Tuesday, March 13

Joining the 2nd Birthday Celebration of Citysquare Mall

CitySquare Mall is one of my favourite malls. I really like the spacious corridors, natural light and the restaurant outlets there. We received newsletter from CitySq Mall to inform us of a series of activities to celebrate its 2nd birthday. There was a finger puppet making session which interest Jaimie and myself and so we made our way there last weekend.

Finger puppet made with recycled materials. Jaimie and I created "Abigail" together. Jaimie is naming each and every of her toys nowadays...=.=

We learned that there was a tea party for children with Garfield and Odie taking place after the puppet making session. The condition: minimum spending of $30 in the mall. Oh, how difficult was that?! *hahaha~~* The children got to meet and greet the 2 cartoon characters, share the birthday cake, got an instant photograph with Garfield and Odie, and brought home a party goodie bag.

Jaimie seemed to like the chocolate cake very much. She was totally engrossed in her cake and couldn't be bothered with the quiz to win more party goodie bag nor was she eager for her turn to meet Garfield and Odie. "Eat my cake first, everything else later." Hmmm!

We were really glad to spend a happy afternoon in my favourite mall.

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