Sunday, December 27

Bento Tools Shopping In Daiso

Just when I thought I have got every thing I need to make bentos from Daiso, they have new stocks!! This time, they have nori punchers!!!! OMG! So exciting!

I tried to make sushi once but I wasn't successful. I could not roll the sushi properly. These sushi and maki rice moulds are made especially for dummies like me! Now I can attempt to make sushi again! WOOHOO~~

New, from Daiso. (Daiso should really pay me some advertising fees)
My dear shopaholic friends (ie. Meekfreek, Wolfie and Diana), you need to go to Daiso ASAP before the stock runs out.

Saturday, December 26

Xmas Gathering

Every year Pam and Terry will generously invite the group to their house for the Xmas gathering. The number of children in the group have expanded a lot over these 7 years!

We'll meet again during CNY. Till then, take care, my friends!

Hakka Thunder Tea Rice (Stall number 5)

I was chatting away with my beautician when I was doing my facial the other day and I shared with her about my TTR craze. She told me she knew of one very good TTR in Boon Lay Hawker Centre. I was thrilled!

This morning after a 35min jog on the threadmill, Clement and I decided to continue with our healthy lifestyle by walking to Boon Lay Place and eat TTR. It took us about 30mins to take a lesiure walk there. It's the famous hawker centre opposite UOB banking bldg, beside a Chinese temple.

Tah-Dah!! I found it!

This TTR stall has won many awards.

$3 for white rice, $3.50 for brown rice. Yummy!

Tea garnished with corriander. Yummy!

After I ate the Geylang TTR, I went to google what is "河婆" because it is such a strange name for a stall. I found out that it is the name of a Hakka Clan. This type of TTR belongs to the same clan as the one in Geylang.
My verdict: this is the BEST TTR in Spore! If the one in Geylang is 10/10, I give this a 12/10. The Joo Chiat TTR is pale in comparision now. The soup is not bitter at all. In fact, the corriandor gives a very nice aroma to the tea. The serving is very generous. I could taste (and see!) quite a lot of dried shrimp used in the frying of the vegetables. Absolutely yummy!!
Then we decided to take a walk back home. On my way back, I couldn't wait and sms-ed my other TTR craze friend, MF and Joyce. MF replied within a second to tell me she to give her the address and she would be on her way there. IMMEDIATELY. *salute*
We took a different route home and we walked past another hawker centre. This banner caught my attention... OMG! They have another branch!! This one is even nearer! 10mins walk!!
However, this hawker centre is much crowded than the one in Boon Lay and it is sometimes quite difficult to find a parking lot. If you prefer to come to this one and you manage to find a lot, you must remember to get some cheap fruits at the row of fruit stalls adjacent to the hawker centre. :D
What a healthy and fruitful morning for me!

Check out Razor TV!

Heh heh heh!

The video is now available on Razor TV! :)

Unfortunately I do not know how to download the clips and post in the blog. And it seems like I cannot post the link directly. So if you are interested, please go to the Razor TV homepage and look for their clips posted up on 25th Dec 09, titled "Lunch, Too Cute To Eat!"


[Added by Clement on 26 Dec 09: Here's the video hosted on Razor TV]

Thursday, December 24


我: *无言*





老公:(在玩mafia war)好好好!等一下Ok!
老公:(还在玩mafia war)好啦好啦。You count to ten, er, no, one hundred,我就来。
媛媛:什么是one hundred?

Wednesday, December 23

BOOMZ! I am making bentos On Razor TV

I was asked by Health Promotion Board to do a bento demonstration for Razor TV. I thought it was going to be an unique experience so I agreed. I booked the kitchenette in my estate and that's where we made our bentos and did the filming.

I asked Wolfie, Joyce and Viv to come over to help me and give me moral support. True friends as they are, they all came. :) Thanks buddies!! I really appreciate it very, very much! Your presence makes me feel at ease. And thanks, Vivian, for helping with the photography. Joyce took pictures using her new Canon 450. For those who have access to her blog, remember to check out her pictures!

Eva (on the extremely left) is the producer and the host of the program. The beautiful lady in the centre is Grace. She was to make a bento with my help for her boyfriend as a Xmas gift. Eva looked familar but I couldn't recall where I have seen her until BOOMZ! Suddenly I remembered she was the one who interviewed Risis Low! Gosh. I hope my spoken English is of passable standard and I will not be another joke of the town. So there was Eva running through with us on how we could do our presentation.

Me preparing the food to shortening the filming time.

Eva doing the introduction.

When the camera was not looking at me, I can do whatever I like!

This is the bento Grace made. It is almost the same as my bento 100 except I changed the snowman's hat and the fruits. I used brown rice instead-- healthier choice!

Then I went on to demonstrate how to make 2 quick and affordable bento for busy people.

Picture time again! The whole idea is to have fun, isn't it? :D

After making 3 uber healthy bentos approved by the nutritionist, Letty, the 4 of us sat down and had an urber unhealthy makan time. As usual, we enjoyed the food, enjoyed a pot of tea, enjoyed the kitchenette, and most of all (as usual), one another's company!

This was a really tiring day but it was fun. It would be more difficult for me if Joyce, Viv and WG didn't come to help me with the preparation, washing, cleaning, packing, carrying... once again, thank you, friends!!

I will post up the link to view the video once I am informed. Oooo.. so exciting! :D
The next bento event is on 30th Jan. It is a bento making workshop of which I will do some demo again and the participants will make their own bentos with the ingredients provided. I am not inviting some good friends because I know you are either busy with your kids' enrichment classes or you are already a bento master. :) Keep a lookout for that event in this blog space too!

Monday, December 21

Lunch Gathering With My Buddies

It is only in troubled times that you know who your real friends are. I am very, very fortunate to be blessed with many good friends who will stand by one another on stormy days.

I will be moving on to a new school in January. The only thing I will miss are my buddies who have been through good and bad times together. I will miss having lunch with them, I will miss sharing my inner thoughts with them, I will miss joking with them, I will miss chit chatting with them about everything under the sun...

We have promised to meet as often as our schedule permits. One of the dates which is set aside to meet regardless of rain or shine will be 8th August of every year. Friends who are close to the heart need not see one another everyday to maintain the friendship. A friend is just a phonecall/ msn/ blog entry/ sms away.

We met for lunch with our children in my best friend, HappyPig's house. It was a simple but warm gathering.

I love my friends!

Sunday, December 20

Bean Curd Tarts - YUMMY!

My brother was very nice. He bought some bean curd tarts for me yesterday and even sent them to my house. :) He is nice because he is trained to be. I am 10 years his senior and he is used to my bullying since young. Heeheehee.

Back to the tarts. I have never tried them before and I fell in love with the first bite! It is not so sweet and the texture of the filling is smoother than of the conventional egg tarts. I let Jaimie take a bite without telling her what it was and she asked me "是不是豆花?"(Is it soya bean curd?).

I made a mistake by heating 2 of them up in the toaster oven this morning. No wonder Clement commented that "the one I ate yesterday tasted better". It should be served chilled! Silly me! And trust me, they really taste better after refrigeration!

Where to get them?

The addresses are printed on the box but I haven't a clue where they are. My brother said it's along the row of old shop houses opposite Peace Centre, next to the famous Rocher Soya Bean shop. If you still aren't convince of how tasty these bean curd tarts are, my brother said "even Andy Lau eats them when he comes to Singapore". Well?

A Beary Fishy Morning @IMM

The Fish

The Fish helped themselves to a buffet of dead skin on Clement's feet. Apparently it was so ticklish that Clement had to groan to relieve the agony. Jaimie thought Clement was in pain and was about to cry until we told her that the fishes were skin doctors. In the end, Clement had to endure the kisses from the fishes in silence with his eyes, nose and mouth all twisted.

I won't pay $5 for 10mins of fish spa. Neither will I dip my feet into the water even if somebody pays me $5 for 10mins because I have zero tolerance for being tickled. I will get A-N-G-R-Y.

The Bear

Today is the last day of Meeting and Greeting Care Bears in IMM Garden Plaza. I don't really care but Jaimie is into bears now after yesterday's build a bear session. With a token sum of $2, which will go to charity, the children get to go up on stage to meet the care bears for a photoshoot after a short performance. It was a short but enjoyable time for Jaimie. We didn't bring Jaimie to any Xmas shows this year so this would probably be the one and only Xmas show she caught this Xmas.

Share Bear, Care-A-Lot Love-A-Lot Bear and Sunshine bear. Care-a-lot Love-a-lot is Jaimie's favourite. (Clement corrected the name of the bear. See, I don't even care enough to remember their names...)

The photos are quite reasonable considering the fact that they were taken using my Nokia N86. :)

Saturday, December 19

Build A Bear, Build A Friendship. Happy Bday, Izzy!!

We are very happy to be invited to Izzy's birthday celebration at Build-A-Bear @Vivocity. The children had a lot of fun! Jaimie had been looking forward to the birthday of both Izzy and the bear she is going to have.

Thank you, Liana and Jeff, for the wonderful build a bear party and the lunch treat!

Here are some pictures taken with Clement's new lens.

Izzy's birthday cake! WOW!

The mommies were just as excited as the kids, especially Diana!! :D

Build a bear, build a friendship! I hope the children will share a strong friendship when they grow up just like their mommies do.

Jaimie caught digging her nose again. =.=

If you're happy and you know it spin around!

Queue up, children! We're going to pick your bear!

Jaimie's final choice. Lock it in!

So many choices!

Faith's bear.

Isabel may be the youngest in the group but she can make her own decisions!

Everybody making a birthday wish for Izzy!

A Kodak moment for the mommies while the girls were busy making their bears.

Hello, Apple!

Happy Birthday, Izzy! Wishing you happiness and 快高长大!

Blowing out the candles.

Lunch at Shin Kuriya. YUMMY!

Happy Jaimie with her bear and declicious lunch.

Should we eat the beautiful cake or keep it?