Tuesday, February 8


Jae: Papa, come! I have something to show you!

Me (on the iPad): Mmm.

Jae: Papa! Come! I have something to show you!

Me (still on the iPad): What is it?

Jae (tugs on my fingers, prying them from the iPad): Come! I'd show you!

Me (lays iPad down on dining table): Hmmph. Ok, ok....What do you want to show Papa?

Jae (hands me her bolster and stuff toy): Hold these.

Me (obliges): Alright....

Jae (grabs iPad from table and runs into bedroom): Hee hee hee hee!

Me (Whaaa?!)

2 voices:

wolfgirl said...

wahahaha.... she really did that?

Lydia said...

Gotcha! haha...

My colleague regretted selling his iPad(lucky draw from company AD&D) to his bro-in-law after seeing how fun the games are!