Friday, July 31

My Book Cover

Click on the image to see the enlarged picture.

p/s: this is not a recipe book. :)

Monday, July 27

Happy Birthday Seraphine!

It's Seraphine's birthday yesterday and we booked the mini function room at our condo for her to hold her celebration. The little princess is 5 years old!!!

Sera has always been one of Jaimie's favourite jie-jie. That evening, together with some other kids, they all went wild running around the places.

Some of my top friends-- Dawn and Pam.
And another top friend, who is the happy mother of the birthday girl, Shelley, joined in the picture. So difficult to find time to get everybody together. Must take one more picture!

Clement's top friends.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sera! May you grow up to be a beautiful princess who loves and has plenty of love!

Bento #93

Everything here is left over from a buffet dinner except the fruits! :)

Saturday, July 25

Happening @Jurong Point

It's my dad's 62nd birthday today and we went to The Gourmet Buffet (Zhou Kitchen) at Jurong Point for a buffet lunch. The food was not the same as the previous 2 times we went. I really like this buffet. They are very sincere in wanting their customers to patronize them again.

Jaimie ate quite a lot of food for lunch! She had some rice, some fried kwey teow, a slice of cheese cake, a whole cup of strawberry ice cream and some baked cheese puff. She also enjoyed the oats from the cereal prawns.

There was a NDP road show @Jurong Point. Because Jaimie was frantically chasing after a guy dressed in Superman-look-alike costume and shouted at the top of her lungs "SUPERMAN!! WAIT!!!!", she caught the attention of many people, including the working personnel of the road show. This gor-gor asked if Jaimie would like to have a fake tattoo and Jaimie nodded immediately. This patriot wanted a State Flag on her forehead. Unfortunately, the tattoo didn't turn out well. Being a typical Singaporean aunty, I asked for 10 more of such tattoos. Mommies, these are for our NDP party, ok!
After much shouting and chasing (think: romantic movie) for her dear "Superman", Jaimie took a picture with her hero.
Just when we were about to leave the place, the MC called for children to play games on stage. I walked Jaimie to the front of the stage and she joined the other children onto the stage by herself! Jaimie was so confident on stage. No stage fright, answered the questions clearly and responded to the instructions. Clement and I were SOOOOOOO PPPRRRROUUUDDD of her!!

When she was on the stage, there was a lady who kept commenting that the littlest one was the cutest and bravest. When Jaimie came down to the stage with her prize, the lady came up to us and commended on Jaimie again. Clement and I could not help beaming away with pride.

I leave the daddy to post the video on the blog. You see, when someone in the house is very IT savvy, the rest become totally idiots because all you have to do is "voice command" and the technician will rectify the problems/ attend to your needs. :D

What a happening afternoon at Jurong Point!

Ok's the video clip.

Friday, July 24






因为在和滚石的工作人员通电话,我顺便要求他们把电话转给我一直因为五月天歌词而联系的angie。Angie 说,她最迟下周三给我答复,我能不能在书里加入一些五月天的歌词。对我来说,这是第三个好消息,因为能或不能,都有一个定案。我的书立刻就可以进行印刷了。






Wednesday, July 22

"Return My Chicken Soup!"

I am Yueniang today~ :D

Tuesday, July 21

Bento #92

4 boxes... what's inside??

Home made Japanese curry~ yummy.

Monday, July 20

Fruit Sandwich

I was inspired by Joyce's fruit sandwich but I had no plans to make them yet. Even when I was doing grocery shopping yesteday, I still had no intention to do the fruit sandwich. It was until after dinner time, Jaimie was playing in the playground while I went off to the nearby fruit stall to look at what's available, I bought a mango and thought I could make fruit sandwich the next day!

That is very typical of me. I can plan and plan and then I do the unplanned. :D

Anyway, I didn't buy whipped cream and also I do not like whipped cream. Instead, I made egg mayo as the "base". I chopped apple, kiwi and mango and spread them on top of the egg mayo. The colour combination didn't stand out very nicely because of the pale red fuji apples. The colour will be much better with strawberries but the crunchiness of the apples is something I want in the sandwich.

I would say this sandwich is a success! The fragrance and the freshness of the fruits makes it tastes good! I suppose mixing the fruits together instead of seperating them will give the sandwich a different flavour.

Try it! I think you may like this sandwich! And it will be easier with breadrolls instead of bread toast.

Sunday, July 19

A Simple Sunday

*Warning: Boring post*

Today we had a very simple yet happy Sunday. After Jaimie's Schchida class, we went for brunch at the famous BBQ pork stall at Toa Payoh Hub. Jaimie now likes to eat wanton mee. She ate half a plate of the generous serving while I ate prawn dumpling noodles and Clement ate roast pork noodles. Then, we went home and Jaimie requested to watch Hairspray. At about 1.30pm, we all had a nap. Clement and I stayed up till 2am last night for no apparent reason so we needed a nap too to recharge.

After Jaimie woke up from her nap, we spent some time deciding whether to go to Bugis or nearby for dinner. In the end, we decided we were too lazy to go to town. We went for a swim downstairs and then walked to the nearby coffeeshop for duck rice and fried spring chicken. After dinner, Jaimie went to the playground while I had an ice cream cone for dessert. Before we went back home, we went to the gym to weigh ourselves. Actually, we do not need the weighing machine to tell us we had too much food lately.

Jaimie watched Bee Movie for the 2879871238743 times while I prepared the ingredients for tomorrow's bento. Then Clement spent some time with Jaimie while I tried to achieve higher scores in Bejeweled but in vain.

Clement is now putting Jaimie to bed while I am writing this boring post.

This is really a simple and boring day but I feel happy~ so I want to blog about the day.

Ballet Under The Stars 2009

When Meekfreek invited us to go to the Ballet Under The Stars @ Fort Canning, I thought it was a great idea (because of the picnic)! Being kiasu Singaporeans, we went there early and even brought a ball to play in the field. To my surprise, there were so many people going to the event! I laid my picnic mat and took out my handphone to message the rest that we had arrived. After pressing the "send" button, I saw somebody laying their picnic mat beside ours already! No space for the rest!! Luckily WG came after a while and she squeezed her mat on a small area behind us. And clever Meekfreek did "land reclaimation" so that all of us could be together.

Needless to say, we didn't play the ball in the field. Jaimie had some fun rolling the balls with Meekfreek, Faith and Izzy on the mat instead.

Here are the photos Clement took with his DSLR.

The weather was great! It was cloudy and windy but we still perspired a lot. We had yummy yummy food for the picnic and the girls had a great time dancing, playing with the light sticks, disturbing other audience and claiming that they were the lucky draw winners.

The performance was entertaining, especially the finale. Seeing the ballerinas dancing so beautifully on the stage makes me want to let Jaimie learn ballet too!

Jaimie, ballet for you??? Yes?

It was a great night! Thanks for inviting us to the event, MF!

Wednesday, July 15

Wedding Bells Ringing

My dearest friends! Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love and happiness!

Bento #91

My good friend YH is leaving for Taiwan to persue her masters very soon. She is a dear friend whom I will miss so I am making bentos for her as often as I can before she flies off.

For YH: apple and bear shaped ham and cheese sandwich, sausages, japanese chicken nuggets. I cooked some extra pieces of ham so let's not waste food. Roll it with some butterhead and put inside the bento. :)

For Clement: Same as YH's except it is heart shaped instead of apple. I tried to use nutella to write our initials on the bread (can you read "SH" and "YP"?) but it didn't turn out very nice. I hope the "King of Blur" will realise it is our initials and not "how come Angie can't even spread the butella properly"... =_='''

This is my bento. I have a piece of tapioca kweh-kweh left over from yesterday so I put it inside my bento. This is really one of my favourite nyonya kweh, besides oneh-oneh.

Tuesday, July 14

I Have A Dream II

I am so anxious and excited now!

I have completed vetting the draft copy of my book. Seeing this draft copy of my articles arranged in a book form is like seeing your full grown baby through an ultrasound scan. I cannot help but feel like a real proud mommy!

Clement suggested to me that I should add in some MayDay lyrics in the book since it was very much dedicated to them. Hence, I need to ask for permission from Rock Records so that I do not infringe on the copyrights. With the help of Jeff and my friend KW, I managed to get hold of the person to contact regarding this matter. I wrote this person, who happen to be "Angie" too, this morning. Since she's from Rock Records, I also asked if she can help me with arranging a 5mins session with MayDay so that I can give them my book properly. I have been diligently checking my email for replies hourly. So far, none yet. Patience, patience... and Diana is so kind in activating her "lobang" so that I may get to see MayDay personally.

This is so exciting! I am another step closer to my dream! Will I get the permission? Will I get to give the books to MayDay personally? Will I? Will I? Will I?

My book should be ready by 1st week of August. Mr Clock, Mr Clock, will you tick faster?

This Is A Cool Book

Just to share a book which I am reading now! :)