Tuesday, March 16

Books I Read This Week

The internet is so addictive that it is robbing my time to do my favourite hobby -- read. I set a resolution that I should read at least 1 book during this March vacation. Here's the book reviews.

This is a very easy, interesting and informative book on how to keep rabbits as pets. Although I do not keep rabbits, I thought it might be interesting to know more about them. Rabbits' main diet is definitely not carrots. In fact, too much carrot kills them. Their main diet is hay and they need to drink boiled water. They are very sensitive to temperature. While they are always very "hot" in their rabbit fur, they can die easily from lost of body heat from a shower. The female rabbit never fails to conceive every time she mates and she can be preggy immediately after giving birth. Phew!

A comic book about how a couple thrift on every little thing to save money because they are not well off. Boring. I gave up after reading 5 pages.

This is a good book. 43 things you should never say to your spouse. Now I know why sometimes when I asked Clement to stop trying so hard to solve a problem or complete task, he got terribly upset. I read 4/5 of the book because after being married for 12 years, I can write my own book too. Heh Heh Heh.

Currently reading this one. I have always been very interested in the history of eunuch, prostitution, Qing emperors and binded feet. They all have something in common: they were the victims of the society and the system. This one is one of the easier ones to read compared to the ones I had read before. Definitely worth reading this one!

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Thanks for sharing.... will try to borrow the 43 pointers book to read :)