Thursday, March 18

Flavour of RWS

Got the corporate cards for Sentosa, so decided to bring the girls for a monorail ride to Sentosa. We havn't been to the island since the RWS project sprang up. Yes, it's been some time since our previous visit.
Didn't realise today is the soft opening of Universal Studios until WG mentioned it during the art and craft session. Discovered that it wasn't exceptionally crowded over there. Must be the rain earlier. It'd turned into a drizzle by the time we got there, though.

Let's take some touristy shots, like everybody else~

All tickets to the Universal Studio had been sold out. However, in conjunction with the soft opening ceremony, there was to be a fireworks display event commencing at 7:30pm. Entrance to the Universal Studios would be FOC from 6pm onwards. Too bad the girls (both of them) would not have lasted till then. Oh well.

Hey dad, that place is abuzz with activities. What's over there?

It's the new Casino!!

Oh, I really really want to go in and take a look around. May I, may I? Pleeeeze?

Do you have a hundred bucks? No? Then sorry Jae, you can't go in.

At least there's this nice fountain outside. It's like the one at Bugis Junction!

I wish mommy has brought along change of clothes...

More fountains at the Waterfront location.'s really windy out here!
Hey, I can see Singapore!
Time to leave. We'd be back again soon!

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wolfgirl said...

June vacation we go together???

Beautiful pics of beautiful people!

Joyce Long said...

Whao...Great Fun!!!..with full of smiles here...

Shana said...

Nice photos! I love Jaimie's dress, very vintage looking ^_^