Thursday, March 18

Artists' Playdate @LPN Art School

When I saw Stardust's blog on the art class Vincent went during Xmas and I got interested. I emailed Elaine (aka Brightsong) and we arranged to the kids to do a on-spot art during the March holidays. As Joyce and Vivian are both away for holidays, only Wolfgirl and I could make it today.

We met for lunch before the art lesson began. Rain and Jaimie really enjoyed each other's company.

They had the same expression!
They shared a bowl of udon.

The mommies chose green coincidentally. Or is it "Great Friends" think alike?

Jaimie and Rain waiting anxiously to embark on the art project after they had chosen what to do.

Rain wanted to decorate a mask while Jaimie preferred a lamp shade (which she said was a honey pot).

Preparing to paint...

Use your hands, use your fingers, use your brush!

Jaimie communicating with Elaine's assistant on what she wanted on her "honey pot".

The girls obviously had so much fun doing art together. They were both smiling happily when they were painting. Perhaps they had found a way to express themselves?

After the girls were done, it's time for them to blow dry their master pieces.

Jaimie began to lose patience. Rain was still patiently using the hair dryer to blow dry her mask while Jaimie ran off to doodle on the white board. Err.. I see it as another form of artistic expression???

Elaine rushed down from an appointment to meet us. Thanks!! :) She helped the girls further decorate their art work. Elaine and her assistant are very patience and nice people, and they surely have a way with children.
Jaimie was happy!!

The girls were SOOO PROUD of what they had achieved!

Since both Rain and Jaimie had so much fun doing art and craft, Wolfgirl and I asked what's available for mommies like us who do not want long-term/ weekly commitment but preferred on-spot fun art projects like this. We each bought a package that allows the kids to do 6 on-spot fun art.
The duration of the workshop was about an hour. The kids had lots of fun and it gave them great sense of satisfaction to complete a project. More importantly, they enjoyed doing it with their friends, which makes the fun even more fun!
We definitely look forward to our next art session with Elaine again!

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wolfgirl said...

We really had a great time today!

Thanks for organising this meet up!

lovelyloey said...

I just remembered that the same expression picture has been 3 years in the making ... remember this?