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Friday, February 24

Jaimie's Pre-tap Dance Exam Piece

Love to see you dancing, my dearie!

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Monday, February 20

Chinggay 2012 @ Jurong

We didn't go to the "big" Chinggay but there's a "small" one in the neighbourhood yesterday. Jaimie kept asking me what was "Chinggay". I told her it was a parade. She asked me what was a parade. I scratched my head and told her "Remember at Disneyland you saw all the princesses on beautifully decorated lorries? And the princesses dancing on them?"

She went "Oh~~" and understod what I meant. She really looked forward to the Chinggay at Jurong area. I hope (1) she wasn't expecting Disney princesses and (2) will be able to distinguish between a float and "beautifully decorated lorries" for funeral purposes...=.=

It was so, so, so crowded when we went there. It was impossible to get any good spots to watch the Chinggay so we climbed up the HDB blocks to try to get a view. But the corridors were packed with people too! We didn't expect the turn out to be so good.

Jaimie wasn't crying. She was fully participating in the Chinggay and responded when the emcee asked the crowd to shout for the "keyword" for the firecrackers to go off. Apparently, she was the only one shouting at where we were.

Finally, the floats arrived. 13 of them. Jaimie was very excited to see them all!

Half the crowd dispersed after the departure of the floats. The performance continued but we didn't stay for long. Clement and Jaimie watched the second part of the performance while I did some gorcery shopping.

Chinggay at the neighbourhood is a good idea!