the huge crowd, I was so worried that I was about to cry. Suddenly, I thought I should check with the counter to see if anybody had seen her. When I turned my head to the counter inside the restaurant, I nearly cried in relief because I saw one of the staff carrying Jaimie and some were pacifying the tearing girl. I ran over to carrying her and hugged her tight in my arms. When I asked her, she said she ran to the grass patch to play (she sometimes detach herself from other kids and prefers her personal space) and she couldn't find our table. Indeed it was quite difficult to locate our tables among the many, many, many tables around the restaurant, just like I cannot find my seat in the aeroplane without looking at the seat number.

It was a very scary moment for both us and Jaimie.


Clement was playing with Jaimie at the sofa area near the pool and he pulled at her wrist to help her rise from a lying position to an upright one. It is something they do often. Then, after a minute or two, Jaimie complained that her left elbow hurt and she was crying very badly. When Clement brought the all teary Jaimie home, I saw her holding her left hand in an awkward position, refusing to move it and I knew something happened to her. I remembered my friend, Happypig, shared with me the same incident which happened to her elder daughter a few years back. I checked her wrist by asking her to stretch out her fingers to do "twinkle twinkle little star". She's ok. Then I asked her to bend her elbows. She refused and cried that her hand hurt. We quickly brought Jaimie to the GP but we were advised to send Jaimie to A&E.

I think Clement drove to NUH in 110km/h.

The children's A&E in NUH was very efficient and fast. They registered her checked for Jaimie's medical history, took her weight, blood pressure, asked what happened, made a record and the doctors attended to her shortly. By the way, if you can remember during such traumatic moments, bring your child's BC along to the hospital. Of course I didn't know and didn't bring but they were okay with it. The doctors checked her hand and said that the joint in her elbow was pulled out of her socket. They could fix it back instantaneously but it would be a very painful moment for Jaimie. It was a common accident among 2-4 year old children. We used to play "lifting" with them when they were young and it's ok but as they grow older, their weight increased and we should not be doing the same anymore.

The doctor distracted Jaimie by asking her for her name and if she watched 倚天屠龙记. I was thinking to myself "Walau, doctor!! Do you know how to talk to children?" and while I was also distracted, the doctor bended Jaimie's elbow skillfully and joint clicked back to the socket. Jaimie was crying out real loud (I nearly wanted to cry too). I hugged and consoled her. The doctors rewarded her with some stickers. She picked one with her right hand and she was asked to pick another with her left hand. She could!!! She was well again!!!

We all left NUH happily but my blood pressure had not gone down from the trauma. We were so thankful that Jaimie didn't need a cast or an elbow sling. She didn't even need an X ray.

My Conclusion

(1) Accidents of all sorts happen. It is impossible to keep an eye on your child/ protect your child 24/7.

(2) There is no need to reprimand the other parent for such accidents. We all felt bad enough and we definitely do not wished for such accidents to happen.

(3) Children will learn their lessons and they will grow up.

(4) Remember to blog about such incidents!! :D

Saturday, March 20

How To Manage Your Child When He Prefers Play To Lunch -- Just for a laugh

Friday, March 19

Dealing With The New Generation

I attended a course today on reading and surprisingly, I brought back some parenting tips!

(1) Do not use your own experience and force it down the throat of your children.

(2) Do not expect your children to read like you used to. They belong to the multimedia generation. Allow them to explore different ways to "read", even if it is casually flipping a book, or hearing a summary of a book from their friends.

(3) Give them choices and let them make informed choices.

(4) We need to create a reading environment for our children. Make books accessible for them even if they do not have the habit to read often.

(5) There is no point in trying to fight with the internet/ cable tv. Pulling your children away from them will only agitate them and it might trigger reactions beyond your imagination. Think of ways use the internet as a resource.

(6) Accept the fact that the children in this generation are experts in multi-tasking. They are unlike us. When they multi-task, it doesn't necessary mean they are not learning or not paying attention.

(7) You need to arouse the children's curiosity so that they will want to read that particular book.

(8) Most boys will only be able to exercise self discipline at a much later age compared to girls as the front of the brain, which is in charge of self discipline, will only mature after adolescence for boys.

Some of these tips are reminders to me. Some are new to me.

A very fruitful morning.

Thursday, March 18

Flavour of RWS

Got the corporate cards for Sentosa, so decided to bring the girls for a monorail ride to Sentosa. We havn't been to the island since the RWS project sprang up. Yes, it's been some time since our previous visit.
Didn't realise today is the soft opening of Universal Studios until WG mentioned it during the art and craft session. Discovered that it wasn't exceptionally crowded over there. Must be the rain earlier. It'd turned into a drizzle by the time we got there, though.

Let's take some touristy shots, like everybody else~

All tickets to the Universal Studio had been sold out. However, in conjunction with the soft opening ceremony, there was to be a fireworks display event commencing at 7:30pm. Entrance to the Universal Studios would be FOC from 6pm onwards. Too bad the girls (both of them) would not have lasted till then. Oh well.

Hey dad, that place is abuzz with activities. What's over there?

It's the new Casino!!

Oh, I really really want to go in and take a look around. May I, may I? Pleeeeze?

Do you have a hundred bucks? No? Then sorry Jae, you can't go in.

At least there's this nice fountain outside. It's like the one at Bugis Junction!

I wish mommy has brought along change of clothes...

More fountains at the Waterfront location.

Whoa......it's really windy out here!
Hey, I can see Singapore!
Time to leave. We'd be back again soon!

Artists' Playdate @LPN Art School

When I saw Stardust's blog on the art class Vincent went during Xmas and I got interested. I emailed Elaine (aka Brightsong) and we arranged to the kids to do a on-spot art during the March holidays. As Joyce and Vivian are both away for holidays, only Wolfgirl and I could make it today.

We met for lunch before the art lesson began. Rain and Jaimie really enjoyed each other's company.

They had the same expression!
They shared a bowl of udon.

The mommies chose green coincidentally. Or is it "Great Friends" think alike?

Jaimie and Rain waiting anxiously to embark on the art project after they had chosen what to do.

Rain wanted to decorate a mask while Jaimie preferred a lamp shade (which she said was a honey pot).

Preparing to paint...

Use your hands, use your fingers, use your brush!

Jaimie communicating with Elaine's assistant on what she wanted on her "honey pot".

The girls obviously had so much fun doing art together. They were both smiling happily when they were painting. Perhaps they had found a way to express themselves?

After the girls were done, it's time for them to blow dry their master pieces.

Jaimie began to lose patience. Rain was still patiently using the hair dryer to blow dry her mask while Jaimie ran off to doodle on the white board. Err.. I see it as another form of artistic expression???

Elaine rushed down from an appointment to meet us. Thanks!! :) She helped the girls further decorate their art work. Elaine and her assistant are very patience and nice people, and they surely have a way with children.
Jaimie was happy!!

The girls were SOOO PROUD of what they had achieved!

Since both Rain and Jaimie had so much fun doing art and craft, Wolfgirl and I asked what's available for mommies like us who do not want long-term/ weekly commitment but preferred on-spot fun art projects like this. We each bought a package that allows the kids to do 6 on-spot fun art.
The duration of the workshop was about an hour. The kids had lots of fun and it gave them great sense of satisfaction to complete a project. More importantly, they enjoyed doing it with their friends, which makes the fun even more fun!
We definitely look forward to our next art session with Elaine again!

Tuesday, March 16

Books I Read This Week

The internet is so addictive that it is robbing my time to do my favourite hobby -- read. I set a resolution that I should read at least 1 book during this March vacation. Here's the book reviews.

This is a very easy, interesting and informative book on how to keep rabbits as pets. Although I do not keep rabbits, I thought it might be interesting to know more about them. Rabbits' main diet is definitely not carrots. In fact, too much carrot kills them. Their main diet is hay and they need to drink boiled water. They are very sensitive to temperature. While they are always very "hot" in their rabbit fur, they can die easily from lost of body heat from a shower. The female rabbit never fails to conceive every time she mates and she can be preggy immediately after giving birth. Phew!

A comic book about how a couple thrift on every little thing to save money because they are not well off. Boring. I gave up after reading 5 pages.

This is a good book. 43 things you should never say to your spouse. Now I know why sometimes when I asked Clement to stop trying so hard to solve a problem or complete task, he got terribly upset. I read 4/5 of the book because after being married for 12 years, I can write my own book too. Heh Heh Heh.

Currently reading this one. I have always been very interested in the history of eunuch, prostitution, Qing emperors and binded feet. They all have something in common: they were the victims of the society and the system. This one is one of the easier ones to read compared to the ones I had read before. Definitely worth reading this one!

Sunday, March 14

Happy Sunday

Jaimie was happy today because she chose her birthday present (in advance). This is her first step to riding a Harley Davidson.

Clement and I were super happy today because we went to collect our MayDay Concert tickets. We're the FOURTH ROW from the front!!!! OH MYYYY GOOOOODDDD!!!! We were so, so, so, so, so HAPPY!! My colleague, SW, will only be 2 seats beside me and my fellow comrade, Idy and Irwin, will be on Row 5. Counting down to April 17th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the tickets in the car so I couldn't take photos of them now. Anyway, Jaimie fell asleep while we drove to collect our tickets from the Fan Club. She looks like an angel when she is asleep. In fact, all children do. :)

Jaimie was very excited when she saw the Drummer Boys at Vivocity. The Drummer Boys were very good and entertaining. Jaimie totally could not control herself and danced to the rhythm! I told Clement she must be from the African tribe.

Jaimie chased after the Drummer Boys wherever, almost forgetting us. I forgive her because I would have done the same if they were MayDay.

Friday, March 12

To Force or not to Force

A very good friend of Clement went to a parenting workshop recently and shared with us a parenting tip, which we would like to share with you all too.

This friend of us has a boy who is rather unadventurous and refused to try any out of his comfort zone. Our friend is also a very democratic father who would ask his son for his opinion and would not force any decision against his will. He asked the parenting expert what should he do to encourage his son to try new activities such as swimming and roller skating etc.

The expert told him that for life skills that one ought to master, he should not be given a choice even if he refuses. Other activities, such as hobbies, the child's decision should be respected.

We were quite happy to hear this advise because that was exactly what we thought when we decided to continue Jaimie's swimming lessons.

Hope this piece of advise is useful to you too~. :)

Thursday, March 11


How do you know you have became an aunty?
When you cannot resist tupperwares, you are a certified true aunty.
Look how many I have bought today.
I have been spending so much $$ every fortnightly in the staff lounge lunchtime sales! On the other hand, I can see it as "I saved so much money from these purchases!".
I am so aunty.

Wednesday, March 10















Jaimie Doing Her Homework

This is what I believe in-- learn to recognise and write basic Chinese words at the age of 4. No need to pump a kid with bombastic words which one will hardly use more than 5 times in his lifetime, or load him with difficult words at a young age. There is no need to speed up the learning process.

This is what I believe.