Friday, March 12

To Force or not to Force

A very good friend of Clement went to a parenting workshop recently and shared with us a parenting tip, which we would like to share with you all too.

This friend of us has a boy who is rather unadventurous and refused to try any out of his comfort zone. Our friend is also a very democratic father who would ask his son for his opinion and would not force any decision against his will. He asked the parenting expert what should he do to encourage his son to try new activities such as swimming and roller skating etc.

The expert told him that for life skills that one ought to master, he should not be given a choice even if he refuses. Other activities, such as hobbies, the child's decision should be respected.

We were quite happy to hear this advise because that was exactly what we thought when we decided to continue Jaimie's swimming lessons.

Hope this piece of advise is useful to you too~. :)

6 voices:

Angeline said...

Great parents think alike! *wink*

Idy said...

It is definitely a piece of good advice. Will remember this. Thanks for sharing!

Levine said...

Again i think depends lor. Ivan also nt very into adventurous kind and he is always given a choice but I don use force method. However, it's a pc of good advice too ya!

Joyce Long said...

It is really a good advice..thanks for sharing..I support you guys for such decision and be determine...and kids need a lot of encouragement to cross just the know what is best for yr child : )

crazymommy said...

Yes, I agree! Sometimes, we just can't never give our children a choice, especially when comes to learning life skills. :)

Even though my DH and I don't force our children to do any activities, or eat any food, we always have this "Try once first, and decide later" rule for them. It works really well and I must say because of this rule, the girl is more willing to try new stuff.:)

Jacky said...

Hey, did your friend attend the "Parenting With Confidence" course?