Wednesday, July 15

Bento #91

My good friend YH is leaving for Taiwan to persue her masters very soon. She is a dear friend whom I will miss so I am making bentos for her as often as I can before she flies off.

For YH: apple and bear shaped ham and cheese sandwich, sausages, japanese chicken nuggets. I cooked some extra pieces of ham so let's not waste food. Roll it with some butterhead and put inside the bento. :)

For Clement: Same as YH's except it is heart shaped instead of apple. I tried to use nutella to write our initials on the bread (can you read "SH" and "YP"?) but it didn't turn out very nice. I hope the "King of Blur" will realise it is our initials and not "how come Angie can't even spread the butella properly"... =_='''

This is my bento. I have a piece of tapioca kweh-kweh left over from yesterday so I put it inside my bento. This is really one of my favourite nyonya kweh, besides oneh-oneh.

2 voices:

Anonymous said...

Yay I like the tapoica kueh-kueh too! I like it when it's all soft and nice, but most of the time there's some hard flour in the middle that pisses me off. HAHA.

Angeline said...

you so sweet!