Tuesday, January 27

Bento #53

We were so busy for the past few days because we were hosting our friends Ced and Elo from France. They are spending 3 weeks in SGP and we took turns to host them and bring them around Singapore. They stay in our place during the CNY period. We spent one good and long day doing the Chinatown tour (I played the tour guide), visiting Hindu and Chinese temples, doing chinese tea appreciation etc.

On the eve of the CNY, it was rounds and rounds of food. First, reunion lunch at my parents' place.

Next, reunion dinner at my in law's place.

The first day of CNY was rounds and rounds of house visiting plus eating loads of food, of course. By lunch, we had already consumed enough food to last us for 3 days. When it was dinner time, I suggested having a bento for dinner to give our "poor" stomachs a break. I thought I would do something like bento #51.
And so this is bento #53 for the 2 French. They were (easily) amused with the layout and were very pleased that it was relatively oil free.

Elo liked the sushi rice cubes so much that she wanted to buy the ongiri mould and the furikake and make this as an appetizer. I gladly gave her my mould and extra packet of furikake.
We're having a BBQ later but it is raining now as I am blogging. I hope the rain will stop real soon!!

3 voices:

viv said...

wow your bentos are going places!!

btw is that your brother in the 1st pic.... you 2 looks alike!!

Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

Wow..CNY still can manage to Bento..very 佩服!!

here wishing your family : 新年快乐!!

Angeline said...

Wahhhh....your bento going international leh.... *laugh*