Monday, July 27

Happy Birthday Seraphine!

It's Seraphine's birthday yesterday and we booked the mini function room at our condo for her to hold her celebration. The little princess is 5 years old!!!

Sera has always been one of Jaimie's favourite jie-jie. That evening, together with some other kids, they all went wild running around the places.

Some of my top friends-- Dawn and Pam.
And another top friend, who is the happy mother of the birthday girl, Shelley, joined in the picture. So difficult to find time to get everybody together. Must take one more picture!

Clement's top friends.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sera! May you grow up to be a beautiful princess who loves and has plenty of love!

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Lydia said...

I like what u said about having "Top Friends" :)

And blessed birthday to sweet Seraphine, what a nice angelic name u have :)

Beautiful Love said...

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