Saturday, July 25

Happening @Jurong Point

It's my dad's 62nd birthday today and we went to The Gourmet Buffet (Zhou Kitchen) at Jurong Point for a buffet lunch. The food was not the same as the previous 2 times we went. I really like this buffet. They are very sincere in wanting their customers to patronize them again.

Jaimie ate quite a lot of food for lunch! She had some rice, some fried kwey teow, a slice of cheese cake, a whole cup of strawberry ice cream and some baked cheese puff. She also enjoyed the oats from the cereal prawns.

There was a NDP road show @Jurong Point. Because Jaimie was frantically chasing after a guy dressed in Superman-look-alike costume and shouted at the top of her lungs "SUPERMAN!! WAIT!!!!", she caught the attention of many people, including the working personnel of the road show. This gor-gor asked if Jaimie would like to have a fake tattoo and Jaimie nodded immediately. This patriot wanted a State Flag on her forehead. Unfortunately, the tattoo didn't turn out well. Being a typical Singaporean aunty, I asked for 10 more of such tattoos. Mommies, these are for our NDP party, ok!
After much shouting and chasing (think: romantic movie) for her dear "Superman", Jaimie took a picture with her hero.
Just when we were about to leave the place, the MC called for children to play games on stage. I walked Jaimie to the front of the stage and she joined the other children onto the stage by herself! Jaimie was so confident on stage. No stage fright, answered the questions clearly and responded to the instructions. Clement and I were SOOOOOOO PPPRRRROUUUDDD of her!!

When she was on the stage, there was a lady who kept commenting that the littlest one was the cutest and bravest. When Jaimie came down to the stage with her prize, the lady came up to us and commended on Jaimie again. Clement and I could not help beaming away with pride.

I leave the daddy to post the video on the blog. You see, when someone in the house is very IT savvy, the rest become totally idiots because all you have to do is "voice command" and the technician will rectify the problems/ attend to your needs. :D

What a happening afternoon at Jurong Point!

Ok's the video clip.

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小的 said...

quickly put up the video!can't wait to see!haha!

Joyce Long said...

Wah...Jae is very good ..she enjoys being on the stage..we are so proud of you too..

quick load to video!!

Hey...thanks for asking for the 10tattoos..i was searching high and low for it for our party and yet can't find nice of you to get it for the kids..

Noe said...

Jae's awesome! Cool and steady.
The Asian Superman pleasant looking too leh. Wah.

stardust said...

Wow Jae is so confident on stage, yes can imagine you all must be very proud!

Irene said...

Jaimie's so brave!
Continue to groom her to her fullest potential!!

Shana said...

BRAVO!!!!! WE are sooooo proud of you, Jaimie! :)

Meekfreek said...

She's fantastic!!!!

wolfgirl said...

wow wow wow wow .....

She is great!

Wah. good training for future superstar!

viv said...

wow she is so good... totally at ease.. even more brave & respondsive than some bigger kids!!

so proud of you little one!!

Anonymous said...

What a brave young lady u have! Although she is the youngest but she can follow the instructions very well. Think she is also interested in the speaker.

Well Done! *clap*

Aces Family said...

Wow..Jaimie is amazingly children are pale in comparison..hee : P

Happy 62nd Birthday to Uncle.


levinetay said...

Jaimie so brave and steady somemore!

Lydia said...

Jaimie speaks so well and she is full of confident! She looks so cuteo n stage, anyone would fall in love with her, hehe.

Hey mama, blog more on your gal leh, been missing reading about her :)

(I saw that same "superman" at Compass Pt, haha!)

LZmommy said...

Wow! Jaimie speaks very well and clear! No stage fright at all! Bravo Jaimie! :)