Sunday, July 19

A Simple Sunday

*Warning: Boring post*

Today we had a very simple yet happy Sunday. After Jaimie's Schchida class, we went for brunch at the famous BBQ pork stall at Toa Payoh Hub. Jaimie now likes to eat wanton mee. She ate half a plate of the generous serving while I ate prawn dumpling noodles and Clement ate roast pork noodles. Then, we went home and Jaimie requested to watch Hairspray. At about 1.30pm, we all had a nap. Clement and I stayed up till 2am last night for no apparent reason so we needed a nap too to recharge.

After Jaimie woke up from her nap, we spent some time deciding whether to go to Bugis or nearby for dinner. In the end, we decided we were too lazy to go to town. We went for a swim downstairs and then walked to the nearby coffeeshop for duck rice and fried spring chicken. After dinner, Jaimie went to the playground while I had an ice cream cone for dessert. Before we went back home, we went to the gym to weigh ourselves. Actually, we do not need the weighing machine to tell us we had too much food lately.

Jaimie watched Bee Movie for the 2879871238743 times while I prepared the ingredients for tomorrow's bento. Then Clement spent some time with Jaimie while I tried to achieve higher scores in Bejeweled but in vain.

Clement is now putting Jaimie to bed while I am writing this boring post.

This is really a simple and boring day but I feel happy~ so I want to blog about the day.

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yanyan's mummy said...

hahaha, I like this post :) Sometimes to a FTWM a 'normal boring' day is a luxury :)

levine said...

not boring ma, an interesting day!

Shana said...

your boring day looks like a great family day to me..mine is so boring sometimes that i don't even remember what happened!

wolfgirl said...

Jaimie likes Hairspray??? Everytime I watch any movie with John Travolta, I want to start singing, "Summer loving, happened so fast..."

Your boring is also filled with activities leh...

Angie said...

Jaimie loves the songs from Hairspray. "good morning baltamore~~"