Sunday, July 25

Shape Run 2010

Honestly, HappyPig and I signed up for this race because we heard that Shape Run has the best goodie bag. We have to complete the race before we get our "runner's kit" so we prayed that the weather would not disappoint us.

Flag off was at 7am for the 10km category. HappyPig and I met at 6.05am at Golden Mile Complex. By the time we walked over to Nicoll Highway, found out where to deposit our bags, made a trip to the toilet... it's about 6.40am. Just nice for some pictures before the start of the race!

These shots taken with my Nokia N86 using the night mode. Quite impressive, ya? :)
The run was enjoyable. I had MayDay songs to accompany me all the way. I only stopped for a brief hydration at the 8km point, which I regretted immediately because somehow I lost the momentum after I took a 10sec break! My last 2km was really slow. My timing for this run was 1hr 13mins 5 sec! A 10 minutes improvement from SAFRA Bay Run in 2008!

HappyPig and I met up after the race. She came back at 1hour 19mins.

We queued up for more than 30mins to get our goodie bag. Not much goodie inside, so dissappointing. And we felt that the Tshirt this year looked quite cheapo compared to the previous years'. See the orange tag attached to our shoes? It's our timing device. We'll be informed of our timing at a later date.

Besides the nice scenery along Kallang, what kept me amused during the race was the huge number of hubbies/ boyfriends who came to support their better half in the race! They were armed with cameras (from DSLR with those big big zoom lens you saw in World Cup to handphone cameras) and were everywhere along the route to capture pictures. 1 man who wore a thsirt that says "Finisher of 42.129km" even ran to offer his partner a Gatorade at the 7km mark! Didn't he know that there were at least 4 hydration points along the road? See, so much happening during the jog. It really kept me very amused and entertained.

Clement told me I should aim to beat this timing during our upcoming SAFRA run (aka Amry Half Marathon... I'm just doing 10km, lah). Wah~~ quite challenging leh. I felt that I had put in my best already. Let's train harder and see if I can break my own record.

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wolfgirl said...

Well done. 1h 13 min is no easy feat!

I think I can only complete 5km in that timing. haha..

Do you envy me living in Kallang? I saw people still struggling at 8.45am and they are at the 8km mark. Very near my place.

I should have stood by teh road side and cheer you on too!!! Next year/ next race!

viv said...

way to go ladies!!

Joyce Long said...