Saturday, June 30

This Is Your Life

When I got home from duty today, I saw on the table a new t-shirt that Angie has gotten for me. It is a Giordano t-shirt which, curiously, has prints of quotes from the movie Fight Club.

Upon closer inspection, the t-shirt carries a label that indicates it to be from the "Hong Kong International Film Festival" series.

Fight Club is a feature film adaptation of the similarly named novel by Chuck Palahniuk. The 1999 movie was directed by David Fincher and starred Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as the main protagonists.

Now Fight Club is one of my all time fav movies. What is it about? Sorry, can't tell you that.

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

Tuesday, June 26

3, 2, 1...Showtime!

Jae is such an 浩恋 baby (Angie will claim it is me Jae takes after in this aspect).

Jae goes full-throttle into her showbiz mode whenever she visits her paternal grandparents (her 爷爷 & 奶奶). For one, she relishes being the centre of attention of everyone present, which sometimes include her 叔叔 & 婶婶. Also, she enjoys the opportunity to be able to perform her newly learnt skills, knowing full well that be them spills or thrills, she'd still be getting full praises from 爷爷 & 奶奶. Furthermore, there'd frequently be new stuff that 爷爷 & 奶奶 will get for Jae (e.g. dolls, drawing board, balls) that becomes props that she uses to hone her "performing skills".

And yes, the 浩恋 Papa of he 浩恋 baby will then shamelessly post video clips of her little antics onto YouTube...

Sunday, June 24

Little Tot, Big Splashes

We were blessed with great weather this morning. So, as promised to our little girl last week, we brought her back to the newly opened outdoor playground at IMM, for some fun splashing time.

We had assumed that the splash area already be in operation when we reached the playground at 0920hrs. Nope, it wasn't. The water systems were not turned on yet. We quickly found out (with some eavesdropping from the other aunties present) that the water would only come in at 10am. Not an issue. We'd just enjoy the regular playground first.

When the fountains came alive and the water jets started spraying, they were greeted by cheers and exclamations of joy from those children who, like Jaimie, had been waiting for this moment. For warm up, Jaimie started playing with those little nozzle fountains, but quickly moved towards the larger, wetter ones.

It was great fun. Only drawback was, one of us had to get wet with Jaimie. Angie got to get me a fresh change of T-shirt from the shops afterwards.

Jae having fun getting wet.

The IT Family were there too (They had immaculate timing - arriving almost immediately after the water sprays kicked in). The mommies share a kodak moment.

So did the daddies.
It's not often that we get to take a 全家福 shot. And this is one that we like a lot. Thanks, Idy.

Saturday, June 23


The cultured drink in the famous little bottle is something that we've been drinking since we were kids. And we are still drinking it now. It's one of those beverages that seems to have been around for as long as we can remember. Like Milo, Horlicks and Ribena.

Yakult is full of the good bacteria strain L. Casei Shirota, which aids in digestion and can lead to better natural defences. Or so says the advert that we've watched since childhood.

There is now yet another benefit of drinking this tiny bottled milk drink.

Behold, the Yakult Catepillar - crude looking improvised toy fabricated by Angie, by stringing together empty Yakult bottles. Jae seems to like it, though...

Wednesday, June 20

A Million Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart

For the longest time (err...well...I guess it's more like a week or so), Jaimie has refused to have me put her to bed for her nighttime sleep. Each night she'd demand for mommy, and mommy alone, to sing her lullabies, to pat her into slumberland.

My bad, actually.

I'd underestimated a child's ability to remember unhappy experiences.

About a week ago, that was the last night I accompanied Jae as she went to bed. She was slightly cranky and kept sitting up or even getting to her feet. Each time I lay her down on her pillow, she'd very quickly get back up again. Having had a tiring day in the office, and expecting a rough day at work the next day, it didn't take long before my patience ran short. Not wanting to enter into yet another bout of attrition, I imposed the most obvious advantage I possess over the little one - size and strength.

I held her up by the armpits and sternly told her that she had to listen to Papa, stop being naughty and quickly go to sleep. Then I held her down on the mattress, restraining her struggles to get up, and ignoring her cries of objection. She soon got tired and eventually relented, quitening down to my rhythmic patting and humming, and fell asleep. Job well done, I thought.

Well done, my foot!

It didn't take long for me to realise that this little episode wasn't without repurcussions. The very next night, she left no room for doubt who she didn't want singing her lullabies. My usual line of "It's ok dear...Papa is here...", which used to work well whenever she cries, now sounded more like a threat rather than a reassurance.

I was rejected by my baby. Completely and utterly.

And this went on night, after night, after night. I had no chance to redeem myself at all.

Until tonight.

There was something different in the way she looked at me when I asked her "Papa pat-pat 你睡觉, ok?". She still appeared to be somewhat uncomfortable, but did not go into her vigourous head-shaking-hands-waving routine. Anything different is good, I thought. So I signalled to Angie that I'd take it from here. When mommy left the room, Jae cried and wanted to get out of the mattress to look for mommy. Fortunately, she wasn't totally unconsolable tonight. With much cajoling and trial-and-error humming of lullabies, I managed to hit jackpot with "End of The World". Not sure why I picked that song, and I couldn't recall the lyrics properly, so I ended up humming the tune instead. In any case, that was the turning point, when Jae really calmed down and became receptive to my half-baked hum-singing, my gentle scratching on her back, my light patting on her presence besides her.

I feel like I have crossed a hurdle, reached a milestone and learnt a lesson, in the journey of Fatherhood. It's not a lesson I'd readily forget anytime soon, for sure.

As I gaze upon her lightly shut eyes and tiny movements of her tummy rising and falling, I thought of how people always say to count your blessings. And I realised that I couldn't do it.

For how does one count something that is so bountiful that it sees no boundaries?

Tuesday, June 19







Sunday, June 17






Saturday, June 16


Papa: Come come, take a picture with Papa, my precious...

Mama: Oooh...let's get a nice shot taken together, my princess...

Jae: Where're my fries?

Being the only child in the family, Jaimie has never had any issues with getting the attention she desires. From parents to grandparents to uncles and aunts, she is always at the centre of attention, and has always been spoilt for choice.

Too much of a thing is never good.

For sometime now, we've been thinking about adopting Number 2. To provide sisterly companionship to Jaimie. To develop an environment where the values of sharing and caring can be readily inculcated. And to naturally moderate the level of attention that is currently converging onto Jaimie, so she doesn't grow up to be a spoilt, tyrant Princess.




中午,我们到delifrance吃午餐。天色很暗,随时都会倾盆大雨。我回到家后,便忙着解冻食物,因为原本今天下午4点在植物园有 Bayb Supplies Forum 网络妈妈的聚会。大家都会带一些食物去野餐。相当期待看见 WolfieIdy 的小宝贝。但是天色越来越不对劲。最后收到 Idy的简讯,说聚会取消了。


Wednesday, June 13

最重要的小事 之三





Monday, June 11

最重要的小事 之二




老公,谢谢你为我做的每一件小事。我觉得自己是非常幸福的。因为你从来没有把事业放在第一位,并且非常非常用心地经营我们的婚姻。有一些小事,是我不会忘记的。像你第一次在我生日时秘密烘蛋糕给我,像你在一次的情人节时在我们买来玩的magnetic doodle board写的话,像你在我们的感情出现风浪时的包容和忍耐,像你在BOC时写给我的信,像你买Bert and Ernie的娃娃给我,像你特地跑到IMM买我爱吃的薄饼给我……太多太多了。



“老公,love you!”


好喜欢五月天“为爱而生”专辑里的那首由玛莎作曲,阿信作词的 《最重要的小事》。在歌里,五月天传达了“只爱美人不爱江山”的一种情怀。歌词写道,无论你是多么大牌的一号人物,都会渴望有个深爱的人,来疼,来照顾。通过平凡的事件也能找到不平凡的感动。


最重要的小事 (曲:玛莎词:阿信)

我 走過動盪日子 追過夢的放肆 穿過多少生死
卻 假裝若無其事 穿過半個城市 只想看你樣子
這一刻 最重要的事 是屬於你 最小的事

世界紛紛擾擾喧喧鬧鬧 什麼是真實
為你跌跌撞撞傻傻笑笑 買一杯果汁
就算庸庸碌碌匆匆忙忙 活過一輩子
也要分分秒秒年年日日 全心守護你

我 就算壯烈前世 征服滾滾亂世 萬人為我寫詩
而 幸福卻是此時 靜靜幫你提著 哈囉凱蒂袋子
這一刻 最重要的事 是屬於你 最小的事

世界紛紛擾擾喧喧鬧鬧 什麼是真實
為你跌跌撞撞傻傻笑笑 買一杯果汁
就算庸庸碌碌匆匆忙忙 活過一輩子
也要分分秒秒年年日日 全心守護你
最小的事 (最重要的事)

你笑得像個孩子 每個平凡小事 變成永恆故事

Sunday, June 10






妈妈的心得 之三





Jae & Billy Goat Gruff

鸟 人

That's what Jurong Bird Park (JBP) really is all about - lotsa birds (鸟) and lotsa people (人). I shall not dwell into discussions concerning a specific kind of people termed '鸟人' right now...

7 Jun 07 marked Jae's very first visit to the JBP. We'd originally intended to make the trip in the morning, just as we had done for the zoo trip. However, the little one decided to wake up exceptionally early that day, so mommy projected that her battery would need recharging not long after the park's opening hours @ 0900hrs. So, we decided to let Jae have an earlier morning nap, and make the journey to the west about noon time.

At the park, we noticed (with some amusement on my part) that there were many many Indian and Japanese tourists (what is it with Indians and Japanese and birds? I mean, we didn't see that many of them at the zoo the other day...). While Jae had her porridge lunch that Angie tar-pao'd for her, I went to a snack counter near the entrance to grab our lunch. Not much ended up paying 10 bucks for a hotdog and a chicken pie. Damn steep. JBP is really into ripping off these Indian and Japanese tourists big time.

In that 2+ hours that we spent at the JBP, we:

(1) Had lunch
(2) Watched the "Children's Parrot Show" at the Pools Amphitheatre
(3) Saw many many birds and uttered the phrase "Look! Birdbird!" many many times
(4) Took many many photos (some of which are not featured in the slideshow below)
(5) Spent a short while at the park's "Splash and Play" area.

At half past two, it got too frakking hot and Jae started to display signs of tiredness (Angie started to display signs of tiredness way before halfpast two), so we headed home.

Saturday, June 9

Zoo, Reloaded

Jaimie went on her second visit to the Singapore Zoological Gardens on Tuesday. This blog entry is all about this trip.

A picture says a thousand words, right?*. So a slideshow comprising 48 pictures would say, well...48,000 words. That's a lot of words.

(* True sometimes. Other^ times, it's just plain laziness on the blogger's part)

(^ This blog entry, for instance)

Friday, June 8


我们被 Mama Tang 带(tagged)入这个话题。老公迟迟没有动笔。当被 Idy 问为什么这么久还没有写的时候,老公就马上把这种“小事”丢给我处理,叫我代劳。





Thursday, June 7


2007年6月6日是我、IdyWolfgirl 订下的战期。我们要在这一天来个KBox群英会,一较高低。我们在网络上已经先温习了好几次的在线卡拉ok,为的就是2007年6月6日!

后来,又发了英雄帖给 Clement 和 Jeannie,想让整个群英会更加热闹。但是 Jeannie 最后无法出席,就由我们东邪西毒、南帝北丐拼个你死我活了。

我们在 Cineleisure 的 KBox 第50号厢房里各出奇招,有“蛤蟆歌喉”、“走音神掌”、“耳聋十八掌”、“杀鸡指”等等。大家越唱越起劲,最后还使出所有的秘密绝招!Wolfgirl 还到福建省去请神,让《拢是为着你啦》的原唱者上她的身。Idy 也不甘示弱,哀伤悲痛如杨过地用“黯然销魂曲”演唱江美琪的《亲爱的你,你怎么不在我身边》。Clement 更不用说了,他简直就是慕容复!不但广学天下所有派别的武功,还可以“以彼之道,还施彼身”,杨培安怎么唱,他就怎么唱,五月天怎么唱,他也照样怎么唱!当然,慕容复虽然学得很像,但是还是骗吃骗吃的。我嘛,就是杀鸡门的掌门人。武林至尊,杀鸡屠龙。阿频不出,谁与争疯?


Toy Story

Partly because the Great Singapore Sale is on, and partly because almost all of Jaimie's existing toys are hand-me-downs, Angie decided to go on a toy shopping spree when we were at IMM last Sunday.

Among the toys that she ended up buying are:

(1) Train Fun - a toy train set that moves on a colorful track that features rotating segments. Jae doesn't have too much patience with this one.

(2) Park! Amusement - a musical ferris wheel set that plays tunes such as "London Bridge is Falling Down", "Marry Had a Little Lamb". The playset also spots blinking lights, jumping pellets and a little train engine that goes round and round...very fun!

(3) Catepillar stuff toy - with the numbers 1 to 12 along its body, and the 24 alphabets on its two dozen legs. Jae calls this thing "Ka Ka".

(4) Mickey Mouse Mechanical Arm - a half-meter long plastic claw thingie that can be activated by tugging on a lever at one end. According to Angie, this is more for me to use to pick up dead lizards and cockroaches KIA in this house.

(5) Magnetic Draw - magnetic doodle board, with doodling pen and 4 stamping tools. Doodles appear in colored gradients. Cool.

The box in which Park! Amusement came in is funny. See pics here:

Wednesday, June 6

Doodling Jae

Angie bought a magnetic doodle board for little Jaimie two days ago, at IMM. It comes with a drawing pen that has a fine tip on one end and a broad one on the other. Other accessories include 4 stamping tools - hexagon, heart, circle and star shapes.

This one is different from the previous one we had many many years ago in that as you draw or stamp on the board, the doodles appear in different shades of color instead of monochromatic black. Contrast not that great, but still quite cool leh. Ok....I think I quite suah-ku.

Jaimie seems to enjoy playing with this new toy of hers.

Here's the first totally unassisted doodle she made!

Tuesday, June 5






放假 I-N-G

What's a five letter word that means you don't have to set your alarm clock before you go to bed at night?

The answer is "Leave".

Having accumulated 10 years of working service since last year, I'm now entitled to 28 days of vacation leave per annum, up from the previous 21.


This morning, at 0709hrs, I got yanked out of my sublime dream state by a string of repetitive sounds. "Hey wait a minute. I'm pretty sure the alarm clock wasn't turned on last night!” I thought as I reluctantly transited from the realm of the Dream Lord into the waking world. Gradually, my consciousness crept in and with that kicked in my sense of hearing.

No, it wasn’t the alarm clock.

It was Jamie. Standing on her mattress, looking over the foot of our bed and calling out, in her little melodic voice…

“爸爸,爸爸 ….”

I can’t think of a better way to wake up.