Friday, March 9

The Dance Teacher who Made a Difference

This was what I wrote to Ms Sarah in an email to her today:

Hi Ms Sarah!

Here are some of the photos taken today.

I didn't have the chance to tell you how much I appreciated you when you took Jaimie for her TTA. She was so timid and teary but you were always so patient with her, giving her hugs and assurance to make her feel loved and safe. Because of your patience and encouragement, she was given time and space to grow up and developed the passion and confidence to continue dancing. Whenever i see her dancing so happily, i will always remember how you welcomed her to class with your cuddles and comforted her when she was in tears 2 years ago, and i really, really want to say THANK YOU. I am very happy to see you again and i am even happier to be able to tell you the difference you have made to Jaimie.

Angie (Jaimie's mommy)

2 voices:

stardust said...

Both Jae and her dress look so pretty!

Anonymous said...

What is d name of d dance school?