Tuesday, August 2

Bento #177, Bento #178 and Exchanging Bentos With Students

I shared with my students about bento making during class last week and it got them so excited. They kept bugging me to make bentos for them but it was just impossible to make so many! Hence, I told them we could do a exchange bento! Those of them who wanted to try their hands on bento-making can bring one to school and we would do an exchange.

This morning, I woke up at 5.15am to make 3 bentos. This oven-baked crispy chicken bun was for Clement. The chicken pieces were too chunky so I cut them into halves and they fit nicely.

This was for Jaimie.

I made this for the bento exchange.

After the lesson time, we put our bentos together and took some photos. The students were both shy and proud to show the very FIRST bento they made!
To decide who would take whose bento, we played the "choot hoh beh" game. :D

These bentos may not be the most beautifully ones but they were definitely filled with love. I hope this simple exchange would add some more fond memories to their secondary school life!

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jane spencer said...

hi, could you give places to get bread cutters? like flower or hello kitty designs. thank you

Angie said...

Hi! For the Hello Kitty cutters you can get them in Sanrio shops in the shopping mall or some shops that sell Hello Kitty stuff. For the flowers and other designs, u can get them online. google for bento craft shops. However, they are usually more expensive online. if you are going to Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan, they are much, much cheaper there!

happy bento-ing! :)